SHARK airs today, so the girls and I thought we’d pop in and give our collective thoughts on the first six episodes. Please feel free to comment but we’ll get the ball rolling in prep for what new task Jun will have the Scooby Gang on this week. Kdrama Therapy: Episodes 1 through 6 of Shark paint a colorful picture for what is to come, and I am hopeful that this drama will remain exciting and playful. Unnichan: That's true, these six episodes have done well with giving us that old school mystery feel, like Drama Debussie pointed out, but also answering a few questions that we may have had, mainly, the Ballpoint Killer. I also enjoyed that we saw a tiny kink in Jun's facade, when he bumped into Hae Woo. Unfortunately, we also become privy to Yoshimura using Yoon Hee. I'm sure it's no surprise to any of us, that he had his own vengeance in the works, but it's maddening all the same. Personally, if Yoshimura wants revenge, he needs to find his own way, instead of shaping Yi Soo. For, I'm positive their individual plans will deviate and Yoshimura will strike against Yi Soo. And it seems that day may come sooner, rather than later. Drama Debussie: Yoshimura finding his own methods of revenge would definitely be wise considering he’s raised Yi Soo to be the embodiment of that revenge. God help him if Yi Soo finds out he’s being used. The same wrath Yoshimura is using in Yi Soo may also come down on him. Unless Yi Soo already knows the truth and has included his benefactor in the long list of people he plans to exact revenge on. Unnichan: Oooh, you’re scary D.D. But I LOVE IT! Now, I’m just going to believe our boy is that good and he’s just biding his time. Even if he isn’t, I’m definitely ready for him to put the pieces together. I have a sneaky suspicion that he’s a “trust only yourself” kind of guy but wants to trust Jang so, it’ll be interesting to see that unfold. Kdrama Therapy: I also predict that Oh Joon Young has some connection or alignment with Hae Woo’s grandfather or maybe his brother’s hit and run is somehow connected to Hae Woo’s family. I might be alone in this, but I want to see Joon Young get his ass kicked by Yi Soo. His perfect husband act is really creeping me out. Unnichan: Tell me about it! I liked Joon Young a lot as a kid, but I don't trust him at all now. He's too perfect! Look at his hair! Plus, he has someone following Hae Woo in one episode, then digging up dirt about Jun in another. Nope, that boy bodes ill in my book. Drama Debussie: One thing we do know is that Yi Soo can indeed kick ass and I welcome an all out battle between him and Joon Young from the bottom of my drama loving soul. No, Kdrama Therapy, you are not alone. I’d like to think that Joon Young is simply so deeply in love with Hae Woo that he wants to be the perfect husband for her, but there’s something more to that. Everyone has something to hide and Joon Young is no exception. He’s also got a lot to lose if this marriage doesn’t work out: Hae Woo, his father’s reputation, his connections with Hae Woo’s family…Plus, as you pointed out Unnichan, the hair. Only Ken dolls and supervillains have that hair! Unnichan: Maybe it's just me, but I'm not on-board with the inevitable adulterous vibe. I could root for Hae Woo and Jun, if she was engaged but the marriage thing puts her in off limits land. Therefore, I was shipping Jun with Secretary Jang until she became Turncoat Jang! Drama Debussie: Usually, I would agree. Adultery is a big no-no, but I become morally flexible when I smell a fishy marriage like Hae Woo’s and Joon Young’s. Kdrama Therapy: Well, I don’t like to see ANYONE getting between the couple I ship (which is Yi Soo and Hae Woo, my Shark couple). Drama Debussie: Me neither. I’m going down with this ship. Unnichan: So it is just me. Kdrama Therapy: I just hope that Hae Woo can build up some strength so that the shock of finding out that her “gentle” grandfather is the mastermind behind decades of corruption and murders, she doesn’t collapse. Once Hae Woo (and everyone else) finds out that the mysterious Kim Jun is actually the missing Yi Soo, I’m sure the real fun will begin. Drama Debussie: And when you say fun do you mean quiet moments filled with sexual tension that eventually lead to passionate kissing? You know, AFTER she gets over the shock. Unnichan: Oh, she can still be in shock, doesn’t mean she can’t make a few things happen. Or better yet, they can play some Jung Dong Ha in the background, with that voice, the shock will fade. Kdrama Therapy: Well, I think all of us in the Shark Drama Club are looking forward to some awesome revenge, though. Drama Debussie: Revenge and kissing. Unnichan: The Cable kind.   More SHARK Drama Club: Episodes 1-6 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3] [ Part 4 ] Check out the SHARK Drama Club’s individual blogs! Unnichan: Drama Debussie: Kdrama Therapy: