Another week with Someone Like You has managed to keep our couple bright and sunny, as they have fallen in love and uncovered secrets together but it is still this pesky heart business that threatens the future of more sweet Spring shower kisses. For, apparently, the problem has never been where Luo Han's is beating but whom it is beating for and Drama Debussie, Zombie Mamma and I aren't too keen on what may happen next.

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Drama Debussie: Let’s just jump right in this week because we have a lot of ground to cover and only so much time to do it. First, our couple is going strong and it warms my cold, dead heart! Of course it also seems that Zhan Cheng’s family is even more excited about them than we are. You know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when she’s getting a diamond from her boyfriend’s family instead of her boyfriend in an attempt to speed up the relationship progress, diamonds start to feel like a girl’s best frenemy.

Unnichan: Correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t this the second time Daddy proposed to Yu Xi? And here I was thinking he actually had a for real “plan.” Down to the last second I was hoping this was a necklace or a family heirloom, like a pendant, because there was no way he was giving her a ring! The best thing about that moment was Mom trying to smooth it over with her explanation of her husband’s character. It explains a lot about how Fei Fei is as well. The entire family unit is just darling and Yu Xi will fit in perfectly.

Zombie: I thought this whole scene with the family was absolutely hilarious. Yeah, it was a little awkward for Daddy to be giving Yu Xi a diamond and then telling Zhan Cheng he could set it in a ring and use it for their engagement but no more awkward that him telling Yu Xi to eat all those “healthy” foods so she and Zhan Cheng could start making beautiful grandbabies. Way to be subtle there Dad! Of course Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi took it all in stride, with nothing more than some adorable looks exchanged between them but maybe all those not-so-subtle hints did some good. I mean they did go out afterwards, get caught in a downpour and then start making out… Maybe the parents need to drop a few more less than subtle hints for our adorable OTP. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t complain if we got a few more kisses like this one. And that entire family wouldn’t mind creeping on our OTP… Oh geeze! I died laughing!

Drama Debussie: I’m always appreciative of families supporting the main couple so I was all about Stepdad trying to push them along simply because they want them to have more kisses and pretty babies as much as we do. It’s adorable though I could do without the kiss creeping. It was accidental but they sat there in that car a little too long for my liking. That being said, I can’t really blame them. This show just had to top last week’s kiss, didn’t they? I was particularly appreciative of that kiss because we needed something pleasant before we had to delve back into the hot mess that is Bo Yan. Am I the only one confused as to what he’s doing exactly? He doesn’t support Vanessa’s decision to keep the child and he won’t be involved with the child once it’s born, but he’ll support her while she’s pregnant. So any support offered begins and ends with just Vanessa? Is this his idea of taking responsibility? Because it sucks.

Unnichan: Bo Yan is a liar and a manipulator, therefore I believe nothing he says. I didn’t like what he did to confirm the pregnancy and I didn’t like his inclinations this week. I can’t put my finger on what he’s up to and perhaps he’s just a twisted guy and he actually meant what he said, that he just “feels” it’s the right thing to do, but I can’t with him. No matter what. He is still the guy that has done some terribly questionable things regarding her and those actions can’t just be brushed aside because he helped her create a life. The only thing I appreciated was Vanessa’s skepticism, because everything he did came across more as her personal assistant than baby daddy. Which in turn looks like just another ploy.

Zombie: It’s because he’s such a terrible manipulator that I can’t trust a single thing this man does. From where I’m sitting everything he does is just another one of his attempts to play an angle and that just doesn’t fly with me. He’s up to something, with all of his sad attempts to take care of Vanessa and the baby, I’m convinced of that. I’m just not exactly sure what that something is. Whatever it is, there’s not an ounce of genuine concern in anything this man does. He’s so cold, even when he’s trying to take care of someone. (If taking care of someone is even the right way to describe his actions.) The whole scene at the restaurant was uncomfortable, at best. The way he forced Vanessa to have lunch with him and then forced her to stay and eat, it was awful and awkward and just very unsettling. That whole vibe continued when they were at the hospital and I wasn’t hip on him switching to personal assistant mode, taking notes on his phone and all. Having experienced first hand, all the crazy emotions that a new mom deals with when going through prenatal checkups, and the excitement and awe and wonder that comes with seeing your baby via ultrasound… Yeah, I would’ve punched Bo Yan in the nose for acting so cold. Even if Bo Yan isn’t the least bit interested in this child, he needs to pay attention to Vanessa while she’s dealing with everything because he’s the one who put her in this situation and dang it! This woman deserves some respect! She’s carrying his baby, she’s willing to keep this baby, despite what the entire world is going to say about her once they find out she’s pregnant and she’s doing it all on her own. If Bo Yan can’t appreciate Vanessa for being a much better person than he will ever be, he needs to just go die. Or at least disappear forever.

