Look Alikes, with only a couple weeks left of Someone Like You, and our heroine still in her sacrificial stupor, the melo has yet to dissipate, and it's up our hero to prove what he is truly made of. And as a result, Drama Debussie, Zombie Mamma, and I couldn't love him more! Here's hoping we're not the only ones. 

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Zombie: Oh dear gracious! The timing of Someone Like You is really starting to wear on me! If it weren’t for the fact things seem to be headed in the right direction, I swear, I’d be flipping all the tables right now.

Drama Debussie: This episode had me feeling like Drake, emotional. I can already tell I’m going to have to woosah my way through the these last couple of episodes. I knew Yu Xi was going to slow down the romance process with her impulsive self-sacrificing, but she almost took me over the edge this week. Everyone is screaming, “It’s okay to date Zhan Cheng!” yet she refused to stop depriving herself (and us) of the romance we all deserve. I do appreciate that the more she hesitated, the more we got to see Fighting for Love Zhan Cheng. I LOVE that Zhan Cheng.

Unnichan: And I so wish my love for Zhan Cheng covered the multitude of expletives that floated in my head while watching Yu Xi be dumber than a bag of hair. This whole situation was just drawn out entirely too long with zero basis, however, I did appreciate liked how Ya Ti did explained that Yu Xi's “decision” was more selfish and short-sighted than anything. It just taxed me because Yu Xi truly didn’t care, which is the main reason you should never try to change a person’s mind. Yu Xi decided she was right and her way was the only way, and honestly, I would have let her be. Because, it wasn’t about depriving herself of love but pushing her nonsensical ideas on other people. She never stopped to consider anyone in her horrible plan to play the martyr and it was absolutely sickening. I even felt a little annoyed that Zhan Cheng had to spell everything out to her and call her machinations silly, because honestly, it made her look cheap and stupid and who wants the man they love pointing that out? Then for her to be put out because she thought Zhan Cheng had left? Who cares about finally moving in the right direction? Tables flew!

Zombie: I had a whole lot of very vocal commentary during that last scene but I don’t think I need to go there. At least not yet. There’s a whole lot of stupid that needs to be waded through first and it all hinges on Yu Xi and her stubborn determination to become the pitiful martyr. I suppose that for a while there, she really did believe leaving Zhan Cheng was the right thing to do but now I’m convinced the only reason she left him was because she enjoys being pathetic. Sorry but there’s no way she could have any other motivation for her actions. She has the WHOLE FLIPPING WORLD telling her she needs to stop with this forced separation and be with the man who loves her more than anything and yet she still needed an entire episode to get it through her thick head that what’s she’s doing is CRAP!

Drama Debussie: These are indeed dark times. I guess I’m just surviving on the mere knowledge that as long as Yu Xi makes dumb decisions that keep her away from Zhan Cheng, the more he’ll have to remind her why he loves her and why she loves him. Seeing that everything Zhan Cheng does is done with utmost sincerity, it gives us a mountain of feels as we watch him go through the motionsof snapping her out of her stupor. I mean, the morse code through the wall? The comfort in darkness? Seriously, STAHP. Unfortunately, the stupidity didn’t stop with our main crew. Yu An and Fei Fei anyone?

Unnichan: I can barely articulate my emotions concerning those two. First of all, Show has Yu An renounce the priesthood (for only God knows what reason) and now we have Fei Fei looking doe-eyed, mentally begging the human reincarnation of a tortoise to actually stop her from obtaining her own dreams? Not to mention Mom making demands. I will say, I can even see how perhaps Show is using Mom to vocalize what Yu An is too timid to say aloud himself, but ultimately it feels all wrong. I was truly hoping with some of the events of this week that Yu An would just go back to the Church. Because more than ever, I believe that is where his heart really lies. He certainly sad Fei Fei is leaving but that doesn't translate to us buying it as romantic hesitation. And I find it absolutely fanciful that Fei Fei is willing to chuck her career for a guy she just met. Love is always a valid reason to reassess goals and aspirations but Fei Fei doesn't just want Yu An to say the words,"Don't go," she wants the romantic payoff but how could she even expect that when he’s never given her any indication that her feelings are reciprocated? If she wants to hedge her bets on her one-sided feelings for Yu An, she needs to do it on her own, for herself and deal with the fallout, without making everything Yu An's responsibility.

