Drama Debussie: Hello! We meet again, DCers. So, let’s just start with the obvious this week. Was anyone else overwhelmed by all the Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi feels this week on Someone Like You?! I love, no, ADORE these two together. Seriously, #relationshipgoals.

Watch episode 14:

Unnichan: I think that was the best thing I’ve read all week! Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi were teasing me all episode long, with their obligatory Cinderella moments, back hugs and one centimeter apart facial discussions. But thanks to a 5ive throwback, everything turned out just fine.

Zombie: These two are pretty much the most adorable couple on the face of the planet and I cannot get over the feels they’re making me feel. They’re just so perfect together and well, I’m just going for it here, I think that kiss proved it! Holy flip! Why can’t more drama kisses be like this one? Park Shin Hye, take some notes!

Drama Debussie: AMEN. If there’s one thing I love about Taiwanese dramas is that they are more likely to deliver on REAL kisses, and this was no exception. I also think there’s something to be said for the timing of the kiss. If there’s one thing I love about these two is that their relationship has a natural progression that doesn’t make anything feel rushed making every moment like this so satisfying. I say that as someone who was so happy with the way they dealt with Yu Xi’s realization she was a twin. She didn’t go the way of anger and blame, instead she went for understanding and gratitude. It was awesome. Even more awesome was that he was right behind her the entire time she navigated her feelings about it. Again, #goals.

Unnichan: I have to agree that this steady climb was right in pace and though not much “happened,” what we got this episode was great in the way of realization, confrontation and acceptance. Zhen Chang and Yu Xi also got to say the things that were lingering in their minds and hearts, encouraging one another the entire time, while Mom even got the chance to truly deal with her secrets, without actually bearing them. I admit, I would have rathered for Mom to tell Yu Xi herself and get that affirmation straightforwardly, but this way, she can see that Yu Xi’s love for her is real and unshakeable with no need for insecurity.

Zombie: I’m with you when it comes to Mom and how she and Yu Xi have decided to deal with this whole Luo Han thing without actually dealing with it. I’d be much happier if these two could sit down and talk about all of this, just to get it out there and over with. I’m not a fan of the “she’s not saying anything so I’m not saying anything” routine. One of them just needs to woman up and say what needs to be said and then move on. Yu Xi is very good at dealing with all of the crazy that life seems to enjoy throwing at her so it makes sense to expect her to deal with this just as rationally. I mean she already has so why bother dragging this whole thing out with Mom? I guess if the writers decided they just didn’t want to mess with a mother/daughter scene to begin with, this is the way to go but it feels very lame to me. I much prefer the way Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng have opted to go, keeping everything open and honest. The fact that they can talk about anything and everything makes me so insanely happy, mostly because that’s what makes a good relationship great. Communication is key and these two already have that figured out. It makes me think that no matter what they’re going to have to face in the future, they’re going to be able to get through it because they can talk it out. How great is that?

Drama Debussie: It’s amazing, and they’re going to need it now that Zhan Cheng has pretty much confirmed that Ya Ti is walking around with Luo Han’s heart. This should be interesting to say the least. Not only because Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi will have to navigate their feelings now that they know, but also because it seems there’s something seriously wrong with Ya Ti’s heart. I’ll admit that I’m annoyed that the fact that she has Luo Han’s heart seems to be the wrench that can be thrown in the romantic plans seeing that I don’t believe that a person that has someone else’s organ means they are some reincarnation of the donor, so I’m not sure how this is a problem for anyone. Although, that is too much like logic that shows like these that rely on the idea of cellular memory aren’t interested in dealing with.

Unnichan: I was surprised that Zhan Cheng appeared so uncomfortable around Ya Ti once the thought started swarming in his brain. But being put in his shoes, who could blame him (I guess)? Dead fiancee’s heart sitting across from you and your new love… Not a good look. Yet, with this development of the heart being an issue actually gives me hope. It’s not like I want Ya Ti to die, but having a different heart would help everyone sleep better at night. Ultimately, I liked that what we see from Zhan Cheng isn’t a concern that Ya Ti has developed her own or Luo Han’s feelings for him but more that he wants Luo Han’s heart to do what Luo Han gave it up to do. And I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the openness of these two. The foreshadowing was heavy by the pool but I would be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy how Show loops and ties everything together, from moment to moment, so that characters have very little room to wriggle around and pull noble acts of dumbness.

