As the latter half of the drama begins to unfold, emotions are running rampant, relationships are in jeopardy, and that old guy is in prison. The next few weeks will be just filled to the brim with more sugar and rainbows, won't they?

Sun Jae and Hye Won are in a difficult position. Wait, that's an understatement; they're in a detrimental position. While Sun Jae is attempting to advance his piano career, the relationship between our leads is starting to take its toll on the leads' mental and, in the case of Hye Won, professional states.

This supposedly-but-not-really-secret love affair has the same value for Sun Jae and Hye Won that music has. Music has been their life; their love; their existence. Piano and the affair are to Hye Won the dreams and the passions she had to leave behind decades ago. Music and love are to Sun Jae the dreams and the passions he has yet to lose. This combination of loss and innocence keeps the leads running to each other - more so Hye Won to Sun Jae - again and again.

Hye Won continues to seek refuge in her puppy pianist, even as her husband is starting to boil over. Earlier in the affair, we predicted that Kang Joon Hyung's will to hide what he suspected, and the rage that was building, would lead to him blowing up.

Well, he's blown up again.

Joon Hyung has these periodic moments of "I can't let on what I know, but I'll get angry with you and make you feel bad, anyway." This particular moment, when he has a little tantrum after Hye Won comes home late (like my nineteen-year-old brother does with his girlfriend), though, Joon Hyung actually begins to frighten his wife.

Now, Hye Won has been a ball of nerves this week, anyway, so if she hadn't nearly broke into tears, I would be concerned. Around everyone else besides Sun Jae, Hye Won has grown into the habit of being anxious, uncomfortable, and scared. This goes not only for her husband, but Young Woo and, by the end of the episode, Da Mi. Now everyone else besides Sunn Jae is growing into the habit of being wary and searching for Hye Won's slip-ups in order to bring her down.

Hye Won has to bring in her friends and her husband's enemy in an attempt to save her from herself and those opposing her. All they can do is listen to her lamenting the path she's traveled and attempt to remove Seon Jae from the situation.

But I doubt she can be saved. At this point, her bosses and husband are very strongly suspecting the romance between her and Seon Jae. At this point, her bosses and husband are acting increasingly coldly towards her.

Who knows what will happen to Seon Jae, though? If the couple is caught, will the foundation and the college allow his talent to go to waste? Will his friends become collateral damage? (Da Mi might try to get involved in the ordeal, but we'll have to wait a week to find that out.)

All this suspicion and spying must be quite stressful on Hye Won's and Seon Jae's minds. As the former's career is beginning to suffer from her absences and behaviors, Hye Won and Seon Jae have to look to each other for comfort. You can see the stress and the raw It's a vicious circle, this relationship: Hye Won and Seon Jae are together; people at Hye Won's workplace infer that there's an affair; those people seem to be barging into Hye Won's peace of mind as they search for evidence; Hye Won and Seon Jae are together again.

So not only is the relationship between our main couple in jeopardy, but so are the relationships Hye Won has with the people whom have trusted her and relied on her for years.

I wonder if the jailed Chairman is aware of this, too. Hye Won has maintained close ties with the Chairman's family for decades, and Young Woo and the head of the foundation are getting impatient with her. The Chairman has met with people, but he hasn't acted negatively towards Hye Won when she comes to meet him. If other people have let on about the affair, maybe his likely past affairs make her seem pitiful to him. Maybe he doesn't even know, but sees the fear in her face.

Man, I've been talking about Hye Won a lot this week, but she has built up enough that this affair is starting to destroy what she has. We know what she has to lose. We see what she is losing. With Seon Jae, we don't have that luxury. (Neither does he.)

I'm interested to see how much more her downfall is set up over the next few weeks.

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