Well, this was quite the...slightly progressive week, wasn't it? Lee Seon Jae and Oh Hye Won transferred their intimacy from the piano bench to the bedroom, finally. Things within the main relationship are beginning to pick up speed, which is more than I can say for other aspects of the drama.

So in the case of the relationship between our two leads, there has been an adequate amount of progress. Lee Seon Jae and Oh Hye Won have actually been communicating over the past two episodes. Even if some of the most valuable communication occurred in the chat rooms, unbeknownst to Lee Seon Jae, I still see improvement.

If it can really be called "improvement." That term would suggest positive things are to come for this scandalous couple, and we'll just have to see how the upcoming episodes deal with the relationship.

Hye Won has spent this week in a bit of a mood. She finally broke down into tears, what with most of the characters throwing darts at her. She's finally getting upset, which I would imagine makes her quite emotionally raw. Seon Jae is providing her with the both past she lost and the warmth she thinks she needs. With the negativity surrounding her workplace and marriage, I'm not sure if Hye Won is going to use him as a lover or as an escape as well. (There's also the aspect of the university's publicity in this relationship, but that's a separate thing.)

Speaking of escaping and loving, the *ahem* scene. Apparently, there's some debate among netizens concerning whether or not the *ahem* actually occurred between Hye Won and Seon Jae. Given the conversation surrounding the physical intimacy, the darkness, and the shirt hanging up, I'm going to say some non-PG things happened there. Had the two of them just been holding each other, I doubt Hye Won would have been gasping as she was.

Okay, back to the couple. Specifically, back to Lee Seon Jae.

You know, I'm proud of him for doing well at his audition, but if I cease my fangirling thoughts, that's really all I can be proud of him for. He isn't the strong, possessive male lead that we are accustomed to in Kdramas (he is twenty years her junior, after all). Lee Seon Jae is the only person Oh Hye Won can have any supremacy over, and he gives her the ability to use that supremacy. The man respects her; he lets her walk over him. Early on in the drama, I thought of him as a puppy because he was acting kind of cutely. Now, I think of him as a puppy because no matter how strict or emotional Oh Hye Won is towards him, Lee Seon Jae will chase any bone she tosses his way.

This slight progress in the main relationship is the only real progress that has been made in this drama. Young Woo is still being a spoiled brat, and is still as lost as a high school senior picking a major. Joon Hyung is still being an abrasive husband, as I don't count that semi-apology after his fight with Hye Won as progress, and he will probably continue to pout around about the affair for at least another episode or two. Da Mi is still clueless as to her boyfriend's feelings (Seon Jae only opens up to Hye Won, anyway). Most characters are still only in the game for themselves. However, we have twelve episodes remaining; personality growth has time to build.

However, we have twelve episodes remaining; there should be at least a hint of that personality growth. Do you think there should be more progress being made at this point as well?

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