Unnichan: We’re back, Look-alikes, with another chat on the drama that is shaping up to be even more swoon-worthy than I ever imagined. Not only did we have horseback riding and lollipops last week, but this time around we have lighted trolleys and Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired confessions on Someone Like You! Zhan Cheng is not just the dream, he’s the only thing that matters in the universe right now.

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Drama Debussie: And rightly so! Just when I think Zhang Cheng can’t get more dreamy, he does. If I’m being honest, this week (while absolutely satisfying) felt like the end of an entire series. The bad guy(s) got their comeuppance, our main couple finally coupled, and even Vanessa put Bo Yan in his place. It makes me nervous. I mean, what the hell else can this show do to us?! I’m almost at a point where I’m willing to let certain plot holes stay as plot holes if only so I can avoid the heartache that I can only assume is headed our way. Nevertheless, I’m more than willing to let the current happiness marinate within me.

Zombie: I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like this is the end of something wonderful and the beginning of something horrible. I can’t shake this feeling that something terrible lurks in the not-too-distant future and I hate that because it’s ruining all the delightful warm-fuzzies of this week and there were so many! Oh Zhan Cheng! He’s such a dream boat! I don’t know how he does it but he gets dreamier and dreamier with every episode and I love him for it!

Unnichan: It’s true that something lurks just beyond the pink hue and we saw them both in the same shot this episode. I was ecstatic it looked like Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi were going to get their moment but as soon as Ya Ti called, I got nervous and that uneasiness didn’t subside until Yu Xi took Zhan Cheng’s hand. I don’t know what we have ahead of us but being Ya Ti was ticks away from sharing her own ideas on cellular memory, it’s not looking good. Not at all.

Drama Debussie: Ugh, that darn cellular memory. It annoys me almost as much as noble idiocy which I think will soon be something all of our fave characters will be suffering from soon. It always seems to strike in the last five episodes or so. I was really hoping Ya Ti would somehow be banished to her distant bed and breakfast where she would spend the rest of her days making pretty cookies and very quickly become a distant memory. Alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case and that makes me think that that (again) darn cellular memory will force Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng to make decisions that revolve around it once Ya Ti finally lets the cat (cookie?) out of the bag. They just like her way too much and I don’t see them wanting to put her in a position where she’s suffering over something that they’re doing like, oh I don’t know, having a relationship. Let’s also keep in mind that Yu Xi will likely find out that she is indeed a twin and that Zhan Cheng knew the whole time. Look at all these truth bombs just waiting to go off!

Zombie: It’s those truth bombs that have me worried. I’m so afraid Yu Xi is going to try to use her deceased sister as an excuse to walk away from Zhan Cheng. Not that she wants to leave him, I’m mean she’s obviously over the moon about him right now, but I have a horrible feeling she’s going to be struck by unnecessary guilt over the fact she’s dating Zhan Cheng and that’s going to drive me nuts. Yu Xi has a habit of taking on guilt that isn’t necessary and dating her deceased sister’s boyfriend is probably going to cause all kinds of guilt. Even if somehow that doesn’t end up being the case, I can very easily see Yu Xi trying to walk away because she somehow feels that Ya Ti has more of a right to Zhan Cheng’s heart than she does, simply because she has Luo Han’s heart. This too will drive me nuts so basically the next few episodes are going to be insanely painful to watch but we all know love will triumph in the end. We just have to be sure we can make it to the end…

Unnichan: I’m also concerned about her finding out about Vanessa’s baby. I know that in the grand scheme this shouldn’t really shake her, but I put nothing passed drama. Because ultimately, the child was conceived during her relationship with Bo Yan and she will certainly feel something about that. As far as everything from hearts to twins, it comes across even more now like a pile on. And proves the idea that once you love a person, you are more afraid than ever before, it’s just that it’s us, that statement is having the largest affect on at the moment. I want Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi is bask, hide, retreat, whatever, in their romantic hideout, just a little bit longer before they step out into the minefield. It’s scary to think about the antics that are in store for us. Much like that Fei Fei with her couple sweatshirt!!! I truly thought I was going to turn over a table when Yu An open that shopping bag.

Drama Debussie: Haha. I thought of you guys when I saw that because I knew we were all going to be the same level of annoyed with it. I’m starting to think that maybe Fei Fei missed the memo on what vows a priest takes. She keeps saying she knows he’s a priest BUT DOES SHE? She’s starting to come off more thirsty than some people you find on Instagram. I mean, I know we’ve discussed her penchant for unavailable men, but this is getting ridiculous. The only silver lining is that the more she chases him, the more opportunities he has to teach her how to be a little less selfish. It’s cute how he basically has to sneak those moments of selflessness in the same way parents sneak beans into their child’s rice.

Unnichan: Look, Fei Fei got me in here quoting my most hated line from Game of Thrones--- You know nothing Xie Fei Fei. NOTHING! I was honestly trying with her. And I say, if you have Yu Xi giving you side-eye, there’s certainly a problem. But I definitely believe that the largest reason he’s in her life is to help her mature. I don’t see anything coming of whatever she’s up to, but I can’t help but be irritated. Her obsession or affliction with the unattainable is something she truly needs counseling about.

Zombie: I’m pretty sure Fei Fei isn’t the only person in need of counseling. It seems to me Bo Yan is going to need some serious therapy after this week’s episode. Not gonna lie, I was laughing maniacally when all of Bo Yan’s plans were shot completely to heck.

Drama Debussie: YES!!! That entire scene was AMAZING and so satisfying. Vanessa’s mom walked into that board meeting shading people for the gods, giving major side eye, and sharing Bo Yan’s annoyingly smug face to only storm out. She had no choice but to leave her wig where she dropped it, on the ground. The entire scene had me using vernacular usually reserved for Atlanta housewives on reality shows, and I did not care at all. The sad part is that this whole incident left Vanessa’s baby daddy jobless. I know, it's tearing everyone up inside. 

Zombie: I wish I could say I felt sorry about that but I don’t. Even now that Bo Yan knows Vanessa’s pregnant with his child, I don’t care a snit about him. He’s a punk through and through and I’d rather him be a jobless nobody than watch him stick around and mess with Vanessa and her baby. In this single episode he’s already proven himself to be the least qualified man on the face of the planet to ever be a father. All he ever thinks about is himself and Vanessa would do well to walk away from that man and never look back.

Unnichan: As far as I’m concerned everything that happened to Bo Yan this episode began and ended with his poor judgment and greed, which was nicely summed up by Zhan Cheng. But once he found out about the baby, I was scared he’d use it as leverage. Then he goes and does something even worse! I honestly had no idea how to feel in that scene beyond to just boil over with anger. Why couldn’t he just stay the consistent coward and stay gone? Instead, he pretends to be concerned about her and offers some two-bit advice? I was so done, I didn’t think I’d be able to function… that is until I saw Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi be adorable again. They’re truly the only thing that’s going to keep me from breaking things over that man’s head.

Drama Debussie: I agree that what Bo Yan suggested to Vanessa was deplorable if only because I think he took her to that hospital knowing that he was going to have to manipulate her in order for her to be convinced to do it because he knew it was something she wasn’t going to want to do. No pregnant woman takes prenatal vitamins if she plans to get rid of the baby! I hate that they keep giving us these moments in where he almost seems human and then he turns around only to prove he’s crazier than we originally thought. You would think I would be accustomed to this much crazy in the dramaverse, but apparently not. Nevertheless, like Unnichan said, where would be without the Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi adorableness to make it all better?

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