Drama Debussie: There’s a part of me that wonders if this show is attempting to give Bo Yan some type of redemption before it’s all said and done by allowing him to be exposed to Vanessa’s pregnancy so that maybe he’ll grow attached and want to be involved. Although, if that’s the case, I can’t help but ask, WHY? He’s done so many shady things that there’s no point in trying to save him. They say you should have children with a man you would want your children to be like and Vanessa didn’t have that option. The next best option is to run far, far away with the child in tow. Like you ladies said, Bo Yan can’t be trusted. He’s no Zhan Cheng or Yu An. He shouldn’t even walk the same earth as them. Speaking of Yu An, I really liked his conversation with Fei Fei this week! She may be a walking episode of MTV’s True Life (“I’m in Love with My Brother”, “I Fell in Love With a Priest”) but she has good taste in men even if they’re unattainable. Hearing her explain why she fell for Yu An was understandable and heartbreaking. Because, you know, HE’S STILL A PRIEST.

Unnichan: Bo Yan doesn’t get redemption but I can see Show trying to get us to throw him some sympathy, much like what they’ve done with Fei Fei and Yu An and Ya Ti. The situation with Yu An worried me this week by adding Mom to the mix because there’s no better way to get someone to re-evaluate their life than creating doubt and disappointment in the form of loving and understanding parents. What I appreciated was Mom being honest that all (most) parents have the same dreams and ultimately those dreams begin and end with their children finding and residing in happiness. I also liked that Fei Fei added the caveat that Yu An didn’t have to like her, but he needed to respect his mother, because it reflects maturity, though I didn't care for her word choice. I don’t believe that Yu An should ever renounce his choices for anyone, Mom included but this was an eye opener to how easy it is for children to forget that our parents are people too. Clearly, Yu An felt an obligation and mission and never thought to consider anything else in his future. And though he didn’t have to run his ideas by anyone, it’s very interesting that it seems he and his mother never spoke about what a big decision entering the priesthood is. Not just because of her own desires but just generally. For me, this harkens back to Yu An and that puberty I’m not sure he ever experienced.

Drama Debussie: As close as this family is, it seems they’ve still managed to skip a lot of important conversations.

Zombie: While I liked the way Fei Fei made her confession, not only to Yu An at, well, confession, but also to Mama Chen, I’m not completely thrilled with the way Fei Fei tried to push Mama Chen to pressure Yu An to rethink his life choices. Yes, he’s her son but that doesn’t mean he’s obligated to live his life for his mother. I loved the way Mama Chen explained the ways of motherhood to Fei Fei, letting her know that even though parents have hopes and expectations for their children, they don’t have a right to force their children to live in a way contrary to what will make them happiest. Just because Mama Chen would have liked for Yu An to get married and have kids and all, it doesn’t mean she’s going to give up on her child or try to force him to live contrary to his convictions. What bothers me the most about all of this is the way the show is making it seem like Yu An is suddenly rethinking his life. Surely he had to know his mom would have prefered he taken a more conventional path in life but he also has to know that his mom loves and supports him no matter what. Regardless of what anyone else has to say, Yu An has to live his life in the way he thinks is best and if it’s the priesthood, then so be it. Everyone needs to stop guilt-tripping this poor boy into thinking he’s done something wrong when in reality he hasn’t. I can think of far worse things a person could do than dedicate their life to God and spend their days trying to help the less fortunate. ‘Cmon people! Let’s have a little perspective here!

Drama Debussie: I think what’s most important is that everyone wants Yu An to be happy but he has to figure out what makes him happy. I don’t think he’s ever thought about it because he’s been so preoccupied with repaying the invisible debt he seems to think he owes for all the support he received while he was sick. It’s almost as if he gives so much of himself because he’s not only grateful for his life, but he also feels guilty for living. Like you guys said, if the priesthood makes him happy, then he should stay. If he has some self realization in where he discovers that that’s not where his happy is, I’d rather he make the decision to leave in order to run toward his happy first. It’s fine if Fei Fei is part of that, but he has to find his happy within before he finds it in someone else. As revealing as Fei Fei’s confession and every conversation afterward turned out to be, nothing shook the grounds of the Someone Like You universe like Zhan Cheng’s national confession that he was dating Yu Xi. I’m just waiting for someone to figure out Yu Xi was he same woman who accused him of being a pervert months ago. Nevertheless, it was a favorite moment for me, not so much for Ya Ti. I mean, Luo Huo. I mean, Ya Ti. Ugh, see what camera trickery does?

