Zombie: So, with four weeks left to go, things are really starting to get interesting.

Shai: Yeah, finally. I was waiting for these moments to happen. The plot thickens.

Pamela: This is also when everybody starts trying really hard to ruin the protagonists.


Zombie: Which I still don’t understand. Why in the world are these people trying to burn Hye Won at the stake when they’re all just as guilty as she? Hye Won is quickly becoming everyone’s scapegoat so why try to take her down when she’s been the only one helping them for all these years? Kinda seems like a bad idea to me but what do I know?

Shai: Simple, she’s just the first one to go down before all of them. Notice, ever since the Chairman was arrested everyone has been looking at her. It’s like when you want to go after the main boss so you shut down the underlings especially those who know too much. I knew Hye Won always being loyal to all of them would pose a problem and here it is, especially with her affair now out in the open.

Zombie: Speaking of which, I have to say, I was really disappointed in Joon Hyung again this week. Here I thought he was finally going to have the guts to say something to Hye Won about her affair, which he kind of did when he told her he’d never get a divorce, but and all he was really worried about was whether Professor Jo was going to take Sun Jae away from him and send him to Europe without his consent! What a hoser!

he should've contacted me.png

Pamela: Remember, he’s a baby who doesn’t know how to express his feelings without boiling over and throwing either words or objects at his wife.

Zombie: But I don’t think he has any real feelings about his wife! I think he, like everyone else in the world, is using Hye Won only for her connections.

Shai: Of course Joon Hyung doesn’t exactly love Hye Won in that way, I doubt she has ever felt the same about him. Their marriage just seemed like something they thought they should do and not something they truly wanted.

Pamela: He loves his career and his reputation, as did Hye Won until Sun Jae came along. Joon Hyung and Hye Won don’t have any real feelings for each other, but Joon Hyung is not willing to damage what he and his wife have built up because of Sun Jae’s involvement.

chairman indicted.png

Shai: I can kinda see his point in that. Imagine you spend years building something with your spouse and then one day have the possibility of it come crashing down because your significant other decides to have an affair. I can fully agree with him on this, it would be difficult.

Zombie: True but that still doesn’t change the fact that his whole hissy fit was thrown, not because people were talking about his wife and her affair, but because he was afraid of losing yet another student to Professor Jo. What kind of warped, crybaby is he, really? If he wants to keep the good students, maybe he should step up his game instead of throwing fits.

Shai: Very very true. Okay, now onto a moment I liked. I really liked when Da Mi and Jang Ho tried to talk some sense into Sun Jae. *snaps* to them for that.

customers are gossiping.png

Zombie: I just wish Sun Jae would’ve listened to them! Oh what pain awaits him in the future! I cringe just thinking about it but what makes me cringe even more is watching Da Mi get slowly sucked into this twisted little world. Poor girl! I wanted so much better for her!

Pamela: Over the course of this affair, Sun Jae’s primary concern has been him and Hye Won. He hasn’t really noticed that his friends are around him and are at risk nearly as much as he is. Da Mi is putting herself at risk even more by taking the extra step and going to talk to Hye Won about whatever it is she is going to talk about.

da mi gets sucked in.png

Zombie: I just have a really bad feeling about Da Mi’s future and all I can say is, I hope I’m wrong.

Shai: No, poor Da Mi is going to get caught up in this and I feel so bad for her.

Zombie: I wish I could say the same for Seo Pil Won but I’m afraid I have absolutely no sympathy for him, even if his daughter’s in-laws are the ones who set his arrest up in the first place. I think this is a perfect example of the whole “you reap what you sow” philosophy.

Pamela: That is my thought on his prison time as well. The characters are each digging their own graves in one way or another as the drama continues.

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