Zombie: So we’ve come to the end of Secret Love Affair and I just have to ask, what did you two think of the ending? Did you like it? Did you hate it?

Pamela: I liked the ending in that it was better than it could’ve been. Although the negative conclusion - one involving Hye Won’s imprisonment - occurred, the ending still had a tinge of hopefulness for the future of the leads’ relationship.

Shai: Eh, it was an ending. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. We got some closure and know where the characters ended up, but the writer also left it open for interpretation.

I think that’s really all we can ask for with this drama. So much of this show lacked details that it only makes sense for the ending to follow suit. Personally, I was surprised by how good I thought the ending was. Nothing was brought to an absolute conclusion but we were left with the idea that things could eventually work out well enough for Sun Jae and Hye Won, in the end.

Pamela: And in the end, Hye Won became the sassy seonsaengnim after being the secretive and servile one for most of the drama. I enjoyed watching her develop from passive Hye Won to cunning, sharp-tongued Hye Won.

Shai: Honestly, if we saw the final 2 episodes Hye Won in the rest of the series, I may have enjoyed her more. I liked her take charge attitude and how well she played everyone. Knowing how smart and logical she is, I wish she could have been like this for the entire show.

She was conniving enough throughout the entire series but she didn’t really reveal herself until the very end. I think that’s how she managed to stay afloat as long as she did. She was smart enough to keep her head down and stay under the radar until the time was right for her to reveal her hand. She actually lived her life a lot like a Mahjong game, which is probably why she was as good as she was, in the game and in life. Yes, she ended up in jail but she didn’t run from that sentence, she learned from it. That’s why I think she’ll be alright in the future. She’s too smart to let her life go to waste.

Shai: Very true, I didn’t look at it that way.

I have to say, I was super happy to see the Seo family get what they had coming to them. I would have liked to have seen Young Woo join her parents in prison but I guess we can’t have everything we wish for, now can we?

Shai: Yes, I was so happy with how scared the Seo family became now that they realized Hye Won had the upper hand. Chairman tried to throw her under the bus, but she dragged him right with her. This is why you shouldn’t trust anyone with your dirty deals no matter how compliant they may seem.

Zombie: Right! So how about Sun Jae? Do you think he’ll turn out alright, despite the fact he gave up his scholarship and he’s dating a criminal?

Pamela: It’s hard to tell how his future will turn out financially, but Sun Jae is devoted enough to Hye Won and has lost enough of his awkwardness from the early episodes that I’m not worried about his personal future. I’d say his partial college experience made him into a better puppy.

He seems happier and more relaxed. He went abroad doing what he loves. I guess all is well in Sun Jae-land. Him dating a criminal isn’t the worst thing in the world, at least he’s not hiding.

Zombie: And that’s really all he wanted in the first place… Just a chance for Hye Won and himself to be free from the oppression they’d been living under, in their own unique ways. This is why I think he’s found his “happily ever after.” He can move on with his life, pursuing his dream as a musician without any ties to the horrible people in his past. It’s almost as if he’s been given a clean slate and I think he’s going to make the best of the chance he’s been given.

I hope he makes the best of the chances he has and will get. Despite the small grudges people like Joon Hyung probably hold against him, the grudges are more against Hye Won, and the other characters have realized the love Sun Jae has for Hye Won and are letting him, at least, go on his lovely way.

Shai: Yeah it seems everything has been wiped clean for him. He’s doing what he loves and waiting for the woman he loves to be released from prison. He also has his friends beside him, they never left his side even through all of that. I want some friends like that.

Pamela: What’s nice about the friendship between Da Mi, Son Jang Ho, and Sun Jae is how they’re sticking by each other, not just by Sun Jae. Sun Jae has had the support and the worries of his friends throughout the ordeal that was the affair. Son Jang Ho had Da Mi to prevent him from pretending to be someone he’s not for a girl. Da Mi has Jang Ho now to help her get over Sun Jae. I wish Jang Ho the best when he asks Da Mi out.

I think Hye Won has finally won Da Mi’s approval, which is good since they seemed destined to spend a lot of time together in the future. Once Hye Won is released from prison and Sun Jae returns from his studies abroad, I think all four of these friends will come back together and pick up as if they had never been apart. I’d really like to think that Da Mi and Son Jang Ho end up together because I think they’d make a lovely couple. Friendships can easily grow into lasting relationships and I hope that’s the case for them. I’d like to think that those few who are actually deserving of it, will actually get their “happily ever after” in the end.

So now it’s your turn to tell us what you thought of this week’s finale of Secret Love Affair. Did you love it? Did you hate it? We’d love to know what you thought so be sure to leave us your comments below!

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