Shai: So this week was rather eventful, to say the least. Everything that happened didn’t really shock me.

Zombie: Nope, we pretty much predicted everything would turn out this way and unfortunately, we were right….

..Hye Won gets thrown to the wolves, Sun Jae gets treated like crap and everyone ends up crying. Hooray for predictability! Oh wait…

Shai: The sad part is how easy it was for them to throw her out there like that, almost like that was their sole purpose. I really do hope she has something up her sleeve because Hye Won is good at calculating everyone’s moves and is usually one step ahead of people.


Zombie: I almost think that this last card Hye Won is holding has something to do with all of the students at the institute who have been neglected and mistreated by the professors. I can’t really figure out why they would be featured so prominently this week, unless they had something to do with Hye Won’s master plan.

Shai: I also think it has something to do with those students, they had Sun Jae interact with them and even showed In Seo giving them attention. We were teased in the beginning about this and now we see it’s multiple students who have been affected, this has to be a part of Hye Won’s plan.

Zombie: I’m really not sure that a bunch of disgruntled students is going to be enough to fight against the Seo family but I guess we’ll see. Of course, if Hye Won’s plan doesn’t work, she’ll be spending the foreseeable future in jail, which, (big surprise here) is exactly where her husband wants to send her. (jerk)

go turn yourself in.png

Shai: Joon Hyung is a whole other topic that’ll just make me angry. I mentioned this before, but he treats Sun Jae as his puppet and expects him to jump when he says so. Him just dismissing those students as a distraction for Sun Jae and then forcing him to do that awful photo shoot along with that dreadful party. The only one who enjoyed that entire night was Wang.


Zombie: Ugh! Don’t even get me started on Wang! Here I thought she was a nice person and it turns out she’s been this nasty double-agent the whole time. It’s no secret she’s planning to fill Hye Won’s shoes as soon as she’s arrested. I wonder if she has any idea what she’d be getting herself into...

Shai: I don’t think Wang has any idea of how much Hye Won actually does and if something similar happens if she takes that spot then she’d also be their little sacrificial lamb. But until Wang realizes what she’s trying to get herself into, she’ll just continue to learn Mahjong…


Zombie: Oh a happier note, I feel the need to give Da Mi a high five and a hug! Kudos to her for standing up to Hye Won and trying to talk some sense into a woman twice her age. You know that took some guts and I applaud Da Mi for, once again, being the only person in this drama with a good head on her shoulders.

Shai: Yes, I love how Da Mi is written. She was calm with Hye Won and attempted to talk to her considering how old the latter is. I also like how she openly told Sun Jae what she did and her exact reasons for doing so, she didn’t hide it. Sun Jae knows what Hye Won does, but he thought his love would help her stop. Sorry, but she’s been doing this for years and it’s going to take more than his love to stop her. Da Mi was very reasonable when she said she’ll believe in Hye Won if she runs away with Sun Jae.

Zombie: You know, Sun Jae has moments where his naivety makes my brain hurt and other moments when he is wise beyond his years. Believing his love for Hye Won can make her change her selfish ways is just stupid but when he confronts Hye Won about her greed, he’s spot on. I enjoyed watching Sun Jae remind Hye Won that even after all these years of desperately trying to climb to the top, she’s still not satisfied and she still clamors after more. Even now, as she’s facing imprisonment, she’s still desperately trying to come out on top and for what? Sun Jae may be blindly naive at times but he’s got the right perspective when it comes to being satisfied with what you have.

Shai: I noticed throughout all of this, Hye Won is still running around as if nothing happened. I get trying not to freak out, but it’s almost like she’s separated herself from it all. When Da Mi confronted her, she spoke like nothing was wrong. Maybe that’s her way of staying sane, but it doesn’t look good. Now if Sun Jae would just listen to his friends this time…


Zombie: You know, for one brief moment, when Sun Jae pushed Hye Won back and told her he couldn’t kiss a pitiful woman, I almost thought that he’d had enough of this nonsense and decided to finally heed his friends’ warnings. I was that close to cheering for him but then he slipped back into pathetic lover boy mode and I lost all hope that he will ever come to realize his life could be so much better without Hye Won.

Shai: The expression “Love is blind” is so true here. When he was hanging out with those students, he looked so happy and relaxed. Up until then, he never experienced real college life. I want him to leave her alone until she figures her own life out so that he can be his own person.

Zombie: That would be nice but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see if he ever gets that chance.

What about you guys? Any last minute thoughts on Secret Love Affair before it ends next week?

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