OK KIDS, IT'S OFFICIAL.... Jo Hae Woo and I are DONE! What are the two most insulting words a clueless person can utter to someone in pain? "I know" or "I understand." And this week, Hae Woo had the nerve to say them not once but TWICE! It's true, I've always had this niggling feeling about her--- that I didn't care for the person she'd become. And with each passing episode, it's become more evident, there's very little sign of that spunky, spiteful teenager I met. I won't say she's just a shell of her former self because that gives her too much credit, too much excuse. But she didn't grow up to be the strong, insightful, independent woman I hoped she'd be. Instead, she's become someone too blind (or afraid) to see the reality before her, keeps secrets and has no problem dishing out advice (and judgment) she has no intention of taking herself. This week, she confronts Jun directly for the first time and instead of being concerned about the friend that is willing, to go as far as to hurt others for the truth, she belittles the man and condescends that she knows what he's been through! Like I said earlier, Jun wants to be seen and though I'm sure he's glad he was loved and cherished as Yi Soo, there is a concrete reason for his transformation to Jun, not just physically and emotionally but strategically. He isn't just denying he's Han Yi Soo because he doesn't want to be caught, but because Yi Soo was a weak and helpless teenager, where Jun is a rich, powerful conglomerate. Hae Woo refuses to acknowledge this and selfishly pushes for the Yi Soo she once knew. Perhaps she calls herself taking control and being strong but this isn't the way to go about it. I promise! There was a moment, I thought she may be on the right track, but then she negated even that, with her constant insinuations that Jun is somehow this evil demon, she needs to replace with the angelic and pure-hearted Yi Soo. I actually think I laughed when she said, "If there's a chance I can find Han Yi Soo, not Kim Jun, I can follow you all the way to the depths of Hell." Hae Woo has no idea what Hell is, let alone the Hell that awaits her. And I don't believe she's even in search of the truth to that extent (which Detective Byun points out later). You may say, "But Unnichan, this girl turned in her own father!" And you'd be right. She did. But was that a sacrifice? Nope. She knows her father is guilty (of that crime), the tape only confirmed her suspicions, therefore, it wasn't a hard decision to make at all. At some point, everyone would know she's the one who played the tape, that she had the evidence. It was a rather textbook move and it cost her nothing. Because unlike the men in her life, Hae Woo doesn't know what it's like to actually endure massive pain, to experience loss and wrongdoing; a real dilemma that tests your faith and resolve. This leads me to the object of her second blunder and perhaps the best part of this week's episodes... The promise of Oh Joon Young!!! I wanted to squeal when his Ken doll demeanor started to melt away, because it's so long overdue! Seems Jun's words were as foreshadowing as I thought and it's horrible but satisfying, to see play out. From his determination to piece together events with Detective Kim, then his confrontation with Daddy Jo, his father and dismissal of Hae Woo, Joon Young rocked episode 12 with his disgust and indignation. And with proper cause, for the people he trusted, not only lied but disappointed him so greatly, no one can blame the man for shutting down and shutting off. I still don't trust Joon Young but getting a glimpse of the kid I adored, gives me hope he isn't as horrendous as I'd projected. Even if he is, this moment with him was stellar, for we see he hasn't changed too much not to be rattled by this revelation. And once that tie loosens--- Dude, it's over!   More SHARK Drama Club: Episodes 11-12 [ Part 1 ] [  Part 2 ] [ Part 3] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 9-10  [ Part 1 ] [  Part 2 ] [ Part 3] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 7-8    [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-6    [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check out the SHARK Drama Club’s individual blogs! Unnichan: withsubsplease.wordpress.com Drama Debussie: dramadebussie.com Kdrama Therapy: kdramatherapy.blogspot.com