Unnichan: And the Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Actor in a Drama or Miniseries goes to Grandpa Jo Sang Gook for his masterful, yet, inappropriately comedic performance as the shocked and docile Elder in SHARK episode 11. He was definitely channeling a lot more Bobby D. than Robbie Red--- Sorry Sundance. The man never misses a beat and you can't help but chuckle at his audaciousness. Did you see his face when he got that book?!

Drama Debussie: It’s terrifying how good he is, isn’t it? Even Yi Soo has moments where his facade seems to crack a bit, but not Granddaddy Jo. Granted, he’s had a lot more years of practice. Also, he may have very well sold his soul to the devil.

Unnichan: Ha! I don't doubt it. He actually had several stand out moments this week. The slap that woke up Seoul and both of his conversations with Jun. The first was priceless but the latter began disappointing but turned around, once Jun made the bookstore connection.

photo201 (2)

Drama Debussie: For an old man, he certainly has some power in those wrists. Actually, in the entire right side of his body because he uses all the force from that side. I love that his interactions with his son are physical, but it’s all mental with Jun.

Kdrama Therapy: I think Grandpa Jo is an evil bastard, obviously, but at the same time I wish I had a powerful grandpa like that. Maybe not so corrupt and murderous, but a strong patriarch who protects the family. I have to give props to him for being super devious to the point where it’s astonishing.


Unnichan: As always, Mrs. Park made my week by being a savvy Ahjumma. I love that woman. She quietly stands by as Hell begins to shake and it's absolutely gratifying. She's disgusted by the people she works for but I'm certain she has her reasons for staying, even if it's just to watch the walls come crumbling down. She also seemed concerned about Jun this week, the food was just a cover for a check in.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, what’s the deal with Mrs. Park? I think she figured out who Kim Jun was before anyone else, but what’s her plan? To expose him with kindness? Maybe she wants to join up with him in destroying the Jo family? Actually, that would be awesome. photo206

Kdrama Therapy: Yes, I think that sassy ahjumma is definitely catching onto who Kim Jun really is. She is the one who seems to know all, but she can’t really do much about it, for now. I agree, though, it would be awesome if she used her inside knowledge to help Yi Soo since Hae Woo clearly won’t.

Unnichan: I've already said my peace about Hae Woo but did you notice she wouldn't go into Jun's apartment? The fondling with her band? It's not like he welcomed her into his den for adulterous sex and snacks! I mean, I totally understand why she chose against it--- Control is very important, especially for a woman but um, can't say I'd make the same choice... This is Kim Nam Gil we're talking about!

Drama Debussie: I found it pretty amusing that not only did she not trust herself to go into his apartment, but she took him outside, away from his building, to have the conversation. Sure, she could’ve been mindful of the neighbors or simply wanted to uphold wifely decorum. Although something tells me she knew it was better to stay away from walls or anywhere there was comfortable seating. You never know where things could lead.

Kdrama Therapy: We certainly don’t want Yi Soo’s fish babies (his best friends) to see any X-rated stuff going on.

Unnichan: Yi Hyun broke my heart (and Jun's). It's terribly painful to watch her suffer through this trauma again. And then Jun trying to so hard to be with her, but massively failing each time. You understand his desire to make things right, but he can't, not without revealing himself. Hence, the saddest spaghetti dinner of all time.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, I'll never look at spaghetti the same way again.

Kdrama Therapy: That spaghetti looked so good, though. But, yeah, Yi Hyun is the one that I feel the most empathetic towards. She wants to know what’s going on, but she’s too sweet to get dragged into this twisted mess.

Unnichan: That is so true. I can only hope Jun now begins to contemplate her affect in his scheme. I won't say, he doesn't care, but he's set her aside in this other compartment somewhere in his brain and forgets she lost something just as deep and damaging. He definitely miscalculated her involvement.

Drama Debussie: That seems to keep happening a lot, though. These characters get so wrapped up with their missions, they forget who can be hurt in the process. It happened with Joon Young and Hae Woo. She even notes that she didn’t think about how everything happening could also hurt him which pretty much sums up their entire relationship so far. She does whatever he wants, he’s waiting for her when she finally realizes he’s there. That’s love.

Unnichan: Also Daddy Detective upset me with his lie but proved he's after justice when he prodded Hae Woo over her quest. I suppose this is one of those poison/antidote moments, cause he let me down only to build me back up. I guess we're all human after all.

Drama Debussie: I love that word justice. We have a tendency to think there’s a difference between justice and revenge. These characters are no exception. The only problem is that there’s a very thin line between the two because the only difference is intent. I think Daddy Detective is just trying to do his job, but it’s getting personal.

Unnichan: Yoshimura, Turncoat and Jun. This trio is interesting.

Drama Debussie: Ahhhh, the NTT? No Trust Trio.

Unnichan: Neither man is willing to show their hand but Yoshimura gave Jun some excellent advice, while also giving credit where it's due.

Drama Debussie: I’m almost starting to believe that Yoshimura actually cares about Jun. Am I off on this or am I seeing what I want to see? That’s a theme in this series so that could be it.

Unnichan: I think it's possible he sees himself in Jun. And if you think of it as an extension of himself, I don't think you're wrong. And, I know that Turncoat is indebted(indentured?) to Yoshimura, so she won't betray him but it's fun to think every week that she may. I won't hold my breath but she wants to help Jun, even if the desire is predicated on intrigue. She just doesn't have a valid reason to cross that line.

Drama Debussie: I wish she would find some reason soon. This whole conflicted spy routine is getting really old. It only works for a while. It’s hard to believe you feel bad about spying on Kim Jun when you keep doing it, Turncoat Jang. I understand she’s in a tough spot, but only she can stop herself from doing these things.

Unnichan: She should just give it all up and date Dong Soo. She'd be a much happier person.

Drama Debussie: I think we’d ALL be happier.

Kdrama Therapy: Dong Soo is cute, but I don’t think he could satisfy Secretary Jang. I think she and Yi Soo make an attractive couple, but I don’t want them together either. I feel very conflicted about what couples I want to be together at the end of this drama. It’s not as clear cut for me as it was in the beginning.

Unnichan: Romantic pairings are moot at this point. No one deserves anyone and everyone is probably better off alone. But who knows, Turncoat may surprise us.

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