The general consensus here on the Say I Do Again Drama Club is that Chief Ji is not a porcupine, but a sweet puppy—or a panda, depending on what dramas you've seen. Reunions and reflections have started to take hold of the plot this week, so join Wendilynn-jiejie, Debo-jiejie and I as we try to stay awake long enough to discuss our desires to hug people.

Instead of a shoulder to cry on, Chief Ji gives Xin Kui words to rely on. Well, as long as she no longer chokes him to death. His advice on Xin Kui doing her own work should sink in.

Wendilynn: I’m really starting to like Chief Ji. He came in as such a prick in Episode 2 that I thought they would be fighting with him for most of the time. Instead, he has a tender heart that can be touched. Instead of being callous that his trainee is crying and upset, he gently reminds her to not be inconsiderate to her co-workers but to come to him when she’s struggling for support. Although, Qian Qian doesn’t look happy that he’s being nice to someone else.

Debo: Yeah, Chief Ji definitely wants what is best for the work place which is why he comes off so strong in the beginning but he obviously cares about his workers which is an important quality for any leader. And I thought it was so funny how he made Xin Kui agree to inform him every time she was going to yell or scream during work.

Pamela: I think that would make Zhen Yang and Qian Qian pretty jealous. Chief Ji had such a cold, diligent attitude earlier on when our main couple would have one of its hotel-jeopardizing competitions. That attitude was more of a catalyst for his trainees’ work ethic to not falter. He takes them seriously as workers, and now that he sees the tough time Xin Kui’s having, those pricks are starting to soften.

We learn Momo-chan didn’t want to leave her daughter but had no choice. She has come back from Japan, hoping to reconnect, if not with her daughter, then with her memory of her.

Wendilynn: “Now where did I put those keys…” Clearly Momo is not a bad person, but I just don’t like her any. Even if she regrets or maybe had no choice, I have strong opinions about abandoning children.

Debo: I am actually very surprised that Momo isn’t as bad as a person that I was expecting her to be, I honestly thought she would just ignore Xin Kui and had forgotten about her entirely, but that was not the case. I have very mixed feelings about her. I like how she regrets the decision but the fact that she didn’t do anything about it for all those years makes me wonder just how much she really did regret it?

Pamela: The healing state of the relationship is an inevitable plot point here. I’m perfectly fine with that, because family love can be heartwarming to watch develop, but at the same time, I’m numb when it comes to this relationship. As Debo-jiejie said, Momo never attempted to contact her daughter for the majority of the latter’s life. Even if she had a reason, and the only one that fits the characterization would be financial troubles, and even if she actually did attempt to contact Xin Kui to no avail, she left her daughter to starve. (That probably wasn’t the intent, but Momo never would have known if Xin Kui got hurt.) Thankfully, the greatness that is Granny prevented that


Bei Bei's situation has only revitalized Xin Kui's feelings of abandonment and loneliness ever since her mother showed up at the hotel. Xin Kui does everything she can to make Bei Bei's experience end more happily than her own.

Wendilynn: I did not like this mom. She leaves her child, doesn’t tell anyone at the hotel and then blames them when Bei Bei gets sick. I’m sorry, the customer is not right when you expect them to watch your kid “magically knowing” about her deadly food allergy. Then she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her mistake. Grrrrrrrrr!! As for Zhen finding out about Xin Rui mom, I think a lot of things are going to fall in place for him as he now looks back on their life together. Maybe just maybe, these two can start to communicate more openly now.

Debo: I agree with Wendilynn that mother pissed me off so much. How was anyone supposed to know your child had a nut allergy if you never told them and also never told them that you were going to leave your child for over a day!

Pamela: Maybe she just didn’t have time to tell anyone before going to work? Pfffffffft. It’s nice that the mom decided not to sue, but she shouldn’t have had to make that decision in the first place. Perhaps privately, Nutty Negligence here realized her mistake, but didn’t want to publicly admit anything. I hope she can learn her lesson, just as Xin Kui has learned to express her sadness more.


Chief Ji learns that Momo-chan is Xin Kui’s mom. Everything is now starting to make sense. Chief Ji shows that he has a lot of empathy for what Xin Kui is going through after being dumped mysteriously by Qian Qian.

Wendilynn: Chief Ji is stealing my heart. I just wanted to hug the poor guy. Its clear he still has some feelings for Qian Qian since he kept that ring.

Debo: Chief Ji is a sweetie and I want to protect him at all cost.

Pamela: I’m getting the hug feels for this man. Just a tad. There was a little bit of scoffing from the romantically inexperienced kid of the club, but at the same time, his abandonment is not a joke. Qian Qian never gave an excuse, and being left out to dry for years without knowing why must be difficult. Let the hugging punch feels begin.

Zhen never saw the hurt side of Xin Kui’s existence. Learning more of her past gives him a lot to think about in how he treated her.

Wendilynn: I think this is a big step for Zhen here. This allows him to see Xin Rui in a new light and I think it further opens his heart to her.

Debo: The blossomings of love are starting to take a stronger hold now!

Pamela: Well...the re-blossomings...Just understanding each other on a more emotionally complex level is what the two of them need to find the joy in loving each other again.


Chief Ji rocks! You might wonder when he first assigned Xin Kui to be her estranged mother’s bridal assistant what was going through his head. However, he shows his sensitivity to her situation by giving her the chance to talk to her mom and set things right.

Wendilynn: At first I was shocked that he would assign her to her Mother, but then he goes and gives her Bei Bei card to show her she is doing a good job and then he gives her the chance to fix things with her mom. That does it….I’ve got a crush on Chief Ji.

Debo: Ugg, he’s such a sweetie.

Pamela: That’s the main point of this drama, isn't it? Chief Ji is sweet and deserves hugs. I think it would be beneficial to both him and Xin Kui if they were to simply hug out their romantic and family frustrations.


Mom and Daughter have finally reunited! Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t give Xin Kui what she is looking for. Although I'm sure two decades without a mother weren't on her wish list, either.

Wendilynn: This had to be so hard for both of them. Too bad Mom didn’t handle it very well. But how do you apologize for being gone for 20 years without it being awkward?

Pamela: Well, letters would have helped. Calling the hotel to ensure your daughter hasn’t passed out or been kidnapped would be a nice addition. Momo is trying, but until she and Xin Kui can have a true, heartfelt conversation that gives Peachy-keen Abandonment a chance to explain herself, there will continue to be sore feelings. (Note: Momo means “peach” in Japanese. I apologize for my inept nicknaming.)



Wendilynn: LOL Debo, I was sort of hoping for a kiss between them too. We got so teased.

Pamela: We got our fair share of liplocks three episodes ago...But there is always room for more. The make-up kissing will be intense. *enthusiastically presses face to computer screen in anticipation*


Well, that was fun. We came so close to getting some skinship between the lips. These promises of kissing and of hugging and healing have been set up, so now we know some of what Say I Do Again is at least planning. As the sweetness boils over and the tears bring people together, we hope you continue to join us! We hope we can continue to join and enjoy ourselves as well!


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