Zombie: It would seem that things are finally starting to pick up this week so let’s dive right in, shall we? So obviously, the biggest development this week is Hye Won and Sun Jae’s relationship. If there were any doubt about where they stood with each other, I’m pretty sure we know exactly where they stand now. Unfortunately for them, it seems like everyone else in the world knows now too which means it’s only a matter of time before this whole affair blows up in their faces.

Pamela: They were already nearly caught on quite a few occasions.

Shai: That’s because Hye Won and Seon Jae are very bad at hiding it, it’s mainly Hye Won. It’s nothing super bad, but if she’s gonna carry out this relationship with him then she’s gonna need to keep her feelings in check when she’s around other people. You’re right, everyone pretty much can see through them which is kinda funny to me. This might as well be called (Open) Secret Love Affair.

Zombie: Exactly. So my question is, how long do you think those around Sun Jae and Hye Won are going to let them get away with this affair? With the way this story moves, no one is going to be allowed to be happy for long so I’m guessing whatever bliss they've found is going to be very short-lived. I wonder if this whole scandal/arrest thing with Seo Pil Won is the spark that sends this whole thing up in flames. Will Hye Won be implicated in any of the affairs of the Seo family? She seems to be the perfect person to pin things on in a crisis, as if she’s been set up in her position for exactly that reason, but maybe I’m wrong?make sure it's all clean.pngShai: I kinda see it that way. If you look at everything, Hye Won is the one that each member of the Seo family trusts the most. She handles the business side as well as their personal affairs (figuratively and literally), she knows the most about each of them. Logically speaking, she is a very easy target since she would or at least should know about what each of them are doing. I think I said this before, she’s going to be thrown out to the wolves once her affair becomes more open. I have no doubt that at the end of the day, each member of that family will stick together and make Hye Won out to be the bad guy. This is why I hope she starts detaching herself from them soon, but she’s in too deep.

Pamela: She's intelligent, but she doesn't have a ton of common sense. Hye Won knows how to accomplish tasks to fit her boss's interests, but she doesn't know how to fit her own interests in *glances at Seon Jae* without risking an uproar. *glares at Joon Hyung*

Shai: I was reading a few comments and views on Hye Won and many think she’s very naive, I have to agree. The one thing we know about her past is that she never dated and only married once she got older, this came from her own mouth. So in retrospect, she’s just as “innocent” as Seon Jae is. She knows she has a lot to lose once this blows up, but then again she kinda doesn’t foresee it.

not so secret affair.pngPamela: The way I see it, she knows she has a lot to lose, but at the same time, she needs Seon Jae to be a distraction. He helps her to forget what she's lost, in a sense. The two of them are focused on their present, she's regaining her past, and the two of them are possible losing their future.

Zombie: Which I find to be rather sad. If they truly wanted to be happy, why wouldn’t they throw away their present and strive for a better future? They’re both adults and they both have full control over their actions. If life is so bad now, why stay where they are? We all have the ability to change our current situations, to some degree at least, so why don’t they? It would make more sense to me, than to stay where they are and whine about how bad things are and how miserable life is, ‘cause that’s just dumb. Sure, walking away from all of the material possessions may be hard for Hye Won but I think she’d be infinitely happier if she just that and started over somewhere very far away from her present life.

Shai: I think you just gave away the ending lol I can see where Pamela is coming from, she really didn’t have too much fun in her young adulthood so now she’s finally doing what she never did. Unfortunately she’s married now and everything can come crashing down around her. She does have the ability to change some things, but Joon Hyung even told her last week that she loves what she has right now. It’s not even a mean thing to say, she enjoys the finer things in life and I guess this is what she has to do to keep them.

Pamela: All she's doing to keep the finer things is serving as a double agent for two spouses. As Shai-unni mentioned earlier, Hye Won and Seon Jae aren't doing a good job of disguising their affair. There's a lot of stress she is bearing upon her shoulders due to the different roles she has to play, though.

hye won.pngZombie: To me, all of that stress is self-inflicted so I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for her. However, I will applaud Sun Jae for setting things straight for Park Da Mi. I liked how he flat-out told her that he had never considered her his girlfriend and I like even more how she was all “Okay then let’s just be friends.” If you ask me Da Mi is the most mature character of this entire drama. At least she’s got a good head on her shoulders and can see the nonsense going on around her for what it really is. I have to say, I like her the most out of all the characters, so far.

Shai: Yes, Hye Won’s stress is all due to her own decisions so I really can’t sympathize with her in that area. I do hope she begins to lighten her load some. Oh! I really did like how that went with Da Mi and Seon Jae. He was very good with setting things straight with her and she took it like a mature adult and accepted it. She doesn’t want to lose him as a friend and he feels the same. I also noticed she’s very observant, but doesn’t really act on anything. She’s like that fly on the wall, she knows a lot and does see all the bs that’s going on. I’ve liked her from the beginning.

Da Mi.pngPamela: I've grown to like her character a bit more, and her reaction to the breakup is why. While she is a fly-on-the-wall sort of character in the drama, so is Joon Hyung. He is doing more than she, since he is able to, despite him being less willing to.

So with things starting to pick up, we’d love to hear your thoughts on where you see this drama going next so be sure to leave your comments below!

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