Drama Debussie: Why hello, Drama Clubbers! Welcome to the drama club for the Taiwanese drama Someone Like You. Join me, Zombie Mamma, and Unnichan as we jump right in. So, anyone as excited as I am about this drama?

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Unnichan: Absolutely! I have been waiting for Kingone Wang to do a drama I actually thought I could sit through since his stint as the cheating ex in Drunken to Love You! Add Kirsten Ren to that mix and a theme song from Bii and I’m a happy camper.

Zombie: I’m right there with you! Let’s build a campfire and sing songs about the wonders of this drama. Well… Maybe we’re not ready for the songs just yet but I am excited about this one, if not for the story itself, then for the actors and Bii. I don’t care if he only supplies the theme song and a brief cameo, that in itself is enough for me to love this drama!

Drama Debussie: The fact that everything started with Kingone Wang in a tuxedo instantly told me we were in for a treat. He looked like freaking Danny Ocean.

Zombie: I think it was the racing that hooked me. Talk about an exciting way to start a drama! Danny Ocean driving for The Fast and the Furious… Yup! I’m sold!

Unnichan: Kekeke. I was thrown by the tux cause for a second I thought I’d missed something important (like a wedding). But I suppose everyone wears tuxes to race Bii. 

Drama Debussie: I guess you have to wear a tux when you’re on your way to get hitched. Of course business comes first even if it’s done in an...interesting way. Thing is, it seems questionable business tactics are a theme in this show so far so it was appropriate.

Zombie: I have to say, I’m actually a fan of the way business is being handled, so far. I think that by showing us this race, we get a glimpse into the character of Zhan Cheng which is going to be important later on in this story. Right off the bat we know he’s a risk-taker, he’s a bit cocky and he’s not afraid of a challenge… All of these qualities are going to be important as he starts down the road to recovery. Well, I think so anyway. As for Yu Xi and her mother, I love that they’re con-artists, scamming the innocent to pay the hospital bills of Yu Xi’s brother. They’re like a twisted Robin Hood and Little John, robbing the innocent to make ends meet.

Unnichan: Yea, there are certainly no lack of swindlers in this drama. And I hope the Zhan Cheng we met, finds his way back. There will be a truckload of healing ahead, on all levels of life and I think that is one thing that makes this story one I’m willing to stick around for. Yu Xi and her mother are actresses in my book, putting on a show and though I’m not sure I get a kick out of it, I do see Yu Xi’s entanglement with Zhan Cheng opening his and her eyes.

Drama Debussie: How dare you use the word “truck” when you know that’s what caused all their grief in the first place. Too soon, UC. Too soon. Nevertheless, you’re right in that their burgeoning relationship will be great for both of them. I’m also interested to see how the vast personality difference between Ruo Han and Yu Xi will throw Zhan Cheng off a little. Let’s call it what it is, Ruo Han was practically perfect. Although I find Yu Xi a lot more interesting simply because she strikes me as flawed and charismatic. Two things I look for in my heroines.

Zombie: I’m with you on that one. Yu Xi is such a character, I love her already. We already know she’s going to cause Zhan Cheng all kinds of grief but it’s her spunk that’s going to help him out of his current funk and he desperately needs that. Living a life full of guilt, especially when it’s completely unfounded, isn’t really living and Zhan Cheng needs a reason to live again, hooray for Yu Xi becoming that reason! He just doesn’t know it yet.

Unnichan: *sigh* I’m always the heartless one… What do you think about Yu Xi’s brother and Ruo Han’s death? Do you see that coming back around? I mean, they have to correlate in some way right?

Zombie: I can totally see Ruo Han being the organ donor that saved Yu Xi’s brother’s life. I mean why make all that fuss about organ donations and have that whole scene where Zhan Cheng pulls over the car so they can talk about filling out organ donor cards, if this isn’t going to come into play sometime in the future?

Drama Debussie: I was wondering the same thing! I really was expecting Ruo Han’s organs to save Yu Xi’s brother life and then we jumped to two years later! Left me wondering why they spent all this time almost turning this show into an organ donation PSA and then no organ donation actually happening. Of course we still have plenty of time.

Zombie: Is anyone else curious as to how much time passed between the accident that put Ruo Han into a coma and the time she actually died? It was obviously long enough for Zhan Cheng to fully recover but how much time was it, really?

Unnichan: I was interested in that time frame as well. Mostly because recovery is different for everyone and all we know is, he lost his sight. We know nothing else about his injuries. One thing is for sure (hinted by William), Zhan Cheng had (and has) the opportunity and ability to correct his blindness. So that could mean his recovery time was quicker than most in similar situations. Therefore, it’s possible she “held on” for a month or less. And with brother being so very ill, I wonder how that plays into everything? Especially since there was no mention of him after the time jump.

Drama Debussie: There has to be a reason the time frame is so hazy. I smell flashbacks in our future that clear up any holes there. As far as Zhan Cheng’s sight is concerned, I understand that his guilt is preventing him from getting it cured but how long does he think the public will fall for his whole memorizing the layout deal? There were way too many moments he was almost caught at the department store. Although his lack of eyesight ensured that he couldn’t officially be called a pervert for his “peeping”. There’s one pro to the blindness, I guess.

Zombie: I suppose there’s always a silver lining but I’m not sure the media is just going to let this go. I mean Yu Xi made a pretty big deal about this and the media just “happened” to be there to catch it all on film. It would be kinda weird if they just dropped this, especially when they’ve all been snooping around for the truth about Zhan Cheng’s condition. This whole thing could blow up into a giant scandal, even more so, now that Yu Xi’s been hired as Zhan Cheng’s caretaker but maybe I’m just letting my imagination run wild.

Unnichan: I was a little disappointed he didn’t have more of a handle on things concerning his “condition.” Cause guilt or no, he’s chosen to continue to work and succeed, even if it’s a little on the reluctant side. It didn’t look like William had to coax him out of bed, so I was looking for a more suave delivery with the press perusal. And though I can’t see the news mongers staying out of his hair, I do wonder what will make more news, whether he’s blind or why the woman he allegedly assaulted is now his in-home… errrm secretary? I’m sure that’s what they’ll call her.

Drama Debussie: That’s the million dollar question. Yu Xi publicly called him a pervert and made a HUGE scene. How exactly will they justify her now being employed by him? No matter how we look at it, it will just look like he paid her off to keep quiet. Which, he sorta kinda did even if William took care of it for him.

Zombie: I have to say, I’m proud of Yu Xi for deciding to do a little something more with her life than swindle people. Graduating from nursing school is something to be proud of and even though she used that fact to score a job working for Zhan Cheng, she still decided, at one point in her life, to do something more and I applaud her for that. I have a feeling her brother’s illness had a lot to do with her decision to become a nurse but that’s not a bad thing.

Drama Debussie: I’m with you. The fact that she at least one time wanted to be in the medical profession makes me think that nagging feeling that we may all have that she and Ruo Han are actually connected even stronger.

Unnichan: True. I’m not convinced they aren’t sisters. Not yet. And once we found out she did graduate from nursing school, I assumed Yu Xi skipped out on the profession to make quick cash with Mom for little bro. The upside about the spa fiasco is the most money she can make now is from an “honest” day’s work. This makes me happy, for Yu Xi and everyone the contract helps. But I do wonder how that “confidentiality” aspect will come back to bite her.

Zombie: There are certainly a lot of questions yet to be answered but that’s a good thing, seeing as how we’re only one episode in.

Drama Debussie: You’re right, we just need to let the answers come to us. In the meantime, I’m going to keep the tissues nearby. Tears are inevitable with this one but hopefully in the best of ways.

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