Kdrama Therapy: I loved that Hae Woo ran into daddy Jo’s mistress right away leaving Yi Soo’ side. It was like a slap in the face for Hae Woo to realize, “oh yeah, I’m like this lady.” I don’t think that her father deserves forgiveness or even respect, but I was just happy to see Hae Woo knocked down a peg. I’m not sure if I will be able to like her again, but I guess she has 4 more episodes to redeem herself.

Unnichan: Oh there is no redemption for Hae Woo for me but I don’t think the ladies or their situations are equal. I agree that Hae Woo needs a dose of reality, but just because she’s staring down an alley doesn’t mean she’ll walk it. Is it true she could make the same choices, yes, but she hasn’t. There were only two things that I appreciated from Hae Woo this week and walking out of Jun’s apartment was one. She gets caught up the high of nostalgia but she always comes back down. I’d like to believe that she, like me, knows she and Yi Soo don’t love one another but in this, I could be hoping for too much. Ultimately, she needs to make choice and stop acting like a cheating wife but I don’t think she’s confused about her stance on either man.

Drama Debussie: Oh, yeah. How does it feel to be knocked off that high horse, Hae Woo? Will four episodes be enough at this point for Hae Woo's redemption? I'm starting to think it isn't.

Unnichan: What bothered me most about this moment, was the drama is trying justify Daddy Jo and this woman’s actions through the weakness and flimsiness of Hae Woo. Just because a person can understand or had a similar experience, doesn’t negate the truth in their statements (ie Little [and better] Hae Woo was right). If drama had used the flashback, conversation or the moment, as merely a wake up call and not a justification, perhaps I’d be less irritated and more understanding but it didn’t, so I can’t. Hae Woo’s biggest issue (in this area) is the lies she tells, whether to herself or her husband and in my opinion that’s the only way the flashback works. For ultimately, deception and adultery get equal billing. shark4thpost3 Kdrama Therapy: I think Joon Young also hates Hae woo at this point. I mean, she hung up on him when he was talking about his dying father, she lied to him about Yi Soo/ Kim Jun, and he found a picture of them together. Unnichan: I’m not sure he hates her, but I wouldn’t care if he did. She lies all the time. No, she keeps secrets--- damaging, destructive secrets. In a marriage, this can’t happen. So he's definitely justified in hardening toward her, for those secrets give way to imagination, which is only natural. And it's maddening because her lies are unnecessary. I honestly think she’s ignorant enough to believe that in doing so she protects him but instead throws another brick on the wall between them. Hae Woo doesn’t actually have anything to hide, which makes her look guilty and that’s what boggles the mind.

Drama Debussie: I don't think he hates her because I think there's still a large part of him that still genuinely loves her. I could see him being extremely disappointed in her, but still try to hang on to her no matter what. I mean, like you said, he's a little dumb. Of course, he still has a moral compass that many people are lacking in this show, which is why I doubt he'll join forces with Grandpa Jo. Even if he tried to do that, he would (hopefully) recognize Grandpa Jo's evil doings and run away posthaste.

Kdrama Therapy: Earlier on in this drama, I was really down on Joon Young, and I still think he’s pretty dumb, but I am excited to see what he will do in retaliation. Hopefully he doesn’t join forces with grandpa Jo, though, because then he’d be a complete fool. Unnichan: HA! If he joins forces with Haraboji, he would be a fool. Joon Young is this character that I’m constantly irritated by but I think it's my fault, because I want more than I think he can give me. When Hae Woo tried to talk to him, I wanted him to stay and listen. But because he’s so afraid of the truth, he ran away. I’m not saying that he should do whatever she wants but more that now, when his imagination takes hold and his insecurities lead him astray, I won’t feel as bad for him.  It’s this on going cycle of the truth, this drama plays with. There’s nothing but lip service from everyone. shark4thpost2

 Kdrama Therapy: Secretary Jang rejected Dong Soo’s advancements this week. Maybe he’ll take this as a hint that he should ditch women and join hands with Yi Soo? Anyway, what is going on with Secretary Jang and Yoshimura? She’s always furrowing her brow and worrying about Yi Soo, but she isn’t stopping Yoshimura from using him. What does he have on her? Gah, it’s driving me crazy.

