Drama Debussie: Hello! Lanterns, restored sight, and forced close proximity, oh my! This week of Someone Like You was certainly fun, but I would like to start with what I feel like is the elephant in the room. It seems this show is trying to start a romance between Yu An and Fei Fei. As cute as they are, it seems that the fact that he’s, you know, A PRIEST seems to be ignored. I’m not exactly an expert on the priesthood, but I don’t think dating is exactly an option for them. What is up with Fei Fei and her attraction to unattainable men?!

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Unnichan: Yes! And that is what I think Show is trying to focus on. Because no one but Fei Fei is ignoring the fact Yu An is a priest. At first, I was hoping that he wasn’t really a priest and he was just a volunteer or in training, though I do get the feeling he’s still a novice, but ultimately, for me, it’s Fei Fei with the problem. Priests can have friends and colleagues and the like, but wives, girlfriends and families (during their orders), is a no-go. However, with all that said, he can always renounce his choice and live as a layman if he chooses. The issue I see is that eventhough he may be young, he made his decision from a sound mind and heart. He doesn’t seem to be struggling with anything in regards to that, which makes me think, Show is just trying to teach young little Fei Fei a lesson about herself and her attachments.

Drama Debussie: I seriously hope Yu An doesn’t leave the priesthood for Fei Fei. At least not the way she is now. She’s still a brat. There’s room for growth but that growth would need to be substantial for Yu An to have a great reason to do away with his vows.

Unnichan: Look, this isn’t The Thornbirds and there’s no way, I’d buy him leaving his orders or setting aside his convictions for Fei Fei. If he makes that choice, I believe it will come because he has decided he can serve better in another capacity or that he wouldn’t be proper for the job. That’s it. Yu An truly doesn’t seem interested in Fei Fei in that way and I don’t think we can just chalk that up to cluelessness. But speaking of, what did you think of Ya Ti’s mini confession?


Drama Debussie: Can’t claim I was surprised seeing that she’s been following him around with googly eyes and clenched hand over heart. I just find comfort in knowing that, just like Yu An, Zhan Cheng is not interested in Ya Ti. I’m pretty confident that this will continue to apply even after he processes the likely fact that she has Luo Han’s heart.

Unnichan: I was wondering if he’d figure out her feelings on his own, being that she’s all wide-eyed around him all the time. But I wasn’t surprised by the confession and was kind of glad it was out in the open. For she, like Zhan Cheng, has been living her life in a fog for awhile now.  However, I also thought that perhaps, she’d get a clue that whenever Yu Xi is around, that is all Zhan Cheng cares about. I know his feelings are more gratefulness and endearment at the moment, but I just love the way his body and now, eyes turn to her direction, wherever she goes. Ya Ti may seem familiar for him as well, because they are extremely similar even without the Luo Han thing but that connection isn’t enough to burgeon the kind of love we know he is capable of giving.


Drama Debussie: And we are quickly finding how much love he’s capable of giving and it’s stupendous. I’m all about the friendship-bordering-on-so-much-more between Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng. Truly. They the caring that have for each other is shipworthy and I’ve offically anchored myself in everything that they’re becoming. As you said, he’s aware of every movement she makes and she wants nothing but him to live the best life. Her excitement when his sight was restored was so adorable. Her dynamic with him is a great break from the crap she has to deal with when she’s dealing with Bo Yan. A character that served up a new level of crazy this week!

Unnichan: When Bo Yan comes on the screen, we know we are in for nothing good, but what transpired this week was beyond my imagination. His dubious nature is unfathomable and all I can hope is Yu Xi isn’t duped by him once again. I know that it won’t be easy to leap to the conclusion that we all have, being there is no goodwill we have for that man, but I can’t handle her being taken in by him, not now, not again. The man has no conscience,  but he's also a coward, which is why he can’t muster up an ounce of respect for Yu Xi.

Drama Debussie: It seems she’s getting to a point where’s she’s done with him. Which is great because she had more than enough clues telling her to run like the wind from her relationship with him. What’s unfortunate is that Vanessa seems to be falling into his disgusting web of manipulation. I swear, Vanessa is like a puppy who just doesn’t know better whenever she finds herself in some uncomfortably silent moment with him. Every time there’s some pregnant pause between them, I find myself screaming at my screen/Vanessa, “LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT! NOW WALK AWAY!” If I had a spray bottle I would use it on her.


Unnichan: Heh. Bo Yan knows how to use people and he can spot a victim a mile away.The problem I keep coming back to is that I want a more tangible reason to dislike him or more of a foundation; not just that he's a horrible guy. He’s a terrible boyfriend, a manipulator, an assailant and just an all around jerk but for some reason, feel like Show wants me to ask “Why?,” when I shouldn’t care because he’s the worst person on SLY's planet. His plan to “take over the world” keeps increasing and I’m positive he’s just taking things as they come, following through with avenues as they present themselves, as long as they meet his end goals. We just aren’t clear as to what those goals really are. It’s like our conundrum last week, what is the point in trying to keep this ruse up with Yu Xi? Sure, you have been able to use her once again, but why feel upset that she doesn’t want to see you or stay the night? You’ve gotten what you wanted and you could probably pull the same crap again with the same result--- there’s no need to continue to milk the situation.

Drama Debussie: I’m willing to stay open to the possibility that Bo Yan’s evilness is rooted in some trauma. What can I say? I’m feeling generous. I need to believe Yu Xi may have seen something better in him that made her want to hang on so tightly even when he was being the king of all jerks. Even so, it doesn’t excuse any of his actions. Someone who’s willing to manipulate anyone for what seems like sport is dangerous. There’s also something that worries me when I think about the fact that he thinks the only way to solve his problems or achieve any goals is to do something as extreme as getting hit by a car. Seriously, that’s not normal. He needs professional help!


Unnichan: In that last scene with Yu Xi, I decided he definitely comes across as a bi-polar personality. I don’t know why exactly but I have no doubt it comes from an issue in his past that has caused him to forge a vendetta (though it does feel like it’s come out of left field a bit). He has no qualms hurting Yu Xi, whether he cares for or not, knowing how she feels for him or assaulting an unconscious and unaware Vanessa (and keeping trophies), all the while pulling all types of other machinations behind the scenes at the company. On the surface, this is all supposed to be for his job, whether security or promotion but it’s so dirty and diabolical, just thinking about it makes me reach for sanitizer. Yet, each time he does these despicable things (and caught), he lies shamelessly or genuinely appears clueless to Yu Xi’s upset. There’s nothing sane or stable about that, absolutely nothing. I just wonder how tangled the web is and how or if, it leads to Zhan Cheng or Luo Han and Yu Xi’s past.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, let me get a few pumps of that sanitizer while you’re at it. We’ve only just reached the halfway point so I’m going to go ahead and assume that things will certainly get tangled. Also, we haven’t fully explored anyone’s past, so that’s another bridge (bridges?) that we’ll have to cross. Yu Xi said that she felt like Zhan Cheng’s new sight is a new chapter in his life and I’m thinking the writer was very selective with this wording. New chapter (and the complications that come with it) here we come!

Unnichan: I couldn’t agree more! There were certainly some great moments in this episode with Zhan Cheng’s sight restoration, whether it was the poignance (foreshadowing?) of the lantern lighting, a relieved and comforting hug from William or Yu Xi’s ease and elation at the discovery. I foresee some great things ahead and the most promising is the fact, Zhan Cheng isn’t willing or ready to let Yu Xi just walk away.

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