Zombie: Hey everyone, welcome back to the Someone Like You Drama Club! With character introductions out of the way, it’s time to start getting into the meat of this story, and I have to say, I’m excited to see where things go from here, especially with our destined OTP.

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Unnichan: I think so. Now that they’ve gotten their individual feathers ruffled, then had their first misunderstanding and patch-up. I can see us stepping toward something even more promising.

Drama Debussie: All good romances start with the love interests incessantly bickering, so all signs point to this being a great romance, that’s for sure.

Zombie: I know I was feeling those first inklings of greater things to come, especially as I watched Zhan Cheng lead a terrified Yu Xi around the house. I don’t know why that scene got to me so much but it did. I guess maybe it’s because underneath all of their bickering, these two have some really great chemistry??? Either that or I’m just crazy.

Drama Debussie: Nah, I don’t think you’re crazy at all. Zhan Cheng hasn’t opened up to anyone since Luo Han died and that power outage scene was the first time he seemed to really show his concern for her well-being. It was touching and provided a great way to move past all the missteps we spent most of this episode exploring.

Unnichan: It was a very intimate scene and I have to admit I love those — when a drama finds a way to infuse intimacy without the assumption of sex. I don’t know about you guys, but I felt the walls become a little dim with the band-aid scene. Something shifted slightly for Zhan Cheng in that moment and I was reminded of the words of the priest; Zhan Cheng is truly a really nice guy. And finally we were seeing that big warm hearted guy again. He was touched, and so was I.

Zombie: I was swooning a bit there myself. I think it was the one-two punch of that scene followed by the blind leading the blind scene that really got to me. After seeing Zhan Cheng lower his defenses just a bit, watching him help Yu Xi overcome her fear really pushed the whole thing over the top. Something definitely changed between the two that night and I’m hoping it’s not something that gets pushed to the side or forgotten in the light of a new day.

Drama Debussie: I think we’ll always have to fear the morning after when we live this drama lifestyle, but what scares me even more is that they go back to bickering then his stepsister won’t have a reason to stop crushing on him later on once she realizes he has another option even when she wasn’t an option to begin with. Seriously, what is her deal?! Sure, Zhan Cheng is dreamy (most of the time) but Yu Xi’s brother was right when he told her even if they aren’t directly related, fauxcest is not acceptable. Or something to that effect was said.

Unnichan: He’s her brother regardless. And I’m glad it was said. She knows it’s true. There’s no hope. So she’s a non-issue for me, beyond her attitude being a complete pain. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the way she’s chosen to “help” Zhan Cheng? ‘Cause yelling at him to forget, just isn’t working for me. I understand that she’s spoiled and selfish, plus she never knew the girl but how can she justify loving this man when she’s not willing to be more soothing? Her frustration is understandable, it’s been two years of midnight scares, but I think she has zero tact in this area with him.

Zombie: I think she has zero tact. Period. She’s only been in this drama for ten minutes and already I can’t stand her. I have no doubt her sole purpose is to be as big of a pain in the butt as possible and make life absolutely miserable for everyone around her. I’m not looking forward to her appearances in the future but a character like her is inevitable so I must endure.

Drama Debussie: I think she has the same frustration that most people in Zhan Cheng’s life have with him but it doesn’t mean her methods are effective in any way. While I’m not expecting to be her biggest fan, I know I’ll love watching her go head-to-head with Yu Xi. Two seconds in the same room with each other and you could cut the hatred with a knife. I’ll just grab my popcorn and watch the insanity commence. I’ll certainly enjoy their boxing matches more than I enjoyed watching Yu Xi’s relationship with her completely uninvested boyfriend. Come on, Yu Xi, do better.

Unnichan: Ha! That is how I felt about Yu Xi for the entire first half of this episode, until she met this little sister. Her reaction to her was spot on and I was appreciative. As for this boyfriend, I wonder about their past. For, it seems to me that they probably knew one another before their professions became a factor. And if that is the case, though it doesn’t negate his aloof demeanor toward her, it would put a period in some places for me.

Zombie: Was I the only one picking up on an almost guilty vibe from the boyfriend? Like he was hiding something from Yu Xi? I half-expected him to be caught cheating on her when they first met up and that would be the end of their relationship, right then and there. I was happy to see that wasn’t the case but things still don’t seem right between them. I can understand his career coming between them, especially if they’ve been together for a long time. People can naturally drift apart over time but I don’t think Yu Xi is aware of this distance between them, at least not yet. She should be getting a clue soon though, I mean he paid absolutely zero attention to her while she cleaned his entire apartment. Jerk.

Unnichan: I was very annoyed by that personally, because she wasn’t nearly that eager to do the job she was paid for, not more than a few hours prior. But I do understand the point of the scene and Baby didn’t really notice the service. I’m not sure I caught a guilty vibe, because he does seem to genuinely like her, just not as much as she seems to like him. His mind isn’t in the full commitment mode that we clearly see from Yu Xi and that could be because he’s looking around, they’ve grown apart or he’s just complacent.

Drama Debussie: I think it’s a little of all the reasons you ladies gave, but he mainly strikes me as career driven. Which is fine seeing that there’s something to be said for a person having ambition, but when you start to ignore the people around you that truly care, what will you have in the end other than your career? Before I go all Oprah here and have an ah-ha moment, there’s a big part of me that thinks there will be a moment where he’ll find out who she works for and suddenly be interested in everything that she’s doing for the lowliest of reasons. I’m building up my rant points just in case that happens.

Zombie: I wonder if this boyfriend will play a major part in this story or if he’ll just be an early roadblock which is soon overcome. If he sticks around and becomes the other major player in this love story, he’s going to need to step up his game. If he’s just here to cause Yu Xi a moment of panic as she tries to decide which man to choose, then he’s serving his purpose well by making her choice obvious.

Unnichan: I see so several roadblocks ahead for them but none of them pertain to romance. There are no viable candidates and drama will have to do a lot to change this for me. It’s only the second episode but with delusional step-sister and disinterested boo, I have no problem ooking passed them at our OTP. And I do believe Yu Xi will realize fairly quickly that whatever feelings she and Baby have, aren’t moving them closer together.

Zombie: Quick question, before we wrap up. Do either of you get a feeling Yu Xi’s mom is hiding something? Like maybe Yu Xi did have a twin sister or something along those lines?

Drama Debussie: Her shifty eyes and the fact that she nearly has a heart attack every time William brings up his “friend” that looks exactly like Yu Xi leads me to believe that a twin secret may be more than a possibility. So much so that I’m already bracing myself for why the twins were separated in the first place which is the million dollar question.

Unnichan: There's no doubt a few mysteries to uncover. I knew from the start when Mom said her kids were “her kids,” she meant it in a way all moms do, blood ties are irrelevant. I don't even want to think about what tragedy may have befallen the girls to be separated. But I can’t wait to find out how everyone is connected, for we already have one family that isn’t bound genetically, so it will be interesting if show will have all our characters in similar situations. However, it does seem that Mom isn’t out of the loop concerning Yu Zi’s past, therefore it’s always a possibility they are related in some way.

Zombie: There are certainly a lot of questions yet to be answered but really, would we have it any other way?

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