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Unnichan: This week was a little intense but there were some moments that warmed my heart. Dong Soo has become such a wonderful surprise, in that I absolutely love his continued attachment to Yi Soo. He recognizes that he's gone, but he's not pretending that he's okay, or overjoyed with Joon Young and Hae Woo's marriage.

Kdrama Therapy: Dong Soo has become the go-to source for most of the comedy. It seems that in every serious drama there are one or two playful characters. He fills his role well.

Drama Debussie: He really does. I mean, how could we not love Dong Soo? Next to Yi Hyun he's probably one of the only honest people in this entire series and his transparency is completely refreshing. It's nice knowing that at least someone hasn't changed over the last 12 years.

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Unni Chan: I also don't think I like Hae Woo very much.  It's just the fact she wanted to cover up her father's lies or that she insinuated that the only person who's been by her side her entire life was Joon Young. It's just a growing annoyance I have with her.

Kdrama Therapy: OMMOOO I agree. After she insisted on hiding the smart key that would implicate her father, I lost most of my trust in her.

Drama Debussie: Hae Woo seems to be faltering a lot lately, isn't she? She keeps acting as if she's trying to protect the people she loves, but I think all this is about protecting herself.

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Unnichan: Joon Young also continues to be a thorn, not necessarily in anyone's side but he definitely pricks my sensibilities in ways I don't like. I would go as far to believe he places Joon Young and his father on equal billing and perhaps believe Joon Young to know more than he lets on. In episode 10, he had this moral high ground moment over the take over and normally I would understand, but here, something seemed off, like his anger wasn't as justified as it should be.

Kdrama Therapy: I am waiting for when we get a clue that Joon Young is involved somehow or has ill intentions. There have been a few moments in this drama when he had a weird facial expression. Sometimes he looks really pissed off, and usually it's when Hae Woo and Yi Soo/ Jun are together. He's obviously jelly, but I think there is more to it. Does he also have a feeling about Jun? Probably not, he seems too dumb for that.

Drama Debussie: I'm also thinking Joon Young is hiding something big. Whatever happened to that infamous temper he had in high school? Sure, people can grow out of that over the course of 12 years, but I think he's just learned how to stifle it. He may not know Kim Jun's identity yet, as Kdrama Therapy mentioned, he's not the the sharpest tool in the shed, but Kim Jun WILL become a threat to him, more than already is. Not just on a business level, but a personal one too. Maybe that anger that I believe is lying dormant within Joon Young, will finally reappear with Yi Soo as it's target.



Unnichan: I continue to enjoy Detective Kim's crush on Yi Hyun and it seems he's getting bolder (even trying to be overt in front of Daddy Detective). What makes everything so comical is Yi Hyun's apparent cluelessness. I guess he'll just have to tell her outright or write in on a juice napkin. Kdrama Therapy: They are so cutely innocent which is such a difference from the relationships between all of the other characters. Yi Hyun is so sweet, I hope she doesn't end up getting hurt in the middle of this war. Drama Debussie: You know what's funny? I find all the flirting slightly creepy. Not because he's not hot (because he is) and not because she's not adorable (because she is). It's because after it was found that he threatened the kid who saw the hit-and-run 12 years ago to lie to Hae Woo when she questions him I couldn't trust him. Sure, he was doing on behalf of her father-in-law/his boss, but I've come to care for Yi Hyun. I think she can do better.  Unless she's just going through her phase of bad choices, what I like to call my teens and most of my twenties, then he may be perfect for her.   More SHARK Drama Club: Episodes 9-10 [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 7-8    [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-6    [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Check out the SHARK Drama Club’s individual blogs! Unnichan: withsubsplease.wordpress.com Drama Debussie: dramadebussie.com Kdrama Therapy: kdramatherapy.blogspot.com