Drama Debussie: I second that! She doesn't deserve his love! The only other woman that could close to deserving it would be Yi Hyun and she's already taken. Although that would be extremely weird, if you ask me. As for Secretary Jang, I can't even excuse her behavior anymore by saying that Yoshimura has something on her. What could be so important that she is obligated to continue spying on Yi Soo. Lucky for him, he doesn't trust anyone, but it always seems as if he wants to let his guard down with her. I'm terrified that it's finally going to happen and she's going to screw him over royally. Do you think four episodes is enough for a Secretary Jang/ Hae Woo redemption?

Unnichan: Joining Jun’s team wouldn’t be bad, he could buy peanuts and carry waters as Soo Hyun and Yi Soo fight the good fight... but ditching women? I don’t know. He seems to love women as much he loves chomping chicken. However, I do think that he needs to let Turncoat go. She’s a lost cause. Whatever Yoshimura has on her, has her so twisted up in the game, there’s nothing she can do. She’s even lying to the man. Which is utterly pointless. And didn’t he foot the bill for her family or something? Maybe he old school "bought" her, Memoirs of a Geisha style. I mean considering what she was doing for a living when he met her, anything is possible.

 Kdrama Therapy: I feel like the theme of corruption and infiltration of business into law enforcement and politics in  Shark is running parallel to Heartless City. They are very different dramas, but they both reflect a preoccupation of the Korean public with how companies are more powerful than government. Of course this is  not only true in South Korea but all over the world especially in capitalist governments, and it is not a new idea.

Unnichan: Yes, we’ve seen it everywhere. The men of this world that dominate through monetary resource. The amount of corruption portrayed on screens around the world is daunting but the reality I’m sure is much more frightening.

Drama Debussie: We have to remember that every empire falls eventually and Grandpa Jo's reign may soon come to end. This applies to Heartless City too, but I'm hoping for a Si Hyun/Soo Min/Hyun Soo/Jin Sook/Hyung Min underwold takeover there.

Kdrama Therapy: In Shark, though, grandpa Jo is the puppet master for pretty much all of the evil while Heartless City reveals a web of corruption sweeping up to the highest echelons of government. The latter is much more realistic, but I think there is a greater chance for a happy ending in Shark. A lot of comments I’ve read about Shark are concerned that Yi Soo will die in the end. I don’t personally think that he will because it should be easy enough to take grandpa Jo down. Unnichan: Well SHARK’s spectrum is much smaller as well. One man is lying to the entire world to hold on to his empire. And that one man has killed a cluster of individuals to maintain his facade. And though he's guilty of even more murders than the personalities we know, his motives and backing were a bit different. For he’s always been an “assassin” of sorts, once for the government, now as the ruler of his own world. Kdrama Therapy: I don’t mean to turn this into a Heartless City post, but I really can’t imagine a happy ending with a wedding and little chubby kids running around happening in that drama. I think a happy ending is at least possible with Shark, though I’m not sure what it will look like. Any predictions? Unnichan: Happy endings, eh? I think it all depends on what we deem as happy. If weddings and chubby kids is your idea, then I don’t think either will have one...Unless they are Yi Hyun and Soo Hyun’s fat cheeked babies. But I do think, SHARK has a better chance of our main characters living until the credits roll. Ultimately, all I want is Dong Soo, Yi Hyun, Mrs. Park, Yi Soo and now, Detective Kim to live in the sun together. That’s it. In a perfect world, Yi Soo and Hae Woo work through their past and go their separate ways, while Hae Woo and Joon Young live out an imperfect marriage chock full of childish arguments and un-geled hair.

Drama Debussie: The problem with vengeance stories is that the hero/the one whose searching for vengeance very rarely gets away scott-free. There's usually some repercussion for their actions. Even if the reasons behind the vengeance are justified, that kind of anger doesn't just destroy others but the person that anger belongs to. Honestly, at this point, I don't see a happy ending for Yi Soo in the sense of him running away with Hae Woo and living happily ever after on some deserted island. Don't get me wrong, I would love that, but I just don't see it happening. I think Yi Hyun and her family will be more than fine, which is something I really want for them. As long as Yi Hyun gets her happy ending, I think I'll be fine.


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