Unnichan: Exactly. The more time we spend with Yu An, the more we realize that he’s never given much thought to several things, which Show has a great way of making all of our characters do. I don’t think anyone has it all figured out but there are some decisions in life that take forethought and deliberation and I don’t think that was the case at all for our adorable little boy priest. He definitely contrasts greatly with the other males in this drama, for Bo Yan’s wheels are always churning out muck and malice, while Zhan Cheng, is wise and winsome in practically everything, words or deeds. I loved the pause before he answered Yu Xi’s real life sister (meta, meta, meta) on his relationship status, because it didn’t feel just like dramatic fodder. He’s someone that wouldn’t lie but seemed to be taking into consideration what his next statement would mean for Yu Xi. Of course, his words have put everything else into a tailspin and welp, we knew that was coming. I just can’t help but be mighty steamed at how Show chose to deal with it. I was fine that Ya Ti found out about Luo Han on her own and chose to take on the “sisterly” role, however, I wasn’t okay, with the visual of Luo Han watching the broadcast because that was just stupid. Especially since the show took extra pangs to create a personality for Ya Ti in the midnight hour! Not only do we have her enjoying sleepovers with Yu Xi like a teenager, taking animated selfies (I didn’t even know her face could move that much), Auntie also calls her on the farcical idea that she only likes Zhan Cheng because of the organ inside her chest. It feels like Show wants to do it all, but it can’t. In this reality, only one or the other works, we can’t have both. Either, Ya Ti is the reincarnation of Luo Han, pining over Zhan Cheng with a broken heart or she’s a woman that loves a man and happens to have a bad ticker and a crazy coincidence. It’s just maddening that it feels like Show has completely forgotten this isn't the first time Ya Ti's heart has landed her in the hospital. No, we've been here before (you know, last week), but yet now, they want to blame everything on love. BOO!

Zombie: With this week’s episode I’ve come to the conclusion that Ya Ti no longer exists. She’s been hijacked by this creepy Luo Han infested heart and if there ever was any glimmer of the old Ya Ti peeking out behind the shroud of Luo Han, she is now long gone. Ya Ti has been overrun by the haunted heart and I’m not sure she’s ever going to make a comeback. What bothers me even more than having a character without any sort of unique personality to call their own, is seeing how this creepy heart is reacting to the news that Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi are an item. I know we never got a lot of time with Luo Han but she always seemed like a nice, reasonable girl. So why the heck is her heart reacting with such violence to this news? Wouldn’t Luo Han be happy that Zhan Cheng has found a way to heal and that he’s finally starting to live his life again? It seems to me this creepy heart has gotten pretty darn selfish since it’s found a new home and I’m not okay with it taking out its frustration on an innocent Ya Ti. Sure, she lacks personality but that doesn’t mean the heart should kill her, just because she failed to bring Zhan Cheng back to her… It???

Drama Debussie: Listen, I don’t get angry very often, but this really chaps my craw. So much that I’m using Southern phrases. None of us are a fan of the whole cellular memory theory and this is exactly why. When you try to make it real, it starts to get messy like this. If cellular memory is real, this is a horrible way for the deceased owner of the organ to use it. Forcing Ya Ti to pine for a man she probably wouldn’t have met or known without the transplant and now threatening her life by YOUR heartbreak that she shouldn’t have to worry about is the epitome of selfish. If you’re going to be dead, stay dead and let the living live their lives, Luo Han. *drops the mic* *slowly disappears behind the curtains*

Unnichan: I was also thinking that this is completely out of character for Luo Han's heart given what Ya Ti vowed earlier concerning Yu Xi. Which of course makes the argument that it is in fact Ya Ti that is having the tantrum and not Luo Han. All in all, now that Yu Xi has heard this confession, it may change the way she deals with things going forward. She missed out on a life with her sister and she feels disappointed by that fact, so with overhearing her new sister crying her guts out over their man, I don’t see this boding well. It would have been bad either way you slice it, but now, it’s the pits. Our couple has been very open and honest and generous, they have enveloped Ya Ti into their world and family and I don't see Yu Xi giving that up only to watch Ya Ti in pain. This confession is clear admittance that it is her relationship with Zhan Cheng causing the rejection and I only see her making one choice---- Yu Xi is going to blindside Zhan Cheng, I just know it!

Zombie: And I’m gonna throw things when that happens… Beware! The next few weeks could get ugly!

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