Drama Debussie: We meet again, Someone Like You drama clubbers. I’ll be honest, I was flipping tables this week while watching this show, and Yu Xi is to blame. I know we’ve talked about heroines’ bad habit of not recognizing the boundaries as far as self-sacrifice is concerned, but Yu Xi took it to another level this week! She’s so concerned that Ya Ti will die and Zhan Cheng will lose Luo Han again that she breaks up with him so that he loses the woman that he loves again? Girl, you need to evaluate your life and the decisions you make while living it.

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Zombie: We all knew this moment of separation was coming. We’ve been talking about its inevitability for weeks but that doesn’t mean it makes watching such nonsense any easier and it’s certainly not enjoyable. I was not only flipping tables, I was setting them on fire as I watched Yu Xi make the biggest, most stupid and horrible mistake of her life. I will never understand a heroine’s need to walk away from her love. Ever. Mostly because the reasoning behind that decision is always STUPID. Well, Yu Xi’s was anyway. Leaving Zhan Cheng so he can go be with a woman he doesn’t love is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and her “Well, she’s got Luo Han’s heart” nonsense just… GRRR! I’m sorry but I can’t even begin to understand that pathetic excuse for logic. It seriously makes my brain hurt.

Unnichan: I will second that! I couldn’t bring myself to care one iota about Yu Xi and her silly this week. Perhaps, if she’d been honest and told Zhan Cheng what her reasoning was from the start, I may have been less irate but all she did was lie and hide. We all know that Yu Xi has very little clue on how to maintain a healthy relationship but this took all the goodwill I had for her and chucked into the gutter. Everything she said and did wasn’t only stupid but it was disrespectful and selfish. She has little regard for anyone in this situation, whether it was Zhan Cheng or Ya Ti and it’s maddening!

Drama Debussie: Amen. Of course, I will say that there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to bash her too much because she does have her loved one’s best interests in mind and she’s pretty much doing what she’s always done which is putting other people before herself. That doesn’t mean I support it, though. She’s making life decisions for other people and that’s not her place. In the process of her pulling away from them, she’s also hurting them. In her attempt to make sure everyone else wins, she’s actually ensured that everyone loses. BIG TIME. Good thing for us (and Zhan Cheng) Yu Xi gave us the most unconvincing breakup in the history of breakups. I was so glad Zhan Cheng continued to push her for answers so that he could try to fix whatever problem she was convinced existed. I think that’s why Yu Xi drove me crazy this week, NO ONE has asked her to break up with Zhan Cheng for the sake of Ya Ti’s health. Not even Ya Ti who’s pretty much been told she’ll die without a new heart. Take a step back, Yu Xi. Take a step back.

Zombie: While Yu Xi is being completely ridiculous, I’m happy Zhan Cheng is doing his best to understand where all this nonsense is coming from. He’s proving himself the most amazing man on the face of the planet at the moment. Rather than getting mad at Yu Xi for pushing him away, he sees that she never does anything without thinking of someone else, so puts two and two together and says, “She’s not putting me first so who is she doing this for?” I just can’t understand why she’s willing to put everyone else first and not the man she loves.

Unnichan: And for me, that is the largest stumbling block. Yu Xi makes this completely on her own and that's not love for anyone, including herself. However, she spends the majority of this episode sad and depressed, looking a total haggard mess, and Zhan Cheng picks up on that quickly. What I admired was he called her on her vagueness and he actually asked her if she knew what she was saying. Because honestly, I don’t think she actually understands what her words implicate for either of them and their characters, let alone what it would mean if he really took her seriously. At the the end of the episode, she’s crying to Mom saying she never meant to hurt Zhan Cheng and that she’s sorry, but none of that actually registers with me, because that is exactly what she’s doing and knew would happen once she made her choice. It’s great that we have a character like Zhan Cheng that loves her beyond her stupidity and misguided selflessness because if he was wasn’t around, I think Yu Xi would be on the receiving end of several hard slaps, instead of heavy sighs and side-eyes. 

Drama Debussie: There’s this running theme in Yu Xi’s family that screams survivor’s guilt. It’s to an extreme that has taken me from admiration to uncomfortable. Yu Xi has it and it seems Yu An has it as well. I can honestly say I’m on the fence about him leaving the priesthood this week if only because the decision was made based on everything else but what he wanted. Maybe I missed that, but it seemed that he was doing it all for his mother. I’m all for making your mother happy, but at what cost?

Zombie: I feel the same way about Yu An leaving the church. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or not because I can’t figure out if this decision was made to make his mother happy or if it’s because it’s what he really wanted to do. If this decision comes from a genuine desire to life his life outside the church, then I’m happy for him because it means he’s found the courage to step out and live his life in whatever way he sees fit. However, if this decision was made because he feels obligated to fill the role of the good son, then I’m not so happy. Being a priest doesn’t keep him from being his mother’s son, nothing ever will, so why give up his dreams now? Unless the priesthood wasn’t ever really his dream but rather the role he felt he needed to take to show his gratitude for being granted the life he has. It’s all very confusing to me. I want to be happy for Yu An but I don’t know if I should be.

Unnichan: I don’t think we’re supposed to be but we are. And I think that is because we don’t want to believe that Show is really doing what we intuitively know it’s doing. We’ve given Yu An’s storyline the benefit of the doubt because it did seem as though he chose his orders based on other reasons besides a true desire to be a priest. Ultimately, it would be nice if it didn’t seem as though there is this line being drawn between, what should and shouldn’t be done, based on or in relation to, the happiness of others. I was highly disappointed in Mom this episode when Fei Fei mentioned grandchildren because Yu An was the first name out of her mouth. He shouldn’t even be an option when he’s a priest and you have a daughter who is in a steady relationship. It’s the guilt trip that never ends with him and my patience is over the limit. I’d love to believe that Yu An made this decision solely because, on reevaluation he realizes that he can serve everyone better without the robes, but that’s not what has happened. Instead, Mom fell from a ladder, she wants grandkids and he feels awful he hasn’t amounted to what she wanted and never knew. It's fine to seek your parents' approval or even make choices based on your family's best interest but this entire situation stinks of forcing Yu An to feel bad or responsible for something that it makes no sense to even bring up. 