Zombie: Preach! It’s those noble acts of dumbness that ruin so many dramas! I’m hoping this one becomes an exception. I think that with the openness between Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng, we at least have a glimmer of hope. It’s certainly a whole lot better than what we get from Fei Fei and her unwavering quest for unattainable men. I seriously have to wonder about that girl. Everyone under the sun has pointed out that falling for a priest is a bad idea and yet, she still manages to throw a pity party when Yu An finally catches on and flat out tells her he’s not going to be able to reciprocate her feelings. Of course it doesn’t help that it took him about ten thousand years to finally catch on and the fact that he has about as much tact as a rock certainly made things a bit more uncomfortable than they needed to be but still… I have a hard time feeling sorry for Fei Fei when it’s been painfully obvious, from the very beginning, that Yu An will never like her for more than a friend.

Drama Debussie: Maybe it’s the cold medicine that was running through my veins while watching this week’s episode, but I kind of felt for Fei Fei. I mean, yes, she is largely misguided in her choice of men, especially in this case. Although there’s something...annoyingly sweet about how far her crushes tend to go. It’s proof that she wants love so much that when she falls, she falls hard which means the rejection she has to deal with must feel harder than anything she’s had to deal with in her uncomplicated life. Yes, she needs to stop finding the wrong men to have kite daydreams about, but having to hear that type of blunt rejection must hurt. You know what they say, nothing interrupts love like vows to God. Or something like that.

Unnichan: I’m not one to throw sympathy anyone’s way freely, however, this episode, I did believe Fei Fei had a point. She can like Yu An on her own, all she wants. She doesn’t need his permission or validation and she could have moved on eventually, without this “Come to Jesus” moment. However, the problem I think Yu An was pointing out was that she was putting all her time and effort into a relationship that will never fulfill what she truly desires. I personally would be just fine with her crush if she didn’t expect couple tees and monogamy to anyone other than Christ or the Church from Yu An. Intuitively, she gets it, that’s true but what she doesn’t comprehend is why she chooses romances that she can only sustain on her own. When I truly started to think about it, it’s pretty clear that this is purposeful because she emotionally latches on to men that she knows can or won’t ever love her, the way she’s determined to love them. She never chooses her best friend’s husband or a dude living in a bunker in northern Thailand or some other person that she should never want but might move heaven and earth to be with her. Nope, she chooses her brother (eye roll) and a priest (throws hands up). It’s a problem and at this point, you kind of have to feel sorry for her.

Zombie: Okay, fine. I’ll soften up just enough to feel sorry for Fei Fei but only because Yu An really was incredibly insensitive in the way he let her down. However, just because I’m willing to lightening up on Fei Fei doesn’t mean I’ll be so generous with anyone else. I still want Ya Ti to stop living Luo Han’s life and start living her own and I want Bo Yan to fall off the face of the planet. I know, I know, wishful thinking on my part but whatever. If I can’t get what I want, I’ll just sit here and revel in all the cute that is Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng ‘cause seriously, I could watch those two be adorable for the rest of forever and be perfectly happy.

Drama Debussie: That, and I was so happy to get one week without Bo Yan. We needed a break from his meddling and there’s no better break than that kiss. I just can’t get over it. Is there a name for that kiss yet? Can we make one? Midnight Kiss? Lights Out Kiss?

Unnichan: Can we call it “midnight bloom?” I mean it sounds like a perfume but seriously all my senses were engaged during that one. I hope there is more to come, even knowing there’s more ground to cover. But if we are smothered in kisses, I might not care about anything else that happens until the final episode.

Zombie: I don’t care what we call that kiss as long as we get more like it! C’mon Episode 15! Don’t let us down!

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