Welcome everyone to Episode 9 of Say I Do Again. The other shoe has finally dropped. Mom has made her stand in regards to Zhen Yang and Xin Kui's relationship and we find that Man Ni, the best friend has plans of her own that will spell big trouble for everyone. Join Debo, Pamela and I, Wendilynn as we change it up a little and have a conversation on this very busy episode.

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Wendilynn: So, let me just say that I was really glad our “bad guy” has finally shown up. I was starting to worry that our leads wouldn't have any real challenges to face.

Debo: Agreed. He definitely is a moving factor for the true issue that the two are facing now that being the fact that Zhen Yang’s family’s hotel is in trouble and Zhen Yang either needs to stay with Xin Kui or appease his mother. Honestly, Zhen Yang could have worked with both if it wasn’t for the uncle’s schemes. Now, we have trouble brewing. Ahh, the anguish.

Pamela: I’m glad that this villain has shown up because he has pushed the class conflict into motion. I’m also really tempted to punch through my computer screen...although I will not because that would hurt. Zhen Yang may not have been able to join his mother and Xin Kui together whether that guy appeared or not. The issue of economic background would have become a central conflict anyway - it’s just that Mr. Punchable here gave us an excuse to talk about it.

Debo: When Xin Kui asked Zhen Yang what she can do for him, his answer of “just staying by his side” was so cheesy but sweet. I think that’s what Xin Kui and also Zhen Yang’s mother need to understand, a relationship should not be centered around strictly what the other partner can do for the other but just if they will support them in their endeavors and in their life.

Pamela: That there, though, is Zhen Yang’s mother’s problem. She is convinced that Xin Kui is not able enough to support Zhen Yang in his quest to run Dong Hua, even emotionally. We have gotten the chance to see that Xin Kui deserves the chance to love Zhen Yang, and that these two can figure out how to make the relationship work a second time, but Mommy Meanest is coming in here with no knowledge besides that of the divorce. In a world of sugar and rainbows, the chief concern is support, but economics is prioritized some of the time.

Wendilynn: Some people have a hard time remembering that money will not make people happy. But I’m sure the Mom thinks that since Man Ni and Zhen are good friends, love with come with time. However, the bad guy in question was NOT slimy uncle, but Man Ni, herself.

Pamela: Is it too much to say that I felt like I was riding a rollercoaster of feels at the end? One second, I was glaring at Man Ni for putting Xin Kui in these awkward and frustrating situations with Zhen Yang’s mom. Then, I was all flailing and content because Man Ni was supposedly giving up marrying Zhen Yang. But then...that music. I left that episode with brain battered by Man Ni’s two developing faces.

Debo: It’s interesting to see how much Man Ni’s character has changed. At first she seemed like she just wanted the best for Zheng Yang but now she has evil background music playing while she deviously states that she has bought control of Mars and also Dong Hua.


Wendilynn: Well, when we find out she’s bought Mars Hotel, that explains what she was doing in Taiwan, but now that she also has a controlling interest in Dong Hua, I can’t help but think somehow, she’s got Zhen Yang cornered.

Debo: Yeah, that’s an interesting take, I never thought of it that way but it totally makes sense. She comes to Taiwan to get what she always wanted, Zhen Yang himself.

Pamela: True, true. She’s using her money as a rich person to get Zhen Yang to love her, because money buys everything when you have enough. As my brother’s girlfriend would say, “Rich people problems…” The chief of them? Thinking the man in your life needs to be bought the path to happiness, be you a lonely friend or mother.

Debo: Going off of the previous conversation of “bad” characters, I think we need to talk about the mom as well. She came off as so two faced. In the very beginning she was so sweet and caring while talking to Xin Kui but once she thought Xin Kui was trying to “ruin” Man Ni and Zhen Yang’s happiness she just went crazy. Talk about an over exaggeration!

Wendilynn: The sad thing is that if Xin Kui wasn’t in the picture, Man Ni wouldn’t really be the bad guy. lol We just give her that title because we know she will try to keep our lovers apart. I’m also split because I like this actress and so I'm excited to see what she will do with the character of Man Ni. As for Mom, boy was she a mess this episode. She was so panicked that she was not capable of rational behavior.

Pamela: The mother is stressed about how this situation will affect her in-laws’ legacy and her son’s life. That is understandable. However, that same son also has another life that he wants to succeed in with Xin Kui, so… *sticks tongue out*

Debo: No matter how frazzled she was, I felt no sympathy for her situation at all. She was acting too horribly towards Xin Kui for me to truly feel empathy for her pain. But that might just be because I am much more invested in Xin Kui as a character than the mom.

Wendilynn: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Mom, but you can’t say she is in any frame of mind to act rationally. I think it will cost her a lot in her relationship with Zhen. He is not going to be all that happy when he confronts her about slapping Xin Kui.

