Zombie: Greetings everyone and welcome! I have to say, this week’s episode had me feeling all the feels as the joy over regained eyesight was overshadowed by the sadness of an imminent parting, elation as a scum-bag was kicked to the curb, warm-fuzzies as feelings were finally acknowledged and a whole lot of anxiety as one very nosy friend managed to ruin a multi-billion dollar business deal. Whew! What an episode of Someone Like You!

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Drama Debussie: What an episode indeed! I was having a hard time trying to control all the emotions this episode brought out of me, but there was no fun in that so I just let them run wild. This show wasn’t kidding when it implied that Zhan Cheng’s eyesight would be a new chapter. It’s almost as if we’re watching a new show!

Unnichan: And thank the drama gods for that! I can’t help but giggle at all the goodies regardless of some of the horrible things. Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng were so cute this episode, I’m riding high from that. Ultimately, it’s just refreshing that we’re moving somewhere and I hope we stay here for a little tiny bit.

Zombie: I’m all for that, even if I did feel like my heart was going to explode this week... There were just too many feels!

Drama Debussie: There’s something quite satisfying in seeing both Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng try to transition from their boss/caretaker relationship to a ??? relationship. Yu Xi is slowly moving from seeing him as a blind man that needs her help to just a man. Zhan Cheng is certainly closer to admitting that he sees her more than just his caretaker, but seeing that Yu Xi just ended things with Bo Yan it’s going to take her a little longer for her to get to that point. Which, by the way, HALLELUJAH FOR BREAKUPS!! Yu Xi finally breaking things off with Bo Yan was more satisfying than an ice cream sundae or the death of a hated character a la King Joffrey!

Unnichan: Hold it wait… It’s like that?! That’s pretty deep. But yes, it feels good. Real good. I don’t like that she used the word “think” because I’m about cutting off all hope and chance or thought of reconcile but that’s an Unni quibble.

Zombie: I was singing the praises of Yu Xi this week as she not only dumped that sorry hoser but then went so far as to tell him she never wanted to see him again. HOORAY FOR A GIRL WITH GUMPTION! Granted, Yu Xi did have her moments of self-pity this week but when you stop to consider the fact that a multi-billion dollar deal went down the tubes because of her best friend, you can kinda understand where she’s coming from. I mean that wasn’t exactly pocket change they were throwing around there and realizing she fell prey to Bo Yan’s schemes had to hurt. The thing I love most about this whole thing though, is watching Zhan Cheng step in to remind Yu Xi that blaming herself for other people’s mistakes isn’t going to solve anything. After all the times Yu Xi has been there, prodding Zhan Cheng along, helping him to overcome his own obstacles and become a better person, it’s finally his turn to step in and return the favor and I just love that! Only the very best relationships help you grow into a better person and I’d say these two prove it. What these two have is beyond special and it makes me heart happy, watching them grow together.

Drama Debussie: Preach. I love that Zhan Cheng wouldn’t allow her to beat herself up, and he also pushes her to practice what she preaches. One thing that makes Yu Xi so special is that she is so giving of herself, even to people who don’t deserve anything she has to offer. Although, she doesn’t have boundaries which is why she stayed in that relationship with Bo Yan for so long. She thinks that if she gives more of herself then the other person will eventually want to give just as much. Unfortunately that’s not always the case, especially when you’re giving your all to someone who only knows how to take. Lucky for her (and us), Zhan Cheng has the ability to reciprocate all that she gives and not out of obligation. More out of a mutual caring and want for her to be as happy as humanly possible. *swoon*

Unnichan: I was actually thinking about that, that Yu Xi is so used to giving love that finding out about Zhan Cheng’s feelings might send her into overload. I know it’s soon to think about, but coming out of a relationship where she was the one giving all of herself, it will be a huge shift for her to learn to be receptive.

Zombie: Oh my gosh! Just thinking about that is making my heart do all kinds of funny things! Poor Yu Xi has done nothing but give for so long, what’s she going to do when she finds herself on the receiving end? She may implode but it’ll be a happy implosion. Ummmm…

Unnichan: I certainly think so! I can’t wait personally. It’s the uncomfortable elation that drama lovers eat up! But concerning Bo Yan, he gave us a timeline this week. He lost his parents at 16, right? My ears pricked up when I heard that, waiting for him to reveal more, but alas, not just yet. All I know it that I was so waiting for him to blame Zhan Cheng. I mean it’s not crazy to think that he is resentful of this man. However, I’m getting to the point that I don’t think that it’s really something directly related to our characters but a personal hangup he has. Like how he threw up the fact that he’s all alone in the world, which for some reason is supposed to excuse all his cheating, deception and all around crumminess.

