Zombie: Well my friends, we’ve come to the end of all this insanity and I have to say, I’m surprised at how chill I am about it all. I was expecting to flip all the tables but I think I’ve just become numb to the crazy. I couldn’t do anything but sit here and shake my head while thanking all the powers that be that this drama is finally over. It started out well enough but man! The ending was… Honestly, I’m not even sure what to call that ending.

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Unnichan: Fine. That’s the only word I can come up with. I can’t even say it started out well. For me, I was glad we got passed all the crazy so we can just accept what the ending was going to be. There are times when a story closes and it’s so satisfying, but here, let’s just be glad our couple ended up together, happy… But I tell ya, getting on that boat frightened me.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, what was up with that? Our main couple has many special scenes together in very special locations and they chose to end with the boat? Why? Because of the stargazing? Yeah, sure, that was special, but it was followed by a moment where they almost drowned. Try again. Listen, the most I can say is that I’m just happy that the show ended happy. Bow, you were nicely wrapped around a pretty package where all the ends were tied. At this point in my drama obsession that’s the most I can ask for. Sounds sad but not really considering the show’s ending was rather sweet and kept with its theme of happiness and unconditional love. I like that.

Zombie: It’s been a very sweet theme and one I’m happy they’ve kept throughout, they just had a warped way of showing that love in the end. I mean marrying a woman in a coma might sound like a good idea in theory but in reality, it’s just plain wrong. Mama Chen was right to object to this hair-brained scheme and I’m sad she caved to the pressure of a bunch of crazies. Even without taking the whole moral dilemma of this situation into account, what woman wants to be unconscious on her wedding day? I get that Zhan Cheng wants to protect and care for Yu Xi but why was he in such a gosh darn rush? Everyone was so sure Yu Xi was going to wake up so why not wait until she does wake before marrying her? Was he afraid she’d find another excuse to run away? Was he afraid she might wake up and not remember him? (Wouldn’t that have been awkward!) I don’t get the urgency when the poor girl is obviously not going anywhere. She’s in a coma, for cryin’ in the beer-cheese soup!

Unnichan: THANK YOU! That was just bonkers. Perhaps, the timeline wasn’t expressed well enough but from what I gathered, Yu Xi hadn’t been in a coma for more than a few days, before they came up with this cockamamie idea. I would even be understanding if we’d seen her in a coma for more than an episode and a half, three to six months had passed and some complications were coming up like moving her to a safer place or it was difficult for Zhan Cheng to spend every waking moment with her at her mother’s place. If only they’d given me a viable reason for this insinuated marriage, I’d have rolled with it. I mean, if we’d gotten a proposal or an engagement before hand, something! ‘Cause without it, it felt like taking Yu Xi’s choice away and stripping her of the opportunity to say “Yes.” Not to mention it cheated us as the audience. I didn’t like any of it, even with their attempt to rectify things later. It’s sad because no one is upset they’re married or happy or alive and able to walk and see, with all their memories intact (lol)...

Drama Debussie: You ladies are both right and I totally agree with everything that you’re saying. Although I’ve officially moved on to the WOOSAH stage of dealing with the ending of this show. Which means for me to try to explain my utter confusion and frustration with the way Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi finally (FINALLY) got their happy ending would set me back. That being said, I understand the next topic I’m going to be mentioning will inevitably do exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Fei Fei and Yu An anyone? Okay, we all knew how their story was going to end, and I’m sure there are some SLY fans who are squeeing over them ending up together. BUT COME ON! I kept thinking, “This show is going to do the right thing. Yu An is finally going to speak up and say maybe they should take some time to figure out what they both want.” But nope. Nope. Damn you, optimism! *shakes fist at sky*

Zombie: Haven’t you learned by now that optimism only leads to disappointment? Fei Fei and Yu An were destined to be together. It was the fate written in their stars. (You also can’t argue with a pushy mom and an overeager young lady.) No matter what Yu An may have wanted in life, he’s destined to spend the rest of his life with Fei Fei and I can only hope that he’s okay with that fate. Show is certainly trying to make us believe he’s okay and since I no longer care about anything, I’m just going to go along with this. If Yu An is miserable a year or so down the road, all I can say is it’s his own fault. His chance to grow a spine has past, now he has to live with Fei Fei forever.

Unnichan: You know? There was this moment with Yu An and Mom when I just knew she was going to say, “Xiao Yan, go back to the church.” I was literally waiting for it. Call that optimism if you want but any romance between Fei Fei and Yu An didn’t seem plausible, not now anyway. Then you got the nerve to have them engaged before the credits roll?! Naw. Fei Fei isn’t a bad person, neither is Yu An and honestly, I’m sure they will be happy. Plus, since Yu An’s happiness is contingent on the happiness of others, well, that’s that. Everyone is happy, including Vanessa and her not quite bouncing bundle baobei. Not only does it have a mother, it has godparents and a father that will be remembered as loving its mother. This drama talked about happiness and I’m glad everyone seemed happy in the end, and at this point, it doesn’t really matter if it was narratively forced or not.

Drama Debussie: I’m telling you, WOOSAH. Let’s not make it seem like we hated this show. I remember before all the crazy we really liked what this show was doing and I’m sure we give them credit for that. This show had plenty of fans and for good reason. I loved Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi’s romance. They were able to successfully convince us that he was in love with Yu Xi for who she was and not because she shared a face (and DNA) with his dead lover. I mean, I’m not ashamed to say that Zhan Cheng is now in my top 20 favorite heroes list. Sure, he was almost too perfect, but we don’t move into the dramaverse for men that should be characters on Love and Hip Hop now do we? This isn’t a favorite of mine, but it had its highlights.

Zombie: Indeed it did and up until the crazy struck, I really enjoyed this one. Even now, despite the crazy, I can look back on this drama and see its merits. The overall theme of unconditional love and happiness is lovely and I’m happy they stuck with these themes throughout, even if I’m not particularly happy with the way they were obtained. In the end, we got our “happily ever after” so I choose to be satisfied.

Unnichan: Wang Kingone sold Zhan Cheng for me until the very end. He was good till the last drop and I think that is what really counts. Scripts fall apart all the time, but if, in the midst of insanity, you feel that pull to a story’s characters, that’s what makes it worth the journey. Someone Like You did exactly what it set out to do and hopefully created a bigger fanbase for its stars because of their performances. I will always appreciate how wonderful and heartfelt the love development of our couple was crafted and that had mostly to do with Kirsten and Kingone. Drama endings can put a bad taste in your mouth but as we’ve all said, looking toward a story’s sentiment is the best way to walk away appreciative of the experience and glad you met some wonderful characters and witnessed a sweet and endearing love.

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