An earthquake is shaking up our characters in this week’s episode of Say I Do Again. Love feels a little more urgent, and it speeds our leads to make some decisions. We seem to be heading for what we want when a death in the family makes everything difficult. Join Pamela, Debo and I as we discuss what went on this week.

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Chief Ji has burned his hand has he helped Xin Kui and Zhen Yang to rescue Grandma’s books. Qian Qian can’t hide her feelings as she takes over his care, giving Grandma and Chief Ji something to speculate on.

Wendilynn: Qian Qian really needs to learn where the line is. She keeps crossing it over and over again. No wonder nobody buys that she no longer cares for Chief Ji. And the mixed signals can’t be easy on the Chief either.

Pamela: The burn on his hand is like the heart he wears on his sleeve - Qian Qian can tend to it, and whether she does or she does not do so, she will earn Chief Ji’s longing, angst-filled stare. How she treats both his hand and his heart continue to unnecessarily confuse him.

Debo: I agree with Wendilynn. Also, Qian Qian has been really bothering me lately, she tries to make it seem like she no longer loves him but she constantly cares for him as well as calls on him to help her with any issues she might be experiencing. It’s frustrating!

Xin Kui had to watch Zhen Yang be hurt protecting her. This touches her and she is afraid as her feelings for him overwhelm her. She searches for Zhen for comfort and reassurance which he gladly gives her.

Wendilynn: What are we going to do with this pair? I have to admit my heart melted a little here. Both of them had their hearts in their eyes during this scene.

Debo: Scenes like these just show how much they care for each other and it’s hurting me that they can’t be together yet >.>

Pamela: Fourteen more episodes of loving, anticipating hugs. The first trial of the relationship was being willing to love each other again. The next trial was the act of running and hugging right here. Why is it a trial? *sighs* Walking is difficult. I would have tripped over the wall - it’s possible - if I were Xin Kui.

SIDA e8 bestfriends.jpg

Both Xin Kui and Zhen Yang need advice from best friends. Their points of view are very different. Xin Kui expresses her fear that if she allows herself to fall in love with Zhen again, that when they break up again it’ll be permanent and awful. She really doesn’t want to lose him.

Pamela: Say what you will about Xin Kui’s naivete, but I think that she is going about this relationship a lot less idealistically than Zhen Yang. She is more concerned during this second attempt at romance about how awful it feels to have people she loves walk out on her.

Wendilynn: I have to agree with you on this one. I think Zhen is still being idealistic. We get that comment later on about managing his mother so you know the first time around he was totally clueless.

Debo: I know. I am really surprised by how realistic Xin Kui is about the status of their love while Zhen Yang is kind of just diving headlong into it without much of a thought of any consequences that may arise. This was not what I expected based on their personalities.

Zhen Yang is all for giving Xin Kui reassurance that she can depend on him. He confesses his love and swears to never abandon her again. They agree to meet under the love bell to officially start over.

Pamela: Well, Zhen Yang, you can’t let go of her hand if you neglect to get a hold of it in the first place. I guess his way of doing that is simply to repeatedly tell Xin Kui that he wants to try again until she agrees. This plan almost worked, besides him choosing his dying grandpa’s hand over Xin Kui’s (which is understandable).

Wendilynn: Words are great and all, but he needs to show it with actions. I don’t trust words all that much.

Debo: Agreed, Wendilynn.

Zhen Yang's beloved Grandfather has collapsed and is in the hospital. Xin Kui has forgotten her phone in her locker and doesn’t receive the messages that he can’t make their appointment. Chief Ji, at Zhen’s request, goes to rescue a bereft Xin Kui who is feeling abandoned all over again. He now returns the favor she once gave him.

Pamela: This screenshot is getting me to think about something...No matter how people will attempt to help Xin Kui feel loved, there is always that fear and that feeling of worthlessness behind her waiting to flow out when she feels alone and helpless. I do love how Chief Ji dropped everything when he picked up Xin Kui’s phone and came to pick her up. Because he’s sweet like that. *flails* *expectations for men continue to rise* *shrugs off pending loneliness in favor of the Fangirl Seizure*

Wendilynn: As if our SLS wasn’t already out of control. I like Zhen Yang, I do, but I want her with Chief Ji. Qian Qian can go jump in the lake. Better yet, just send Chief Ji to my house. I need this guy. lol I love that he and Xin Kui are such close friends. They have held each other during their hardest moments since they met. He gives her more support when it counts than Zhen has up to this point.

Debo: So, guess it is a unanimous vote that Chief Ji is the sweetest person ever. He really does not deserve the hot-cold attitude that he’s receiving from Qian Qian. I think Chief Ji and Xin Kui would be sweet together, but the main issue is that their personalities are too similar? I just remember that scene where there was that unexpected double date and Chief Ji and Xin Kui were really similar in their habits (slurping up the soup) and that opposes Qian Qian and Zhen Yang who are so meticulous about everything. I think for each of their personalities is would be nice for them to have someone who is the opposite of it because it helps them balance out their relationship.

Zhen’s slimy uncle tries to hustle the upset family into giving him the struggling Dun Hua hotel. He even threatens legal action if they don’t voluntarily sell. Zhen gives him a solid right hook as his response.

Pamela: When in doubt, punch your way out. This week’s episode is really Zhen Yang-heavy, and this scene in particular demonstrates just how loyal he can be - in this case, to his grandfather’s hotel.

Debo: That punch was totally warranted though.

Wendilynn: The punch was completely deserved. I am glad to see some fight in Zhen Yang, though.  I have a hunch he's going to be fighting an uphill battle if he wants the person he's truly in love with. 

With Dun Hua in trouble, Zhen’s friend and former roommate, Liang Man Ni, offers to help them save the hotel. Grandpa makes a final request to seal together these two long time friends..

Pamela: Let’s now give a round of applause to Man Ni for being a beautiful friend and not obnoxiously living out Grandpa’s last wish. Zhen Yang’s guilt over breaking his promise doesn’t last as long as I’d thought it would, but at least Grandpa died thinking that this drama was the story of best friends falling in love.

Debo: Agreed, Man Ni was so sweet. I really hope she gets someone in the end!

Wendilynn: I have to hand it to her, she was really awesome in these scenes. You can tell though that she is very disappointed that Zhen doesn't want to marry her and thrilled that Mom is on her side. 

Zhen Yang’s mother also expresses her desire to have these two friends married. She is….less than pleased to learn that Xin Kui is back in the picture and that her son’s heart is lost to her again.

Pamela: Just as I was continuing to wonder what conflicts would arise to keep our couple apart and the plot going for another fourteen episodes, we meet the mother. Let me go grab my school’s band conductor so he can cue the dreadful melody.

Wendilynn: lol. We had speculated that his mom would be overbearing, but when we meet her she is a nice lady going through a hard time. UNTIL her son says he won’t marry her personal favorite for daughter-in-law. Clearly from her statements she feels that Xin Kui and her son treated their relationship as a joke. And I think that perception that they don’t value marriage is going to color EVERYTHING that mom does.

Debo: Agreed. I thought the mom would be nice but nope once she found out that Zhen Yang was trying to pursue Xin Kui, everything started going downhill from there.


We end this episode with Zhen Yang apologizing to Xin Kui for leaving her.  In turn, she forgives him once she hears his messages about his grandfather.  Will our lovers be able to find a pathway forward now that Mom is alert to Zhen Yang's feelings and is just as determined not to give them any encouragement?  Leave any thoughts in the comments below. 

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