Drama Debussie: Hello! Was I the only one who felt that this week of Someone Like You was a little slow? I mean, thank you drama gods for all the Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi feels, but sloooowwwww.

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Zombie: You’re definitely not the only one who felt that way. We had some wonderful Yu Xi/Zhan Cheng moments but they weren’t nearly as plentiful as they’ve been in past episodes and there was just way too much Bo Yan this week for my taste. You can tell he’s plotting something but at this point I have no idea what it is and the very fact that he’s sticking around, causing all sorts of trouble just irks me to no end.

Unnichan: I think he’s just trying to get everything back he lost. He’s devious and pretty diabolical with all his plots. Guess, we were right, that nothing he says has an ounce of truth. But he’s a superb actor. If I didn’t know he’d planned for Vanessa to see him toiling away in the hot, selling knock offs, I might have believed he was just out pounding the pavement. My biggest problem with him was his continuous intrusion into her pregnancy and tracking down Ya Ti. That man is so creepy, I don’t want him near anything or anyone.

Drama Debussie: I have to confess that I love hating Bo Yan. I hate the things he does, but now he’s just devious for the sake of being devious. I’m pretty convinced that his intentions toward Vanessa’s pregnancy is simply to get back into The Peak but on a larger scale. I think he sees her crumbling and he’s making sure to stay close to take advantage. It’s almost scary. Even more scary is what he plans to do with the Ya Ti intel. Not sure what anyone could do with that info but I know he’ll find a way to use in the worst way possible.

Zombie: I’m wondering if Bo Yan doesn’t see Vanessa crumbling so much but perhaps he sees the downfall of The Peak. Vanessa’s mom isn’t well, the board members seem to be out for all they can get, if Vanessa is next in line to run the business, perhaps Bo Yan is trying to get into her good graces as a way of securing himself a better position in the future? I know it’s a long shot but I’ve gotta come up with some sort of theory here.

Unnichan: No, I think you’re right and I think it was his plan from the start. Like DD said, the man is frightening. He’s still the same guy that threw himself in front of a car for a land bid. And now that CEO Mom is sick, there’s no way he hasn’t orchestrated a way to make sure he’s front and center when the lions get hungry. His steps are always secretive but fairly on target. The only thing I can say for him is that he uses everything to his advantage. He lays in wait and takes every piece and puts it together into his own personal jigsaw. Ya Ti is no different. I mean, the way he just appeared outside her door, who knew he’d overheard so much? Yet he wasted no time to find out who she was and how he could manipulate the situation to get Yu Xi to look at him again, all the while sticking it to Zhan Cheng.

Drama Debussie: You know what I want? I’d like The Peak and Big City to merge. I think that’s the only way Bo Yan will be able to disappear. He preys on weakness and The Peak is definitely weakening. Sure, it may be awkward for Vanessa to work with Zhan Cheng but if there’s anything Zhan Cheng is accustomed to, it’s being in close proximity with women that are lusting after him. Speaking of lusting, can we talk about Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi’s magical hotel night? If we could, I would paste screencaps of that entire night on this post. I won’t...but I’m so tempted.

Zombie: It was a rather magical evening, wasn’t it? So much warm-fuzzy goodness, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. As delightful as it was, I’m not sure Zhan Cheng should’ve been so quick to make Yu Xi the sole source of his happiness. I mean we are talking about the girl who worries incessantly over the problems of others and can’t do a dang thing for herself. You know when push comes to shove, she’s gonna give up all her happiness if it means making someone else happy. Really Zhan Cheng? Are you sure you want this girl to be in charge of your happiness? Sure, she’s cute and all but really? Maybe you should find your own happiness and just make sure she’s a part of it.

Unnichan: Tell me about it! That conversation about always giving into her and never truly being upset with her because everything she does is for others? Yeah, that got a fat, “NO” from me. It’s fine to want to help other people. It’s important to be willing to sacrifice and to do it, if the need arises, however, when someone you love is willing to toss you aside and bring you pain because they don’t know how to have simple open honest conversations... welp, I’m not for that. It reminds me of how adamant Yu Xi was that Zhan Cheng always tell her everything and hide nothing and yet, this episode, that’s all she did--- from him and Ya Ti. Guess, these things don’t apply to her as well.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, that whole full transparency deal went out the window real fast. We knew it was going to happen, but I still was holding on to hope that they would follow through on that one. I always have this issue with drama heroines in where they don’t have boundaries as to how far they will sacrifice themselves for other people, and it seems Yu Xi has this same problem.

Zombie: Are we at all surprised by this? From the very beginning Yu Xi has been reprimanded by Zhan Cheng for caring too much about others, for giving too much thought to other people’s problems, so why would she be any different now? She and Zhan Cheng can talk about openness and honesty till they’re blue in the face but that doesn’t do any good if they’re not going to back those words up with action. Yu Xi has this whole self-sacrificing thing down to an art and she’s not going to think twice about giving up her happiness for the perceived happiness of Ya Ti but she’s also not going to give any thought to the fact Zhan Cheng’s happiness is riding on her. She’s very narrow-minded in this regard. She can only see one solution to any problem and she acts on it without thinking, without considering other options. She decides to do something and she does it. I suppose that’s fine in some cases, when only you are affected but not when it’s going to affect so many others.

Unnichan: And this is why I couldn’t even enjoy their magical night. The entire time I was thinking she had already decided to leave him by morning. Forget those 24 hours. Don’t get me wrong, she’s already decided what she’s going to do, but she was just waiting for the last straw and overhearing the doctor, was all she needed. Nothing but actually letting things naturally play out will help this situation but Yu Xi nor Ya Ti have stopped to think about that. Also, speaking of self-sacrificing, I suppose that was what Ya Ti was up to when she disappeared? However, it felt so very different from what we know Yu Xi is about to do. It’s felt false and more self-serving. Almost in a way to draw more attention to her pain and circumstance. ‘Cause erm, why would EVERYONE try to track her down? She actually put more stress on herself by running away and yet, this doctor comes in and says she’s never had any trouble at all until just recently. My frustrations are high with Show and its cellular memory prostitution.

Drama Debussie: I have so many issues with Ya Ti it’s not even funny anymore. She doesn’t want to be a problem but she’s the biggest problem everyone has. It’s frustrating. Have a seat, girl. Have a seat. Speaking of sit down, I’m glad that Fei Fei had her feelings have a seat.

Zombie: At least now we know she and Yu An can be friends without her trying to force anything on that poor petrified priest. Seriously, I’ve never seen a boy look so terrified about a potential kiss in my life. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now if only Fei Fei could stop trying to guilt trip Yu An for taking orders… That would be nice.

Unnichan: I am frustrated with that, however, I wonder if she’s just a victim of poor word choice? Because her sentiments were more along that lines of what we discussed last week… Is priesthood really what he wants, or something he thought he should do? I’m cool if it’s the either way as long as he doesn’t regret his choice, but even with all his petrified looks, the last few conversations he’s had about his orders have given him a lot of food for thought.

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