Well, it's the week before the finale and everything has officially hit the fan.

With Hye Won being thrown out to the wolves despite her loyalty to the Seo family. I can't say that I'm surprised because I'm not, but I am happy that she seems to have something in the works. Hye Won has way too much information about the Seos and the Seohan Arts Foundation to simply go down without a fight. She worked hard for what she has and she shouldn't have to be made into a sacrificial lamb just so that her sleazy boss can be free. HE committed those crimes so HE should have to pay for it. I give major props to the actor because I honestly can't stand the man's face when he pops up on screen, I despise him that much.

For someone who supposedly trusted in Hye Won, he sure was quick to dispose of her like she was yesterday's news. Same goes with Sung Sook, but I saw through her and knew she would throw her under the bus the minute she could. Young Woo is another story, she is going along with it but she's so dense sometimes that I think she's going spill the beans and somehow tell the truth. I don't really count on it, but she is capable of it. Although Wang would be one to make sure Hye Won goes down just so she can take her place, though this is something I will talk about more in our chat tomorrow. I just find her hilarious.

One character I have always liked is Da Mi and she proved again why I continue to like her. She could have lost her cool with Hye Won, but she didn't and stated her reasons for being there without making a scene. Da Mi has only tried to protect Sun Jae from the world that Hye Won lives in, but he went in and now had to deal with the consequences of what he chose to partake in. I just hope that nothing bad happens and he allows himself to truly live like a 25 year old. Seeing him play with the other students really showed how much he's been missing as a college student while he was running around with Hye Won. He looked relaxed and actually happy with them, I'm also glad In Seo stopped Joon Hyung from interrupting their session.

Sometimes I feel like Sun Jae is a puppet to him and his sole purpose is to do as he says and make him look good. From the photo shoot to the party, everything was forced and it made them all very uncomfortable. With Joon Hyung pretending to be the perfect husband to Sun Jae having to witness it all and be pulled around by his teacher during this showed why Da Mi and Jang Ho were both right about getting in too deep with Hye Won. He may be the person Hye Won loves, but in reality Joon Hyung is still her husband. I know he cares for her, but i just want him to go his own way to find out who he really is as a person.

With the final week looming upon us, what are your theories? Will Hye Won really go to jail? Will she divorce Joon Hyung and run off with Sun Jae? Or will Sun Jae go his own way and carve his own path in life? Give us your thoughts!

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