Welcome to the all-new drama club for Secret Love Affair! Yay! I am happy to be able to write for you all again, I could go on about how happy I am, so I'll keep it short. Let's get started!

Usually we start from episode 1, but we are a unique one and will be rebels by starting from episode 5 (Rebels! Haha!) Let's get you up to speed if you have yet to watch this. It's simple, really (well the main plot is simple). Oh Hye Won is in her 40's and married to a music teacher, Kang Joon Hyung. She's alright until Joon Hyung brings in a potential student (Lee Seon Jae) who shows attraction to her and she seems attracted to him as well. That's episodes 1-4 in a nutshell minus anything truly pertaining to Hye Won's job as a manager for an arts foundation, which we will explore later. Possibly in our chat tomorrow. Well here's my take on episodes 5+6.

The first 4 episodes dragged a bit so I am happy to see the story pick up the pace some. Yes, a kiss happened in like episode 3, but still. The politics within her company bore me a bit especially with the chairman and his sleazy self, sawwry not sawwry.

Am I the only one not really liking Joon Hyung? I mean, I feel for him regarding Hye Won becoming emotionally/physically attracted to another man but the guy can be a jerk at times. I honestly didn't care for him when he deleted those texts Da Mi sent asking about Seon Jae. At first I though Hye Won had something to do with it, but then he's being controlling since he doesn't want his potential protege to be distracted by anything. He's going to be his student, not his son and he needs to respect that Seon Jae is 25, not 17. I was happy he decided to move back to his own home where he could do what he wants and be comfortable.

Oh now I'm thinking about poor Da Mi, the only person I truly feel sorry for in this entire drama. She loves a guy who barely even thinks about her and has taken advantage of her and now he's cheating on her. He didn't seem the least bit concerned when she was worrying over him since he was arrested for throwing a fit over someone playing the piano bad. I want her to move on, but we know that won't happen until the end. I can just pity her until then.

Even though some of the company issues bore me, I just have to seriously tsk Seo Young Woo, Seohan Arts Foundation CEO or whatever. I'm still not sure what she does since she mainly cheats on her husband, fights with her stepn Seung Sook, and acts like a baby in front of her father, Chairman Seo Pil Won. This woman seriously needs to grow up because she's immature for however old she is and needs to learn how to actually run a business, I'm sure Hye Won does most of it.

Sorry if most of this sounds like a rant, I wasn't trying to complaint too much since I am enjoying the show for the most part and Kim He Ae's chemistry with Yoo Ah In isn't weak. I'm excited for what the newer episodes will bring now that (I think) Hye Won will return Seon Jae's feelings. We are in for an adventure and I have strapped myself in for the ride.

Everything isn't negative though, well wait....no there are some positives. I really enjoy the music in this drama, I do like how they incorporate the piano playing and don't make it some extra random story line that has zero to do with their growing relationship. Hye Won fell in love with Seon Jae's skills and the way he plays brings her some excitement, almost like a high (As witnessed in episode 2 and another scene in episode 5). We already see that she does have regrets for not doing the same things her friends did in their younger days such as dating, she was busy studying trying to become more successful. All that work did get her to where she is, but it did leave a empty spot in her heart that she can't make up for at her age. I'm not even sure how long her and Joon Hyung were together before they got married. According to Young Woo, Joon Hyung wasn't too interested in Hye Won in that way since the beginning so seeing how all of this unfolds will be very interesting.

What about you guys? What are you first impressions of Secret Love Affair?

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