Drama Debussie: No, it’s not crazy for us to think that he’s resentful, but it certainly makes him crazy. I’m still trying to hang onto the notion that there’s a very, VERY good reason for his general creepiness. I definitely think the loneliness and desperation that was forced on him at a young age has a lot to do with his choices. I also agree that any resentment he may be feeling is directed toward the world as a whole, but Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi will now be the main targets. When it comes to Bo Yan all I can I do is shoot smdh bombs at him because as soon as I think there’s hope for him, he purposely walks into traffic. I just can’t trust him and I hate the fact that I know he’s not going away anytime soon.

Zombie: You know, I’ve given up trying to find any sort of explanation for Bo Yan’s creepiness. The man is a jerk, plain and simple. He may have a tragic past but that’s no excuse for him to become the horrible person that he is. Everyone suffers hardship now and then, that doesn’t mean we all go around with a giant chip on our shoulder, resenting the world for not caving to our demands. It seems to me he’s mad at Zhan Cheng because he was born into a life of privilege and he’s mad at the rest of the world for making him work to get what he wants. If that’s the case, he’s really nothing more than a spoiled punk who needs to get over himself and even if there’s more to his story that we don’t know about, that still doesn’t excuse him for being not only a jerk but also completely insane. The man walked in front of a moving vehicle on purpose, people! If that doesn’t spell crazy, I don’t know what does!

Unnichan: Last week I was thinking, what are the odds that he could plan that the person that hit him just drove away? I was concerned he may have paid the guy off, but after hearing the guy this week, I kind of chuckled that he was like “Look that fool ran out in front of me, I hit him that’s true but he’s crazy, so I rolled.” I know it wasn’t meant to be comical but it’s kind of like, how can you be concerned about someone who seemed to be in his right mind but just walked directly into your car? Doesn’t make him leaving the scene okay, much like WIlliam changing his bid but the rationale is there coupled with the disappointment but in the end, the only one who remains insane is Bo Yan. He talked about giving this up and now, has the nerve not to be satisfied with his “reward.” Of course all us sane folks knew this was how it’d pan out but it’s still annoying.

Drama Debussie: What I found comical is that Vanessa gave Bo Yan a car after he was hit by a car. I’m not sure if she knew he was hit by car (I know she didn’t know it was on purpose), I assumed she did and if she did, why would that be her gift to him? If anything that’s just throwing it right back in his face. Nevertheless, the whole bid situation had me facepalmming all over the place. Like you said, the rationale behind William changing the bid is lacking. Of course if logic was present all the time this wouldn’t be the dramaverse, now would it?

Zombie: The whole bidding thing make me cringe a thousand times over. I knew something like this was going to happen (how could it not) but watching it unfold make my insides churn. I wanted to smack William for being so stupid. After all the work he put in to come to that final number, only to change it at the last minute, on the word of an uninformed girl was the most bone-headed thing William could ever do! I get wanting to save the company money and all but seriously!?! You don’t put that much work in only to change everything at the last minute. That’s just stupid! As for Vanessa and the car… I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. It’s hilarious she gave Bo Yan a car after he threw himself in front of one but at the same time, I get the feeling she’s trying to buy his affection and that makes me want to cry, scream and pull my hair out! She said it was a gift from the company, for a job well done, but it seemed to me that there was more to it than that. Ugh! The very thought makes me cringe.

Unnichan: Oh I definitely think there was more to it, but I believe it’s more that she’s not sure how to deal with him and what happened. It’s very possible that she has gotten the wrong idea about him (which of course was done purposefully) and may believe he’s more into her than she is to him. It felt like an overcompensation and there’s no way that’s cool. If it’s company policy to give and receive such things, then fine but me thinks not. The person I felt bad for concerning the bid was friend. Yes, she was stupid, I can’t speak on that, but she was honestly trying to find things to talk to William about because she likes him, then she’s on cloud nine because he offered to repay her with dinner. It’s just sad because William is all about his job and his friends and really doesn’t pay much attention to this adorable little nurse with a crush. I have to agree that he was just silly changing his bid, because of the work, because of who the information came from, because Yu Xi never confirmed and didn’t want him to know and mostly because the move lacked integrity. His bid was higher, plain and simple and even if they spent more money, they’d have done it honorably. I know that doesn’t always work with business, but in this case, the odds were against his quick knee jerk decision.

Drama Debussie: Something tells me that Big City will recover from this blow and William will be able to redeem himself. Doesn’t seem like Zhan Cheng is too worried about it so maybe we shouldn’t worry either. Of course he’s really good at hiding whatever panic that may be brewing underneath.

Unnichan: That’s what I actually love about Zhan Cheng, the fact that he always comes back with a calm generous response. He doesn’t jump to conclusions or accusations. He takes things as they come and looks at them positively. I’m so ready for Yu Xi to grab ahold of that.

Zombie: True, but I still wish he would have let William sock Bo Yan in the nose… 

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