What is that you hear Look Alikes? Oh, it's just butterflies fluttering, hearts pounding, anxious juice slurping and tons of uncontrollable fangirl giggles from Drama Debussie, Zombie Mamma and me, because Spring has finally arrived on Someone Like You! There are horseback rides, lollipops, puppies, hot springs and confessions... and nope, there was no amusement park in sight.

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Drama Debussie: Hello again, fellow dramatics! Another week of the lollipop saving, cable car loving Someone Like You. It looks like things were turned up to 11 and I absolutely loved it!

Zombie: Oh my gosh! YES! I spent a ridiculous amount of time squealing as I watched this week’s episode. I couldn’t help myself. IT WAS JUST SO CUTE! Well, our lovely leads and their BFFs were cute, Bo Yan was as horrible as ever but I refuse to let his shenanigans ruin my squealy, happy moments.

Unnichan: Yes, yes, we’re finally at the squeals and giggles moments and it’s been a long time coming. I tell you, there’s nothing like the slow burn! And I absolutely adored Xiao Lin this episode. She was candid and forthright with her friend, with just the right amount of jokes and giddiness. I just loved how she slid the “so you like him?” question in on Yu Xi. Without it, I’m not sure she’d ever figure her feelings out.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, Yu Xi needed quite a few shoves into the right direction. Good thing she’s surrounded by people who are willing to give as many shoves as necessary so that she can finally come to terms with her feelings for Zhan Cheng. I can understand why she’s so hesitant to go down the road seeing that she can find so many reasons why Zhan Cheng wouldn’t see her romantically. Of course, I think the biggest reason Yu Xi may find it hard to believe Zhan Cheng genuinely likes her is that she hasn’t experienced a true romantic relationship with a man which tells me that there’s a good chance that she just doesn’t know how to be loved. After being in the crappiest relationship of all of time with Bo Yan for so long, I can see how that could happen.

Zombie: It’s certainly a possibility. I mean it’s not like Bo Yan has ever done anything to make Yu Xi feel loves. As Xiao Lin pointed out, when Yu Xi was with Bo Yan she was constantly struggling to make Bo Yan happy but with Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi doesn’t have to do anything but be herself. I think this is something Yu Xi isn’t quite comfortable with because it’s such a foreign concept to her. Unconditional love is a rare thing indeed but I think Yu Xi’s found it in Zhan Cheng. Now she just needs him to reassure her that he loves her because she’s Yu Xi and not because she looks like Luo Han. Though if she took a minute to look back at all the times Zhan Cheng has come to her rescue, she’d find that she’s been the object of his affection for a very long time.

Unnichan: That is what I was thinking. Even if she were to take Fei Fei’s revelation into account, she’d realize that what opened her eyes was so early on, that having Luo Han’s face is just a fact, not a factor. I’ve been thinking that is one of the brilliant things about the way Kingone chooses to portray Zhan Cheng. For I never feel there’s a moment when he sees Yu Xi as anyone but Chen Yu Xi. This episode pointed toward Zhan Cheng finding his happiness and supposedly, that’s the point of this story, but it’s quickly becoming much more than a man finding love again and steering toward his love being great enough to heal the damage within someone else. I’m really digging that.

Drama Debussie: There’s certainly a theme of healing within the story. That can I can always appreciate. Although, we’re also given the other side of that with Bo Yan who juxtaposes that healing with relentless revenge. Am I the only one that is finding myself shocked at how far he’ll continue to go just to hurt Zhan Cheng? Just when I think he’s set the bar for pettiness, he lowers it just a little more. I’m waiting for Vanessa to finally to wise up and take him out. It may seem like all the odds are stacked against her seeing that her mother is pulling all the strings, but I think Vanessa will end up playing a role in at least shutting him down. Especially now that he’s her, well, baby daddy. I mean, WHAT?!

Zombie: You know, I can’t say I saw that one coming. Good grief, Vanessa! I guess this is what she gets for messing around with the likes of Bo Yan. (Wow, that sounded so cold.) Still, she’s been very wishy-washy from the very beginning, not just in business but in her personal life as well. She wails over Zhan Cheng and then sleeps with Bo Yan… I’m not sure how much more confused this poor woman can get. Though now that we’ve got a baby to deal with she’s either going to be the most confused woman on the face of the planet or finally get her head on straight and get herself and her life figured out.

