As we say goodbye once again for the last time, Debo-jiejie, Wendilynn-jiejie, and I delve into the ending of Say I Do Again. It was wrapped up all nicely with a little bow, although that bow may have been left over from Jian Jian’s baby gifts. Come join us as we brush ourselves off from last week's little...cliffhanger and part from the drama and Man NO's madness

Watch the finale:

Wendilynn: I was glad to see that everyone was not seriously hurt after that tumble down the hill. Although if I had landed on a sharp rock like A De, I’m pretty sure my stomach would have been split open.

Pamela: I’m pretty sure I would have gone into a laugh attack, just as I did when I watched them all falling in the first place. Having few injuries was a good set-up for a happy ending, I think.

Debo: The thing that stood out to me the most was how both of the girls had foot injuries but for some reason the guys just had lacerations but no foot injuries. Could it possibly have been from those high heels? And I felt really bad for Ah De because even though he did commit those crimes, at that time when he agreed to do them they seemed so minor and petty but Man Ni just conned him into committing more and more terrible things and in the end he just felt like he had no where else to turn.

Wendilynn: I also felt bad for A De because he was just following orders. As for those girls, I also noticed they kept their shoes. I'm pretty sure falling down that hill would have forced anyone else to lose their high heel shoes completely. lol

Pamela: A De was simply working to keep his family safe [from Man Ni], so I understand his former obedience and his current anger. I am glad he finally came through for our protagonists and revealed Man Ni as the mastermind. Maybe there’s some secret that these characters know that we don’t. Instead of Man Ni trying to order everyone around, we should order her to give us the formula for shoe glue.

Wendilynn: Took them awhile to convince him though. That was some chase down all those nooks and crannies.

Debo: Let’s not forget that Zheng Yang’s mother was also a really important witness! And when she woke up, that was some dramatic scenes. I did not know why she was crawling on the ground though because all hospital beds should have call buttons next to the bed so she could have easily called in a nurse to chase down Xin Kui. Additionally, can we please talk about how haunting that music was when his mom showed ocular movement, it felt like it belonged more in a zombie uprising scene than in a drama.

Pamela: Well, she did return from the brink of death, haha...I felt Zheng Yang’s mother’s journey to get Xin Kui’s attention was very dramatic, and very risky as well, but it was so difficult for her to press the nurse button last time that I can understand why she took the crawling route. As long as she channeled her inner revived zombie and awakened, I’m satisfied.

Wendilynn: For all the hystrionics getting A De to confess and the Mom awake, I felt a little weird about the big confrontation happening at the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they stopped Man Ni and Zhen Yang’s wedding, but it was just a little bit of a downer.

Debo: Indeed. Everything felt like it was happening really really quickly especially given that it had taken so long to reach this conclusion.

Wendilynn: Before I get into that, what did you think about Man Ni final trump card of tearing down the hotel as her last chance at forcing the marriage?

Debo: It honestly just felt like a little kid throwing a huge tantrum and saying “well since I can’t have this, no one can”

Pamela: That it did. She’s been after Zheng Yang and Xin Kui for a majority of the drama, and this was arguably one of the more irrational attempts she’s made, as it would have hurt herself in addition to our main couple, financially and emotionally. Man Ni finally grew up a little, but it took a ton of tantrums to do so.

Debo: I really just want to know right now if she truly loved him the way she did in the beginning at the end of the drama. It would be interesting to see if the only reason she was still doing everything she could to get him was become she had wanted him so badly, that she had started to see him less as a loved person and more as a prize, a prize that had been stolen from her by Xin Kui and that she desperately seeked. Honestly, can you truly feel such pure love for someone when they have been pushing you away and literally telling you they do not love you and will not ever love you? I am interested in hearing your guys’ opinion on that!

Wendilynn: Obsession is a weird thing. She was not only stubborn, but used to getting her way in probably most things. I get the feeling she wasn’t told no very often. Even when she was self destructing, Dad still gave into her. Man Ni hasn’t been rational for several episodes.

Pamela: She wasn’t rational ever since she met Xin Kui and saw the relationship between Xin Kui and Zheng Yang recovering. The way I look at it, not only did Man Ni grow up in a family that didn’t teach her the lessons of humanity, but after she began to try prying her childhood friend from his ex-wife, she began to delude herself. She would not give up because she thought that the love was true, especially since she and Zheng Yang had known each other for as long as they did. Man Ni was in love with the idea of being in love and of Zheng Yang being in love with her.

Wendilynn: We mention her delusions about who loved her but in the end it was the love of family that “made everything all better”. With A De and Mom confronting her at the wedding, she could no longer lie to herself. And then instead of being all angry at her, they basically folded her in their collective arms and forgave her as long as she backed down. While I’m glad that everyone who had considered her family didn’t abandon her, it felt just a little too…. um….

Debo: It seemed way too cliche to me and just such an idealized version of reality because if someone pushed me down the stairs and left me there to die and told me to never wake up again...I don’t think I would take as kindly to that. But I also just felt bad for Ah De again here because he’s just chillin’ and handcuffed by the cops and everyone is just crying over Man Ni. I can imagine how awkward that would be.

Pamela: The word I was going to choose was, “idealistic,” so I agree with Debo-jiejie. There was so much time spent building up Man Ni’s decline, only to have it be a few smacks on the wrist. I don’t know how many episodes there had been planned, but on MyDramaList, for most of the drama, it looked like there were going to be 22. The punishment could have been planned to be bigger, but in the end, perhaps the writers meant for Man Ni to simply be healed at the end by a few words of forgiveness.

Wendilynn: Well she was going to be spending some serious time in jail. I don’t know how her brother could promise to let her stay CEO though. That girl needs to not be in power again… ever. But alls well that ends well, I guess. Then there was just the wrap up left. lol

Pamela: *glances at Chief Ji and at Jian Jian’s baby* Literally, wrapping up was all that was left.

Wendilynn: I’m glad Qian Qian made it safely through the pregnancy. I was worried about that.

Debo: I know I was going to be so angry if she died and we all just thought Chief Ji was going to die. Honestly, glad that couple had a happy ending, they deserve it.

Pamela: I should hope Wendilynn saw this meme coming...

Wendilynn: ROFL!! That little baby was adorable though.

Pamela: It was, and only such a cute little baby should come from the love and the hardship the parents had on their long and tumultuous road to parenthood.

Debo: And of course there were happy endings also for our main couple and youngsters!

Wendilynn: Grandma hiding behind the curtain with a video camera struck me as so funny for some reason.

Pamela: I thought it was quirky and a nice, upbeat way to end the drama. Her filming the main couple together made sense, as Grandma helped make Xin Kui into the woman she is now, and helped make…Xing Kuing the couple they are now.

Wendilynn: *facepalm*

Pamela: These couple names shall live on in history, just as that meme shall live on as my desktop background!

Wendilynn: *chuckles* You’re too cute.

Pamela: *sarcastically cocky hair flip* This has been just too fun.

Debo: Well this has been an awesome time, watching and talking about dramas is always so fun! Please feel free to comment about your thoughts on the drama as well as how you felt the ending went. Pamela and Wendilynn, I will miss working with you guys!

Wendilynn: The last five months has been a lot of fun. Even if the show drove me crazy, you guys were awesome to watch it with.

Pamela: I will miss working with both of you a lot! My first semester of my last year in high school was spent with you both and this drama, and the fun I’ve had here certainly lightened up the months! You know what I think you guys deserve?

Pamela: And why don’t you all join us for…

We hope you enjoyed watching with us!

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