Drama Debussie: Apparently, tension is our friend in Shark because it keeps building it and we keep coming back. You know, for a revenge drama it sure is slow on the revenge. Not that I’m complaining, though. The slower the series takes to reveal Yi Soo’s ultimate plan, the more time Hae Woo has to uncover the truth. It leaves ample time for those great Yi Soo/Hae Woo moments that I now live for. shark 4th post 1-17 KDrama Therapy: Yes! I agree that the tension is strong in Shark. I think that this drama is smarter than many dramas that I have watched recently. The revenge isn't without merit, and the bad guys are being slowly lured out as opposed to obvious and dangerous attacks (like the revenge plot in City Hunter that really frustrated me at times). Drama Debussie: It also leaves enough time for Grandpa Jo, Papa Jo, and whoever else was involved with the murders that happened twelve years ago to get nervous. And when people get nervous, they get sloppy. Which is, maybe, what Yi Soo wants? Right now he’s mainly feeding Hae Woo clues so that she can come to her conclusions and the Jo family does not like that. shark 4th post 1-18 Unnichan: Exactly! That’s what I’m waiting for, some major screw ups! We haven’t really had any of that yet. Everything’s been pretty pristine on our Mastermind’s Team. Whatever mistakes he’s made, they are buried for now or we aren’t privy to them and that’s a little frustrating. Grandpa Jo was even hip to the fact that Yi Soo is alive and kicking, pulling strings and dropping hints, long before our Scooby Gang. Drama Debussie: Right, that’s why there’s a part of me that believes that, while everyone is trying so hard to hide the fact that Yi Soo is alive from Yi Hyun, little sis will be the first one to figure out that Kim Jun IS Yi Soo. shark 4th post 1-13   Unnichan: Oh that is my only hope right now! I’m sure many would like for Hae Woo to be reunited with her the high school love of her life, but me, I just want Yi Hyun’s heart settled. That girl deserves to have her brother back. And with him visiting all the time, something is bound to happen. Hae Woo will do her best to rationalize, where I’m thinking Yi Hyun will be able to make the logic leap quicker. Drama Debussie: True, Hae Woo may now have her suspicions, but Yi Soo won’t let her figure it out that easily. He’s leading her out of hell, remember? That’s already proving to be a long, painful, and confusing journey, and we’re just getting started! tumblr_mop05pyqBj1rimmx0o7_250 tumblr_mop05pyqBj1rimmx0o8_250 Gifs courtesy of Loving Dramas KDrama Therapy: I like that I don't know where this drama is headed. I have watched (and am currently watching) many that are so blatantly predictable that I am always shocked when a drama leads down a different path than I assumed it would. With Shark I have made some predictions, but they are flimsy and superficial. The real meat lies in Yi Soo's relationships and his identity, but I have no idea how those will be revealed or when. I hope this drama stays smart, suspenseful, and twisted. shark 4th post 1-12 Unnichan: I think his disconnection with others will be a key factor. Joon Young said, Jun reminded him of a friend (Yi Soo) he once knew, because he appeared cold but had a warm heart. Of course, Jun believes he’s buried that part of himself, but we know it’s a constant cover up. Like he has to give himself a mini pep talk before he interacts with certain people. He’s definitely colder than he once was and I don’t see him melting entirely ever, but the best way to open Jun back up to embracing Yi Soo is genuine, sincere interaction with others. shark 4th post 1-8 Drama Debussie: One thing I found particularly interesting this week is the “relationship” between Yi Soo and Yoshimura Junichiro. Every episode it gets weirder and we’re left with 20,000 questions with no answers. At least not yet. They obviously don’t trust each other. It’s like they’re playing a mental game of chess, trying to stay two steps ahead of the other, but neither reveal enough about themselves to know who’s actually ahead. It’s rather exhausting, really. shark 4th post 1-16 Unnichan: More specifically, I wonder what Yi Soo’s motive was ending up in Okinawa (in the first place). Was he running away? Had he already begun his plan? Laying the groundwork? We know he threw away his old self but was there more to it? Yoshimura is definitely trying to play mind games but Jun’s mind is a fortress. He’s always been savvy, add twelve years of wrongful injustice and education? Yoshimura has no idea what kind of nut he’s trying to crack. shark 4th post 1-2 Drama Debussie: It’ll be interesting to see where we’re headed in the upcoming weeks. Now that we’re hitting the halfway mark, I expect more jaw-dropping moments and this vengeance drama to get more, um, vengeance-y.   More SHARK Drama Club: Episodes 7-8 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-6 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check out the SHARK Drama Club’s individual blogs! Unnichan: withsubsplease.wordpress.com Drama Debussie: dramadebussie.com Kdrama Therapy: kdramatherapy.blogspot.com