Drama Debussie: It all feels very manipulative. Although, I guess nothing and no one is as manipulative as Bo Yan who is back like baby ribs. Ugh, we all knew he was going to weasel his way back into The Peak, but now that it’s happened, the feeling of dread still overtook me. I really would like to know what goes through Vanessa’s head. No matter how caring (if we can call him that) Bo Yan may seem, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s proven time and time again that he’s not a good person. If he will screw other people over, what makes you think he won’t do it to you, Vanessa? Yet there he appeared at her side at the board meeting. I’d like to admire her hope that there’s more to him than what she sees, but knowing that there isn’t I can’t help but SMDH at her willingness to continue giving him chances.

Zombie: I hate to say this but hasn’t Bo Yan already screwed Vanessa over? She’s carrying his child, for goodness sakes. If that’s not screwed… Oh forget it. I’m disappointed in Vanessa and her willingness to give Bo Yan any sort of a chance and even more disappointed in her for helping him take away William’s place as GM of Crystal. (And I don’t even want to know how two votes makes it possible for Bo Yan to win that vote… That’s a whole other ball of crazy, I don’t have any desire to play with.) Why on earth would Vanessa help Bo Yan achieve anything? She knows he’s a punk. So why is she teaming up with him here? I know she said it was to see how he proved himself in such a position but giving this man anything is like giving Hannibal Lecter fava beans and a nice chianti and then sitting down at his table for dinner. It just seems like a bad idea.

Unnichan: Look, Vanessa is a sucker. And Bo Yan knows it. She has no idea who he really is, not to mention the fact she has zero perception skills. Sure, she’s felt a little leery of him because he’s a creep but all in all she believes he’s a good worker and a decent man at the end of the day. When she saw him on the street last week, that’s all he needed to get his foot in the door, I just think it’s sad that she gave him control of anything. I wouldn’t trust that fool with a stick of gum! And we don’t know what he used to get the deciding vote, but best believe we’ll find out and who knows… Maybe that will be the final rope for him. We can’t trust Vanessa, especially now she’s carrying his kid, so we have to trust the drama gods to make good on the things that are done in the dark coming to light. I personally just don’t know how Bo Yan has enough hours in the day to do all this scheming, being he has to go to the gym too. I mean, goodness!

Drama Debussie: I instantly get annoyed whenever they show up on the screen simply because my first reaction is, “Awwww, here comes the bull.” I will say that I had to pass out a Slow Hand Clap Award to Zhan Cheng and Ya Ti if only for the episode’s last scene. Well, he usually gets that award anyway, but Ya Ti was the upset. Both of them seem to be the only ones that understand that Luo Han and Ya Ti ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE. This obsession Ya Xi has with trying to make her twin sister happy through Ya Ti is destroying lives, so I’m glad at least two people understand how ridiculous it all is. Yu Xi has completely bought into the cellular memory and, now, twin telepathy theories. It needs to stop. She’s holding onto the past so she can’t move forward. I was so proud of Ya Ti in her scene with Zhan Cheng. She was dropping some major knowledge and everything she said just made me scream, “Message!”

Zombie: While I totally agree with everything Ya Ti said in that last scene, I had a really hard time swallowing the whole thing, mostly because nothing Ya Ti said actually sounded like Ya Ti. It was all the voice of Luo Han, calling out from this dying heart and Oh My Goodness! I wanted to scream when she went so far as to touch Zhan Cheng’s head because that’s not something Ya Ti would ever do. I’ve been freaking out about the possessive nature of this creepy heart and it’s attempts to take over Ya Ti’s body for forever and this week, it finally got what it wanted. This final scene, as touching as it was for many, drove me up the wall. Ya Ti not only stepped over every personal boundary she’s ever had, by touching Zhan Cheng, she also called him by his name. That’s something only Luo Han has ever done and this just made me flip all the tables. Ya Ti has finally gone the way of the dodo and now the creepy Luo Han heart has taken over. I personally want this heart out of Ya Ti as soon as possible because that poor girl needs a chance to live her own life. Here’s hoping her next heart actually lets her live it!

Unnichan: Sigh. You guys are speaking so much truth all I can say is--- Show wants it all. They want Zhan Cheng to get his “You can love her” moment from Luo Han, all the while saying, these feelings or emotions are Ya Ti’s as well, not just from the donor and none of this is anyone's fault 'cause everyone is right in how they "feel." And from all implications, Ya Ti might not have another heart on the way, which is something else Yu Xi has never given thought to. I appreciated that for a moment, Ya Ti is real with herself and Auntie saying transplants have no guarantee and she never thought hers did. Everything else with Zhan Cheng spooked me because I thought we were going to see Luo Han again. And that’s just not cool. The cellular memory myth has spun out of control at this point because even though it’s a phenomenon that is unproven and low in actual percentage, it gives rise to the arguments that Zhan Cheng brought up this episode. Regardless of what an organ seems to “feel" it doesn’t actually change its new carrier. Choices have to be made and accepted by everyone involved and Yu Xi’s knuckle head refuses to compute that. Ultimately, I guess, we’ll just have to see how this heart to heart moment affects Zhan Cheng’s next moves concerning Yu Xi and their relationship.

Drama Debussie: As long as whatever he decides to do ultimately leads to their, “You. Complete. Me.” moment, I’m good. 

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