Zombie: So I just have to ask, what are your thoughts on this drama so far?

Pamela: Well, besides thoughts of annoyance being sent to Joon Hyung telepathically, most of my thoughts are good ones. Progress being made often produces a positive mentality, of course.

Zombie: Maybe you could lend me some of that positive thinking because I’m having a hard time finding anything to be positive about when it comes to Secret Love Affair. Well, that’s not entirely true, I do absolutely love the music… It’s breathtaking but I can’t say it’s so amazing it makes me want to cheat on my husband, which is basically what we’ve got going on here.

Shai: If I say anything negative about this show, I think I’ll sound cynical. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just dislike the majority of the main characters which drives me batty. I agree with you Z.M., I am enjoying the music and how beautifully this drama is being shot.

playing a duet.pngPamela: I agree that the infidelity plot isn’t the most...redeemable one. But in witnessing all that Hye Won has had to take from those around her, her attraction to little puppy over here is at least understandable.

Zombie: I can understand her attraction to his talent, I can even understand her feelings of pity for him but I can’t understand how those feelings justify her actions. She’s supposed to be someone who’s got it all together and yet she’s willing to throw it all away for a fling with a piano prodigy. Doesn’t seem like the wisest decision she can make but we are talking about Dramaland, making stupid decisions is pretty much law.

Shai: Emotions is what drives some people and I think Hye Won forgot she had them until she met our little piano prodigy. I also can’t see how she’s willing to risk everything for a little fling, but hey I guess whatever floats your boat.

Pamela: There must be something in the water over there for her to take this “fling” as far as Hye Won and Seon Jae have; I’ll admit that much. I mean, it’s not like they’re hiding it all that well, either.

she fell for him in the beginning.pngZombie: Not at all! I was amazed that Joon Hyung found out about this whole affair last week and still hasn’t said anything about it to Hye Won. I mean even as an indifferent husband, wouldn’t you want to say something when you catch your wife sneaking around with another man?

Shai: You’d think so, even if he didn’t marry Hye Won for great reasons she’s still his wife and they’ve had a seemingly good relationship until now. They do have a communication issue and that’s where the issue lies. He’s very bad as actually confronting things like this head on.

Pamela: At the same time, he is still a man with a reputation - remnants of a reputation, I guess - to uphold. He can’t just break up with Hye Won over this; their marriage is one of “convenience,” and both could lose quite a bit from a divorce. He also can’t go after Seon Jae (directly, anyway); revenge on Seon Jae would be kind of detrimental to Joon Hyung’s career. The fibbing fortune teller said as much.

Zombie: Oh, I didn’t ever expect him to say anything about this to anyone else, I just thought he would say something to Hye Won directly. If he’s not going to do that much, he has no right to run around with a giant chip on his shoulder over this. There’s no crying in baseball you know. If he’s going to just let this go, he has no right to get snippy over anything. He knows he needs Seon Jae’s talent if he’s ever going to advance in his career and he knows he needs Hye Won to keep his “powerful” connections (he didn’t really need the fortune teller for that one now did he?) so he has to decide here and now, is he going to let this affair go and be a man about it or is he going to be a whiney cry-baby for the next twelve episodes? Oh I hope it’s not the latter (though I’m not holding my breath)! And I just have to ask this, am I the only one who is reminded of Christain Slater’s character in Bed of Roses every time I look at Seon Jae? He’s so pitiful and needy, he kinda gets on my nerves even though I feel sorry for him at the same time. just walked in.png

Pamela: Because I started out thinking Seon Jae was acting like such an adorable airhead, it’s still difficult for me to be irritated by him. Granted, when he’s willing to take the bone whenever Hye Won throws it, I am a little perturbed...but I also started out comparing him to a female lead, so his naivete and occasional weakness doesn’t necessarily shock me nor annoy me.

Zombie: Honestly, all of the characters annoy me so I’m just gonna have to get over that and try to focus on the plot. Oh wait, that would imply there’s some sort of plot to begin with! Sorry, but if the only thing driving this story is the development of an affair between Hye Won and Seon Jae, then we’ve got problems. There needs to be something more and it has to be more interesting than the twisted lives of spoiled rich people ‘cause that’s just not interesting enough for me. Really these characters need to have some sort of goal in life and it needs to be more than trying to get as much as they can out of those around them.

temper tantrum.pngPamela: I’ll give you that. Here we are, eight episodes in, and there hasn’t been that much character development beyond glaring, slapping, “star” throwing, and just standing around without a clue (I’m looking at you, Da Mi). These are grown men and women, and unless some of the older characters are in the midst of a mid-life crisis *cough* Young Woo *cough*, revenge and power plays shouldn’t be dominating their minds. But hey, that’s probably just teenage ignorance talking. (These are Kdrama adults, after all.)

Zombie: And we all know what that means... Really, these people need some sort of hobby beyond tormenting those around them and throwing ridiculous temper-tantrums. Maybe they should take up golf? Anyway, I hope that the next twelve episodes flesh out some sort of story for us to follow and I hope beyond hope that it’s not just watching Seon Jae being torn apart by these wolves!

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