Zombie: Annyeong chingus and welcome to the first group chat of our Secret Love Affair Drama Club! Before we get started, we thought it’d be best to take a second to introduce ourselves.

Shai: Well my name may look familiar to some readers, I recently worked on Answer Me 1994. I am a drama blogger, but I am not good at intros no matter how many times I do it lol

Zombie: LOL! I guess I’m next… I’m Leah (aka Zombie Mamma) and this is my fifth Drama Club (my last being My Love From Another Star). I’m super happy to be back, writing for a Drama Club again and can’t wait to dive into this one! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

Pamela: My name probably isn’t all too familiar to most, but I was on the Drama Club for the recently-completed Jdrama, The Hours of My Life. I’m looking forward to working on this Drama Club as well. Anyway...onto the discussion! This should be...fun-cussion! *facepalms and slinks back into Corner of Awkwardness*

Shai: I know I seemed angry in my first post, but a few characters rubbed me the wrong way..and when I say a few I mean pretty much all of them except like one lol

Pamela: I see your point there, Shai-unni...I’m interested to see how the characters and plot are developed, but as of right now, Lee Seon Jae is my pathetic puppy of pity...I mean that in a good way...I think.

Zombie: Omo! I know exactly what you mean! I can’t say that I’m really a fan of any of the characters yet and the plot… Well, let’s just say I’d prefer to watch a drama where the characters have at least a chance at living “happily ever after.” Unfortunately, in Secret Love Affair, I don’t see that being an option for anyone. They’re all doomed to be miserable because they’re too stupid to grow up. (Oops, did I say that outloud?)

Shai: Yes you did, but it’s not like you’re wrong. I was already thinking that this won’t end good for anyone. I can honestly see Joon Hyung and Hye Won divorcing in the end and Seon Jae won’t appreciate Da Mi until it’s too late and she’s moved on. This plot is good, but I won’t get my hopes up for a happy ending.

Pamela: Ah, who needs happy endings when you can have tears and a broken computer on the opposite side of the room?

Zombie: Right? I’m afraid a happy ending is something that only happens in light-hearted dramas and, as we all know, this is anything but… So many spoiled, rich people, feeling entitled and important… It makes me angry. Sorry, but I can’t easily sympathize with spoiled brats.

Shai: Which is exactly why I dislike Young Woo, she’s as bratty as you can get. How old is she anyways? Then we have the man child in Hye Won’s husband. I think he only married her for her connections and that’s it.

Pamela: I’m fairly certain that all of the friendships and couples in the university and foundation are only together for the sake of connections.

Zombie: And it seems to me that all of these characters have some sort of connection from their past… It seems everyone is interconnected in some way (maybe from school?) except Sun Jae, who is obviously thrown in to mess everything up.

Pamela: The connections Sun Jae has already developed, directly and indirectly, will make the next fourteen episodes quite interesting. Emotions and manipulations are already flying around, and all that he’s doing is applying.

Shai: Maybe having Seon Jae is what these people need. Everything they do seems to be some type of open secret, but with him mixing in with Hye Won then everyone’s misdeeds will be out on the open to be talked about. I do wonder how Hye Won ended up with Joon Hyung and her friend got In Seo. It seems that mostly everyone within that school and arts foundation have found ways to survive and that’s just to marry or befriend someone with more connections.

Zombie: Every time I sit down to watch this show, one thing goes through my head over and over again… “Oh what a tangled web we weave.” These people are so messed up and rather than making things better, they just keep making things worse and the worst part is, they don’t even realize they’re so screwed up! For instance, we’re six episodes in and already Hye Won’s husband is suspicious of her and Sun Jae… You know things are only going to get worse from here and yet, rather than confront her, he just lets his anger boil under the surface while trying to pretend nothing is wrong. Dude, just man up and confront her before things get worse!

Pamela: Remember, he is a man child. Until he uncovers solid proof (or some solid Seon Jae-Hye Won intimacy), Joon Hyung will just pout around about his rivalry and his wife.

Shai: He suspects it and doesn’t want to confront her about it. He knows she’s going to lie or brush something off, I can only see him taking his issues out on Seon Jae (I wouldn’t blame him), but it’s not like his wife is naive and doesn’t know better. Hye Won lies for Young Woo and everyone else in that company, but I bet $100 they’ll throw her out to the wolves once her own affair starts to become noticed.

Zombie: Oh absolutely! Especially since this series started by very obviously pointing out how pious Hye Won is. You know that if a character is set up like that in the beginning, it’s only a matter of time before she falls; it’s her destiny as the female lead in such a melodramatic story.

Pamela: She has both a certain strength about her and a weakness that sets up her downfall. However, Seon Jae seems more like the stereotypical female lead at times than the female lead herself. Unless the creators give him immense masculinity over the next few episodes, I think he will be messed up and messed with a bit more than Hye Won.

Shai: Poor Seon Jae is so naive, I almost feel bad for him..I said almost since he initiated the affair while having a very dedicated girlfriend. He is going to get the brunt of the problems that will come from secretly dating Hye Won. I just don’t want to see Da Mi getting super hurt throughout all of this. She still doesn’t know that Hye Won is married to the professor and therefore knows Seon Jae.

Zombie: I’m with you on the Sun Jae feels… He really is bringing all of this upon himself (just like every other character in this story) so my feelings of sympathy for him can only go so far.

Pamela: He is a pathetic little puppy at times, but I’m still not sure how I’ll feel about what the other characters do to him in the future. Either I’ll be flailing around in feels of pity, or I will sit there with a bland look on my face, saying, “You had that coming.”

Shai: I won’t feel bad for whatever Joon Hyung says to Seon Jae once he discovers this. I also blame Hye Won too since she could put some distance or have her husband come with her when she’s with Seon Jae, but everyone trusts each other.

Zombie: I think it’s more like no one actually cares about anyone other than themselves. That’s why they never bother to get fully involved in each other’s lives. Every relationship seems to be pretty superficial, which is probably why Hye Won is falling for Sun Jae. He’s the only “real” person in her life. Still, as a married woman, she shouldn’t be falling for Sun Jae, no matter how “real” he is. She’s asking for trouble and I’m sure it’s not going to be long before she finds it.

So what are your thoughts on Secret Love Affair so far? Are you as disappointed in the characters as we are or can you find a redeeming quality in them that we just can’t see? How far do you think Joon Hyung will let things go before he steps in and says something to Hye Won? Will he take his frustration out on Sun Jae and make his life miserable or will he let things go because Sun Jae is such a prodigy? How bad do you see things getting before the end? Is there any hope of a happy ending for anyone or is every single character doomed? We’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave your comments below!

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