This week, in the deep end with Kim Jun, I realized, my favorite moments with him were with secondary characters that aren't the object (or tools) of his vengeance but are tangled in the net all the same: Han Yi Hyun (Nam Bo Ra) and Mrs. Park (Jung Kyung Soon). There were several melancholy moments for our characters, but Hae Woo with her father-in-law and boss, Oh Hyun Shik (Jung Won Joong) stands out the most to me. Not because of Hae Woo's insistence to find the truth, but his inner turmoil concerning his own honor, integrity and waning respect. We feel and understand his dispiritedness acutely, for his past transgressions were decisions he made reluctantly and against his better judgement. He compromised his morals, in pursuit of some semblance of amity and obedience. In episode seven, he tells Hae Woo, "The past should only be brought up, when it's for the good," and that got me thinking, that normally, I would agree with him. That the past is over and the present is what counts. That truth doesn't always bring contentment, reconciliation, or peace. But, if we were to apply his words to another facet of the situation, good can arise, regardless of the evil that transpires. Jun spends a lot of time watching the people he's lost and I must admit the longing he has as an older brother not only twinges my tiny ticker, it expands it with elation and pride. For his emotional conflict resonates with me. Each time he sees Yi Hyun, there's a wave of joy and sadness in the air, because he's delighted she's gleefully living life but despairs that he's so close, yet they remain separated. This is one of the largest casualties of revenge stories, for protagonists lose much more than they gain, no matter how deep their plan delves or how quickly the truth is unwound. Yi Soo has been gone for twelve years but at no time was there communication with his sister. I find this disappointing and disparaging, but that doesn't change my investment in desiring Yi Hyun's Oppa returned to her, no matter the cost. When we find out that Mrs. Park had a one-sided love for Yi Soo's dad, I had a similar feeling of bittersweet empathy. Not only for her and what might have been but for who heard her love confession. Ever since, we've seen her wheels turning and it causes me to greatly admire this woman, for not only being strong and patient but being wise and diligent. She's never lost hope or faith, nor is she blinded by Jun's attempts to dissuade her from finding him out. This small addition to the story, reminds me, that in life, you never know how much you mean to a person, but also, at times, the most unlikely individuals are your greatest allies and strength. In their own right, Yi Hyun and Mrs. Park are women that refuse to accept misdirections and lies as consolation but do it in ways, that seem passive and innocent. However, this isn't deceptive or defeated but more an expression of a quiet earnestness, that I adore. To be honest, it's one or both of these women, I hope connects the truth first. Because it's they, who will rally around, encourage and support Yi Soo in a way that no one else who knew him can or would and I believe would determine to do so, whether they agree with his methods or not. For me, Yi Soo and Yi Hyun have the greater love story and the best chance at happiness, once the smoke settles. Then with the addition of Mrs. Park, Yi Soo can regain a piece of his father as well, in the love of a mother figure that adored him. So, one can only hope our coldhearted Kim Jun makes a slight misstep on his next Juice Joint visit or Mrs. Park overhears another nugget that will complete her suspicions Happy Meal, for it seems these are the only individuals in this story, that make our boy give us a little bit of this....   More SHARK Drama Club: Episodes 7-8 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-6 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check out the SHARK Drama Club’s individual blogs! Unnichan: Drama Debussie: Kdrama Therapy: