Unnichan: *sigh* Honestly guys, I think we’ve all seen some pretty wonky penultimate episodes, where our couple finds another excuse to break up or the hero gets amnesia, and though I won’t say this is one of the craziest I’ve ever seen, Someone Like You might enter my top 10 insane till the end list, because the pile on that occurred this week was so ridiculous, I was literally laughing the entire way through.

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Zombie: I have no idea how you were laughing through this episode. I wish I could handle my disappointment that way but I can’t. Instead, I was flipping tables and rampaging around my living room like a loon. Apparently I’ve hit my quota of crazy for the week and this episode just kinda pushed me over the top.

Drama Debussie: Girls, I now enter each episode of this show the same way I enter a five year old’s birthday part: with a prayer and a bottle of something that I can easily hide in my purse. I’m lost for words after this week.

Unnichan: I’m a scoffer, what can I say? First, let’s just get the Bo Yan sacrifice out of the way. I know none of us were really surprised, once he knew where Yu Xi was going but I wonder, what was his action supposed to prove? He attempted to blame another person for his poor choices and use a car as a weapon once AGAIN. I mean, in the long run, I was just glad Show didn’t do a whole “accident” replay with Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng. After all the antics thus far, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities. I tip my hat to tiny drama miracles.

Drama Debussie: We started this episode so well with the Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi reunion and Yu Xi’s many, MANY apologies for her stupidity. I thought we were finally going to go back to doing things right! I guess, in a way, I found myself slightly (SLIGHTLY) touched by the vulnerability Vanessa and Bo Yan found within each other. It was interesting to see them relate as two lonely people who were yearning for a complete family. Granted, they were never going to be a functional family if Bo Yan lived, but it was nice to see them dream. Well, it was nice to see Vanessa dream. I didn’t really care about Bo Yan’s, the man who should be kept far away from anything with wheels, dreams.

Zombie: I was more irritated by this sudden appearance of vulnerability than anything. We’ve spent so many episodes hating Bo Yan, plotting his death a thousand different ways, and now that we finally get what we want, Show has to go and try to humanize the monster we’ve all loathed and completely ruin the sense of satisfaction we should be feeling at Bo Yan’s death. Okay. There. I said it. I’m horrible but I really wanted to enjoy a villain getting what he deserved and Show had to completely ruin it for me! And why the heck did they have to turn Vanessa into a sobbing mess? I mean I get that she’s pregnant and emotions do tend to run wild when you’re dealing with raging hormones and all but still. I didn’t want to feel sorry for her when she lost Bo Yan. I wanted to throw her a party! She’s finally free from the monster but Show couldn’t even let me be happy about that! AUGH! Okay, rant over. I’ll shut up now.

Unnichan: Now that I truly think about it, introducing the pregnancy was the only way to create any raw emotion for Bo Yan from Vanessa. Unfortunately, I didn’t care one way about Bo Yan living or dying, until these circumstances arose because in this case, dying is too easy. What he did was premeditated and deserved a prison sentence, not a pitiful bedside sendoff. I will say, however, the issue of Vanessa wanting at least a resemblance of a two parent family and losing that did irritate me. Because of all our characters, I believe, though she’s fairly dim, she and her little one, are the most innocent parties in this whole fiasco. And also to have Bo Yan run out and save the life of the woman he “loves” with no regard of the consequences is something to take into account. It’s true to his character; reckless and remorseful after the fact but it’s still something that Vanessa will never forget. I keep thinking what on earth she will muster or piece together to tell her child about its father.

Drama Debussie: Well, she was certainly great at piecing together some fantasy life for Bo Yan as he died in the hospital so I’m 99% sure she’ll figure out something to tell that child. Here’s my biggest issue with Bo Yan’s passing. We can only assume that Bo Yan’s heart will be donated to Ya Ti who’s heart just so happens to be on its last leg. Although, according to this show, anyone who receives a heart will immediately adopt the traits of the deceased donor. Sooooo...does that mean that Ya Ti will be some reincarnation of Bo Yan? It’s the last thing I want, but these are the rules this show has established in this universe. I’m just saying.

Zombie: Oh my goodness! Don’t even go there! By the end of this episode it was made to sound like Ya Ti was recuperating from her surgery already which means there’s no way she could have Bo Yan’s heart. Right? Please tell me I’m right! I don’t want to deal with a Bo Yan/Ya Ti mix! We’ve only got one episode left! However now that I think about it… There were several Bo Yan/Ya Ti moments throughout this show that kinda made you wonder if there wasn’t going to be some connection there. If this is heart transplant is what those looks were alluding to… OH MY GIDDY AUNT! JUST SHOOT ME NOW!