Zombie: My problem with this whole Yu An thing is the fact that he’s taking more crap from his family, now that he’s quit the church, than he was when he was still a priest. Is this really necessary? The poor kid has just given up on his profession and renounced his calling and for what? To come home to a house full of women who are constantly trying to pressure him into a relationship he’s so not ready for? How is anything good supposed to come from this? The poor kid needs time to adjust to his new life, not be immediately shoved into a new one! And I’m thoroughly disappointed in Mama Chen this week, telling Yu An that she wants Fei Fei as a daughter-in-law. “But no pressure!” Please! All Mama Chen has been doing is pressuring her son into becoming the ideal man of the house she’s always dreamed he would be and I’m with you. I think Yu An would be better off back in the church than he would be at home. These people seriously need to back off and let poor Yu An live his own life, not force him into the life they’ve imagined for him.

Drama Debussie: Yu An was always way too nice, but the only time he ever seemed confident in his life was when we first met him as a priest. Every since Fei Fei came crashing into his life and everyone else’s, he’s been nothing but this blob of uncertainty. I hate that. Especially seeing that if this show is determined to pair him with Fei Fei, she’s going to need to be with someone who’s at least confident in his choice to be with her so that he’s not just being pulled by the leash she seems to want all of her men on. Of course it’s hard to be confident about one major choice when you're uncertain in every other life choice you’ve made simply because you made them based on everyone else’s preferences. No one can spend the rest of their life just trying to make everyone else happy, the bottom WILL fall out. One of this show’s main theme is true happiness, I hope it allows Yu An to actually find it. I have my doubts, though.

Unnichan: I wonder at the happiness theme sometimes, considering the trajectory we’re following with Bo Yan and Vanessa. Thankfully, he has shown his own incompetence and the glaring reason he's never surpassed assistant status during his duration at Crystal. His greed and condescension has him blinded to what the needs of his company and consumers are, making him ill prepared to lead in any way. However, even with his screw up, it feels like Bo Yan and Vanessa finally had a fairly honest conversation and with it coming after his murderous muscle was stretched, I was happy Vanessa finally saw his true colors, then found myself deflated at her dashed hope when she connected he still "loves" Yu Xi. Her feelings are most likely due to her pregnancy, but it doesn’t make the reality anymore unsettling. It’s not that I think she felt they would get married or live happily ever after but it’s clear all his doting has affected her and she is more than likely thinking of his as the father of her child.

Zombie: Bo Yan is just a nasty piece of work, that’s all there is to it. He’s so caught up in himself he’s constantly failing to see the bigger picture and because of that, he’s constantly being beaten by Zhan Cheng. Because I hate Bo Yan, I can only sit back and laugh as his greed only forces him farther and farther from his goals. Personally, I’m enjoying watching him slowly ruin his life and I can only hope he continues on this path of destruction until it completely ruins him. Why? Because it’s the only satisfaction I can get when it comes to Bo Yan. I can’t reach through my computer and slap him (as much as I’d like to) so I can only sit here and plot his demise. It’s just a good thing he’s so good at bringing about his own destruction. Though if he wises up in the next two episodes and gets his life straight, I’m going to be completely disappointed.

Drama Debussie: I do have to agree that watching Bo Yan’s excessive ambition come back to bite him in the ass continues to bring me joy, but there was something admittedly sad about his conversation with Vanessa. As UC mentioned, she’s obviously starting to care for him and even if it is because of the baby or the fact that he at least seems nurturing, there was this realization that both of them of kind of stuck with each other knowing that neither was each other’s second, third, or fourth choice. They’ve been rejected by their first choices (deservedly so) and now they’re just existing with each other. It’s sad. Not that I have some immense compassion in me for Bo Yan, but it’s hard seeing two people so lost.  

What is your take on the happiness theme of #SomeoneLikeYou? Will all our characters find their own personal happiness? Are you as convinced as the rest of us that Yu Xi has made a colossal misstep in her noble idiocy? What about Yu An and Fei Fei, should she ever hope for anything beyond friendship with the ex-priest? Let us know below!

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