Drama Debussie: I had quite a few different thoughts while watching Shark this week and I may need everyone’s help trying to sort them out. shark13-1_zps162c0d36 Drama Debussie Thought #1: Did anyone else have a Brad Pitt/ Se7en moment when Yi Soo was looking at the box on Ballpoint Killer’s bike where you just found yourself screaming, “What’s in the box?!!!!” Unnichan: Haha! That box is a treasure trove. I have half a mind to believe its a portal to the gateway of Hell where he stores the spoils of his kills. However, I love how the drama makes it very obvious that nothing has to be as it should and I LOVE THAT! Kdrama Therapy: I like how balls-out evil the villains are in this show. If you’re going to be evil, you might as well go all the way with it. Grandpa Jo and the Ballpoint Killer have zero redeeming qualities and no remorse. They’re like comic book villains, and I enjoy that. shark13-3_zps7de27b5f Drama Debussie #2: Is is possible we got a little bit of the stubborn Hae Woo that we met 12 years ago back in this episode? Unnichan: Just a little. I promise, each time I want to give her slack, I have to slap it back. Though her statements are true on the surface, she doesn't understand the root of the problem. In situations like this, you have to listen and understand, then form an opinion and action. Hae Woo has nicked the first portion and turned the second inside out. Kdrama Therapy: I feel like the writers didn't even attempt to match teenage Hae Woo and adult Hae Woo. Teenage Hae Woo had a lot of angst and a spark to her. She was passionate and didn't want to end up like her mother, the prisoner in that giant golden prison that is the Jo mansion. But, that’s exactly what she became. She doesn't need to live only thinking of Yi Soo, but she should have used his “death” to work even harder against that life she didn't want. shark13-7_zpsdb8cd765 Drama Debussie Thought #3: Ballpoint Killer who can now be called the Hit-and-Run Artist. Unnichan: He's a Jack of all Crimes. He murders by car and pin, then does a little copycat staging and kidnapping on the side. But I have to admit, the wigs are comical and his poker face? Phenomenal! Drama Debussie: Apparently, variety is important for him. shark14-1_zpsd7273644 Drama Debussie Thought #4: How long is this show planning on keeping the main characters in the dark when it comes to Grandpa Jo’s true nature? Unnichan: I'll bet you 50 goldfish crackers, he'll ride out this current lie until episode 16. Drama Debussie: I’ll take that bet, if only because I love goldfish crackers. shark14-5_zps4977b94c Drama Debussie Thought #5: Hae Woo has officially put more effort into trying to get Yi Soo to be honest with her than she’s put into her entire marriage. Drama Debussie: I’ll bet you 100 goldfish crackers her marriage won’t make it to the show’s finale. Unnichan: Hahahha. Bet! And I’ll raise you 50. ‘Cause you know, she doesn't have time to do both, girl! Was I the only one that wished Hae Woo would just chuck it and do a little rough and tumble with Jun, then be business as usual in the morning? But it’s still amazes how much she’s like her grandfather. It's a fact we've known since the beginning but to see it played out with so much ease in her own marriage is quite startling. Then again, she doesn’t care what truth is, so why tell any herself? Kdrama Therapy: That marriage is such a sham. Even on Joon Young’s side of it, I’m not sure if it was true love from the beginning. He seems like a nice, but simple guy so he probably got hitched because he felt sorry for her losing Yi Soo to a hit-and-run accident like he lost his brother. Either way if they stay together or separate, I think they will both survive it. Drama Debussie: All great points. shark14-11_zps1a26f424 Unnichan: And how is Mr. Pedophile Orphanage Creep going to insult a man's wife from a wheelchair, with zero evidence? What husband would just take that? Drama Debussie: No husband should, but seeing that Joon Young temper we saw 12 years ago make an appearance was exciting, that’s for sure. It was even, dare I say it, sexy. Unnichan: I'm so glad you mentioned Joon Young and the sexy, cause HECK YEAUH! WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG! Who knew rabbit holes produced sexy fiery men! Drama Debussie: There should be more rabbit holes in dramas if these are the results. shark13-12_zps0291e948 Drama Debussie Thought #6: Such a nice change to finally see Grandpa shaken by something. I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he saw that ad with Chun Young Bo’s name. Unnichan: Gosh I wish he had!!!! But who wouldn't be rocked by the skeleton of your former yet still murderous self? shark13-13_zpsbf7d239e Drama Debussie Thought #7: Can someone please write a fanfiction about this Dong Soo/ Yi Soo bromance? Nothing rated less than PG-13, thanks. Kdrama Therapy: I second that! Dong Soo is almost too insistent that he’s not interested in it, and Yi Soo seems pretty down for it. He just smiles and plays along nicely. Unnichan: Not into that kind of bromance, sorry, well unless, they are a thug gangster duo, like the Doctor and Soo. But they are the cutest things ever!! Drama Debussie: Ooooohh, Doctor/Soo fanfic. Go away, dirty thoughts! I've got to stay on topic. shark14-3_zpsa8fff94f Drama Debussie #8: Speaking of going away, go away, Hae Woo. Don’t follow Yi Soo, follow the clues Yi Soo gives you. You’re not getting how this works. Unnichan: You know this is my irritation with her. She doesn't get it! This is Clue, not Follow the Leader. Drama Debussie: Yep, she keeps trying to play her own game and that’s her biggest problem. She doesn’t have the tools to make her own rules or to play her own game. Yi Soo is trying to give her the tools AKA the truth! Argh, Hae Woo! shark14-9_zps9b12c817 Unnichan: And I just have to mention our love confessions and kisses this episode. Detective Kim rocks in the confession department. He was straight up and forthcoming and had me fooled for a second that he might be hot. Kdrama Therapy: Detective Kim is just too adorable. I am so glad he’s not part of Grandpa Jo’s plans... OK, so I’m thinking a Dong Soo/Yi Soo/Detective Kim fanfic. I won’t go into detail, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who could make it happen. 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