Unnichan: I can’t believe that. I just can’t. It was already enough that she was having twin twinges or a twin attack? What do you call that? Nevermind--- Cause, I can’t. There are too many other crazy things going on like Yu An asking Fei Fei to stay and her just ready to drop her future in his lap. I will never understand this girl. Like I said last week, I wasn’t surprised that Mom made her request based on her sense that it may be what Yu An wanted but their situation with never seem right to me. She was crestfallen when he told her the main reason he followed was because he told to and then again when she saw what happily in love looks like from her brother and Yu Xi. One day, one day way way way way way, in the future Yu An may love her, they may have a real romance but I’m not certain it will ever be from a thought and emotion that originated from him first or alone and I don’t see why anyone would want that kind of second hand, passive love.

Drama Debussie: Okay, I’ve reviewed the video and it looks like the jury’s still out on Ya Ti, but I think we’ll be fine. As far as Fei Fei/Yu An (also called Cray Cray/You Ain’t Gonna Make a Decision) are concerned, I give up. If he wants to live his life according to others, I guess that’s all there is to it. I know they keep saying he’s shy but I think it’s more than that. Of course that would require some psychology study that I just don’t have time to conduct. Fei Fei will be waiting forever for him to actually show her any sizable affection, but if she’s willing to wait...They’re exhausting and very Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. I can’t. I won’t.

Zombie: Show made a sizeable effort, trying to convince us that Yu An’s lack of emotion was simply due to the fact he’s shy and reserved but I’m not buying it. It’s been too soon since he left the church, too soon for him to decide if this is really the life if wants, too soon for him to be exploring any sort of romantic involvement. This poor boy just isn’t ready to live the life his mom wants for him. I’m honestly disappointed in Mama Chen for failing to see how her good wishes are trapping her son into a life he doesn’t really seem sure he wants. I know he’s trying to be a good son and make people happy but that’s what kills me. He shouldn’t have to live his life always trying to please everyone around him. He should be doing what makes him happy. As much as I’d like to believe that a life with Fei Fei is what’s going to do it for him, I’m just not convinced. Like I said last week, I’d have much prefered to have Fei Fei go off to school, get herself figured out, grow up a bit, let Yu An do the same and then bring them together sometime in the future. Preferably at a time when they’re both mature enough to handle a serious relationship. Right now they just seem like a couple of lost puppies, not a couple ready to spend the rest of their lives “happily ever after”.

Unnichan: I completely agree. It would make a world more sense to have the two continue a friendship and meet again later, than have her twiddling her thumbs wishing and hoping then inevitably making him confess to her. With Mama Chen chirping about happiness all I could think is, she’s happy but what about everyone else? I’m not even sure Yu An knows what his personal happiness really looks like and Fei Fei’s expression was more envious than anything else. Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi were certainly happy to be back together and in each other’s arms under the moonlight which made me all the more upset later, once he started to rehearse all the things he could have done differently or trying to take responsibility for not having a future seeing superpower. To tell the truth guys, I can’t seem to find the purpose in Yu Xi being in a coma for more than two seconds at this point. Is this supposed to grow their love or just create an obstacle we know already Zhan Cheng will overcome?

Drama Debussie: Exactly! I’m confused by the coma as well. What? Why? It’d be a different story if we knew Yu Xi would come out of that coma as the same Yu Xi we all know but, come on, this is the dramaverse. No one ever comes out of a coma 100% themselves, and if she does, what was the point of the coma?! This show is tapping into some very common OG plot devices that I thought we left in the early 2000s. All I can say is that if she wakes up with amnesia, I swear to all the drama gods I will be flipping tables with ZM.

Zombie: I’m totally confused by this coma. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what purpose it’s serving, other than to force Zhan Cheng into a very unbecoming pity party and what’s the point of that? This poor man has suffered enough as it is. Why make him suffer more? Why put Yu Xi in a coma and torment her friends, her family, and us? It doesn’t make sense and that’s what bothers me most! I need some sort of logic but I am talking about a drama so it’s a given logic goes flying out the window. I can’t see why we have to draw something this ridiculous out, especially not when we could have been granted a wonderfully happy, smooshy last episode that would have sent us all walking away from this drama with a happy sigh of contentment. As it is, I stand ready to not only flip all the tables but to also set them on fire. All I can say is Show has some major making up to do and not much time to get it done. C’mon Show. I’m waiting!

Unnichan: If you’re setting fires, I’ll bring the oil and steaks, cause well… we can’t waste a good fire.


Drama Debussie: It’s settled. ZM will handle the table flipping and fire setting. UC will handle the steaks. I’ll get the baby powder so I can pass out some slaps worthy of the one Vanessa’s mom gave Bo Yan. Don’t mess this up, Show. Don’t mess this up. 

What did you guys think of the twist and turns of this week's episodes? How do you think this will all end? Let us know in the comments below!

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