Debo: I agree completely, throughout the whole episode I was just thinking how Zhen Yang lose his trust in her, especially since I believe that she will do something despicable to try and break Zhen Yang and Xin Kui apart and that will definitely hurt her relationship with her son.

Pamela: Since slapping and shaming aren’t despicable enough, I am interested in and preparing for how low Man Ni and Mommy will take this.

Wendilynn: We’re already seeing Man Ni use Zhen’s love for his mom in trying to trap him into marriage. She called up Daddy to put pressure on Mom to force the wedding or lose the Hotel. This will not go well.

Debo: Yeah, Man Ni will definitely lose Zhen Yang’s trust later in the show as well. I also just don’t like how much Man Ni is twisting everything. First the soup, where she basically caused herself to be burnt and didn’t even say anything about how it was her own mistake for trying to wrestle a hot pot of soup from Xin Kui’s hands and then she invites Xin Kui to the meeting and causes her to get slapped without a single explanation before.

Pamela: Well, part of the plan was to make that whole soup move happen intentionally. I noticed how Man Ni and Zhen Yang’s mother stared at each other knowingly prior to the incident. The lengths to which she will go - that is self-harm, in a sense - are somewhat disconcerting.

Wendilynn: She is very two faced but she is playing Mom as well. I don’t care how long she has loved Zhen Yang, none of her behavior is warranted. And that soup spill was not a mistake, she interfered on purpose. She knows how tender hearted Xin Kui is and she is the type to step aside if she feels she is not needed. I loved that part where Zhen hugs her close and tells her he will fight for them as long as she stays brave. I LOVED that.

SIDA e8 collage.jpg

Debo: I feel like Zhen Yang and Xin Kui might be broken up for a bit because this is a drama and that is usually how things go; however, I am happy that for now Zhen Yang is willing to stand by her side and have her be near him too.

Pamela: If anything, Zhen Yang will be the one to keep the relationship going. Xin Kui is the person who wants to walk away just because that’s what she’s being told to do for Zhen Yang’s happiness. She took him out on that date, and it seemed as though she intended it to be a breakup date, but Zhen Yang wouldn’t have that. He loves her, and he doesn’t care that he’s the only one who ships the two of them besides us.

Wendilynn: I love his optimism about their future. I just think that he’s going to find himself between a rock and a hard place with no breathing room.

Debo: I think the love triangle between the three other VVIP candidates is interesting also. Usually side couples mimic those of the main relationship, but this definitely has not been going that way. I feel bad for how friend-zoned the nerdy guy is, but on the other hand, what was he expecting? He was behaving like a friend to her. He let her borrow his notes, was just there for her, etc. He never truly showed her that he was interested in her in a more romantic way.

Pamela: Zhi Cheng didn’t know when to take their friendship up a notch, but Xiao Hu took advantage of a perfect opportunity to win Omega over.

Wendilynn: Yeah, Xiao Hu was more upfront in his rescue of Omega’s mom and confessing his feelings. But he’s also much like Zhen, he’s got a family pressure as an heir himself. I don’t know if he will be able to continue long with his love for Omega.

Debo: Agreed. Even though Xiao Hu came off as a conceited butt at times, the fact that he was willing to help out Omega’s family as well as confess to her obviously gave him a chance to have her fall for him.

Pamela: Speaking of ignoring a sweet man’s feelings...I wonder what Chief Ji and Qian Qian were up to this week...

Wendilynn: We’ve had several Chief Ji/Qian Qian centered episodes, it was time for our threesome to get some attention. lol

Pamela: Definitely...I’ve been missing these three - and three is larger than two, so this love triangle should have a week to outshine at least one of the love lines…

Wendilynn: I don’t think I could handle any more tears from Chief Ji. I’d rather watch someone else be sad who I don’t want to take home and snuggle. It dawned on me that we’re going to see Xin Kui be sad a lot in this series. In the intro we get Chief Ji giving her a picture of a smile to put in front of her face. I realized that she doesn’t spend much time being happy in this drama.

Pamela: And then Chief Ji gets annoyed at Zhen Yang in the intro for leaving a speck of dust on the ledge because Zhen Yang needs to clean up his dusty past with the rich people in order to have a happy love life with Xin Kui. Yay for improvised analysis?

Wendilynn: That’s actually pretty good. Each of our vignettes in the opening reflects the relationship of that character with those around them.

Man Ni seems to have all the cards in her grasp, but what will she do with them?  Will she try to keep on Zhen Yang's good side or will she come clean with her intentions?  How will Zhen and his mother deal with this new set of circumstances against their hotel?  Will Xin Kui find the strength to be brave?  And what is going to happen to Granny and Mars? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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