Unnichan: I’ve always believed that it would be Bo Yan's connection to Vanessa that would change him somehow and the baby plot moves that forward. I don’t think he’s going to be an excited papa or anything, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure she will tell him any time soon. For, now is the time she settle down and assess what type of man she’s gotten herself entangled with. She isn’t privy to all his despicable ways, though she has certainly gotten a mild but bitter taste. Ultimately, Vanessa’s not a character I can sympathize with wholeheartedly but in the end, she was blind-sided and their story is far from over.

Drama Debussie: I’ll admit that I was felt a tinge of pride when Vanessa turner turn the offer to buy the Crystal shares, even though her move crashed and burned thanks to mommy dearest. I liked that she had a moment in where she seemed to recognize what was happening and refused to be a pawn in their sick department store games. Unfortunately that game is huge and I’m not convinced she’ll be able to fight it on her own if she decides to do so. I think the combination of the baby and the eventual realization of all the under-the-table deals happening will lead her to join forces with Zhan Cheng. Something I’ll look forward to if it happens. Speaking of joining forces, can we talk about all the coupling that we got to explore a little deeper this week? Did Cupid stop by or something?

Zombie: I’m pretty sure something happened because all we got this week was sneaky Bo Yan and a whole lot of adorable couples being ridiculously cute. Not that I’m complaining. After so much build-up, it’s nice to see things are actually progressing and who doesn’t love a little romantic horseback riding? I mean really! Scooters are so overdone! Let’s throw a couple of couples on a couple of horses and see what happens. Sounds like a good idea to me! And while we’re at it, we’ll have Fei Fei pick a fight with a bunch of bullies and sit back and watch Yu An come to the rescue because why not? It’s not like he’s a priest or anything, it’ll be the perfect setup for those two. Oh wait…

Unnichan: Poor Yu An. It’s like he’s being forced into a corner (or alleyway) to finally experience puberty. It’s cute though. Not sure Fei Fei will get what she wants but at least it feels like Show is giving Yu An the chance to decide on his own and I can get behind that. As for our horseback riding foursome, Cupid was busy making sure everyone heard what they needed to hear and read between proper lines. No one can complain about that. However, I think my favorite moment was Yu Xi plugging a book (with the Autumn’s Concerto cast on the cover), she’d never read. Her giddiness was too adorable, yet William’s side-eye at her cluelessness may have rivaled it a bit.

Drama Debussie: Yes, a Next Stop Happiness/Autumn’s Concerto reference is always appreciated, even if it was slightly distracting for we the fans. I’m really in love with the sidekicks, William and Xiao Lin, hooking up. They both are playing the same roles in that they’re the main couples’ nudgers. I almost feel like they’re us, expressing every comment and bewildered look every time either one of them shows some cluelessness. It’s quite fun.

Zombie: It really is a lot of fun and I’m happy we have such adorable sidekicks to keep us entertained. They never fail to make me laugh and I love that our leads have such great friends by their sides. It’s so much fun watching these friends do what friends do best. Not only do they cheer each other on, they also do their fair share of teasing and confiding and listening and honestly, there’s a small part of me that’s just a teensy bit jealous. It’s been ages since I lived anywhere near a good friend and watching Yu Xi and Xiao Lin together makes me wish I had a friend like that who didn’t live half a continent away.

Unnichan: Who knew Xiao Lin was so great? I mean really? I just loved how she shot back and down each and every one of Yu Xi’s rebuttals. It felt like she could have just said “So what?” to all of Yu Xi’s thoughts but she addressed them head on without skirting around the real issues, showing that she supports her friend, but she’s not going to sit idling by while she tries to convince herself to do nothing. I guess, the only issue now is how everyone around Yu Xi will deal with the twins problem. But Show, can we get some cheek touching and shameless flirting before all that…. Please?

Drama Debussie: I can do without the cheek touching but I could definitely go for the shameless flirting. I would also accept heavy petting but I realize that’s unlikely. Nevertheless, a girl can dream.

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