This week marks the end of Secret Love Affair, and as quite a lot happened in these last two episodes, there's no time to waste with long introductions. Let's get to it, shall we?

We've all known, for quite a long time, that Oh Hye Won has been keeping something up her sleeve, as she's gone about her dealings with the various members of the Seo family, so it came as no surprise when she revealed that she had enough dirt on them to drag them all to jail with her. To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Seo Pil Won, Han Sung Sook and Seo Young Woo squirm as Hye Won's position in all of this got stronger and theirs began to falter. After the years and years of grinding Hye Won under their heels, I thought it was about time Hye Won got a little payback and I think a big part of her very much enjoyed watching the Seo family fret themselves into a tizzy as they tried to figure out what it was she was going to do next. What I liked most of all was the fact that when Hye Won did play her trump card, it was big enough to bring down all of the Seo family, including Young Woo's husband, who was too much of a snake to get away with all of his underhanded dealings with Pil Won.

While everyone else in the world was treading eggshells around Hye Won, Kang Joon Hyung decides he's going to prove his worth by dragging Hye Won and Sun Jae off to jail in an attempt to have them arrested for adultery, funny thing is, you can't actually have someone arrested for that if they haven't been caught in the act. Suddenly, Kang Joon Hyung's brilliant idea to have his wife arrested and then sue her for adultery doesn't seem like such a great idea, as Hye Won easily gets out of this minor scuffle and Kang Joon Hyung is left looking like a total idiot. Because he hasn't already solidified himself as the biggest loser on the face of the planet, he then goes so far as to demand Hye Won pay for damages to his family and support him for the rest of this life, to which Hye Won just scoffs as she tells him that his extravagant lifestyle has left very little money for anything else. At the end of it all, Joon Hyung is left mooching off his friends in a desperate attempt to save face while Hye Won moves on with her life, never to think of him again.

I was happy to see that Sun Jae was able to escape all of the drama that surrounded Hye Won in the end. Sure, he was dragged off to jail for a moment but he was never charged with anything and afterwards he was able to openly admit his relationship with Hye Won so really, it was a win for him. What relieved me even more was seeing how easily Sun Jae could walk away from everything he had been given and find a way to pursue his dream without the help of the corrupted elite. With the help of Jo In Seo, Sun Jae will be able to study abroad, participate in all of the major musical competitions and has even found a new sponsor which means Sun Jae has truly won this battle and I believe he has a very bright future ahead of him.

I suppose the only sad part about this entire ending is how depressing of a "happily ever after" it really is. Yes, Sun Jae and Hye Won are both finally free to live their lives in whatever way they see fit but at the same time, Hye Won is facing up to ten years in prison which means she won't really be "free" for a very long time. It's this being left with a whole bunch of "what ifs" that makes this ending such a downer. So many things could happen between now and the time Hye Won is released from prison that I'm not exactly filled with hope for her and Sun Jae's bright future. Still, I suppose being left with the feelings that things may get better in the future is really all we can ask for and it's actually a whole lot more than I expected from this drama so I'll just let it go and believe that eventually, Sun Jae and Hyw Won will find the "happily ever after" they've both been seeking.

So what did you think of the end of Secret Love Affair? Did you like the way things turned out or would you have liked to see things work out differently? I'd love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a comment below!

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