Are you ready to join Zombie Mamma, Drama Debussie and me for another week of Someone Like You? As usual, we are left with a page of questions in anticipation and concern for our couples' future, but before all that, our drama covers, dog allergies, the promise of burgeoning romance, happy mothers, and crummy boyfriends. Thankfully, in the midst of it all, Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi draw closer together, making the sexiest dance created, the sweetest gift, and most tender exchange.

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Unnichan: Hey! Hey! Look Alikes! We are back with another Someone Like You Drama Club and though there wasn’t much to sink our teeth into, by way of uncovering mysteries, we do get a couple new characters and better insight on the motivations of our characters. But firstly, I need to begin by saying, me and Baby (Bo Yan) are through!

Zombie: Here! Here! That man is an absolute horror and the sooner Yu Xi realizes it, the better!

Drama Debussie: He didn't even claim her when his new princess boss asked about her! How dare you, sir! How dare you. You don't deserve her!

Unnichan: Honestly, when he dismissed her so quickly, I thought perhaps, (she and) I had gotten it wrong. But then, she comes bouncing up with her “Baby” coo and I thought, no, no, I was right. This guy is the worst! And when you think about it, that isn’t even the harshest thing he did all episode. He actually called her out, not to spend time with her, mind you, but to press her about Zhan Cheng!

Zombie: That’s what convinced me he was absolute scum. Watching him try to coerce information about Zhan Cheng from Yu Xi by laying a guilt trip on her was just too much for me but then he has to go and try to bribe the info out of her with a sweet potato. Sorry man but I’m done with you. Now I just have to wait until Yu Xi realizes her man’s trying to use her to get inside information and drops him like a bad habit. 

Drama Debussie: Well, it should be pretty easy to start to let him go seeing that Zhan Cheng is quickly making his way up the dreamy hero ladder. Because that's a thing. I appreciate the relationship they are beginning to establish. You know, he annoys her in an adorable way but its all good because she gets him to do things that he doesn't think he can do? Like doing the tango. Who saw that coming?

Unnichan: You’d think only the dancing would weaken a few knees over this guy but the tango was only the half. His pointed satisfaction with her surprise over the scarf purchase, flitted a butterfly or two. But overall, I really appreciated the purposeful introduction of dancing. Because for me, it was show’s way of telling us what to look forward to. This drama has a pacing and order. There will be a step by step movement, a seduction and a payoff. And that makes me quite happy.

Zombie: There are also going to be a lot of bumps and bruises along the way but in the end it will all be worth it (or I’m hoping it will be anyway). Personally, I enjoy watching Yu Xi force Zhan Cheng out of his own little world of self-pity. I love the way she’s teaching him to take a look at the world around him and admit that he’s not the only one who’s been suffering these past three years. By forcing him to look beyond himself and consider those around him, Zhan Cheng is beginning to take those first steps towards healing and that makes my heart happy.

Drama Debussie: I have to admit that I'm highly enjoying the way they are both getting to a point where they are getting comfortable enough with each other that they are pushing each other to be better. Both have strengths that are being transferred to each other and it's fantastic. Watching Yu Xi help Zhan Cheng find a great gift for his mother gave me fuzzy feelings I'm not prone to having and the tango dancing just put me over the edge. Of course the tango dancing doesn't exactly carry over well from love interests to mother and son. That's another story for another day.

Unnichan: Ha.That was an interesting transition. However, the Mommy tango was the moment that moved me the most. Parents who love their kids always tugs at me and you can tell that Mom was overjoyed to see her son breaking out of his cocoon. There was also a nice moment with Yu Xi’s mom as well this episode. It made me think the theme this week was awakening new happiness. For, Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng are both developing parts of themselves they haven’t broached in far too long. And I like that we have a couple that is similar much less than they are different. The opposites attract premise is cute but fizzles quickly for me, however, when we have couples that are similar, I find it much more fluid.

Zombie: As much as I enjoyed watching Zhan Cheng interact with his family, I do have to wonder how well they’re going to take to Yu Xi and how that’s going to play out in both their relationship as a couple and his relationship with his family. Obviously they’re all shocked by Yu Xi’s resemblance to Luo Han but are they going to make this coincidence into something more or are they going to let it go? I mean it’s not like Zhan Cheng chose her because of her looks so they shouldn’t really be able to make this an issue but I get the feeling this isn’t going to just blow over. I can already see his sister using this as an excuse to get Yu Xi out of the picture but what about his mom? Will she allow her son to be with a woman who looks just like his lost love? Will it matter if he’s happy? I know, I ask too many questions.

Drama Debussie: No, but they're important questions to ask!

Unnichan: My only hope is they stop themselves from ruining something before it even begins. Zhan Cheng knows nothing of the physical resemblance, therefore it has no bearing on his warming up to Yu Xi or his compliments on her efforts. As for Fei Fei, well, she surprised me at how cute she can be with Yu An, so I need her to stick to that side of things. But since, all she really wants is Zhan Cheng’s healing and happiness, I won’t be surprised if she feels ejecting Yu Xi is the best way to achieve it. However, I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say, if a seeing Zhan Cheng is what they all want, Yu Xi needs to hang around a little while longer.

Drama Debussie: I second that emotion.

Zombie: All in favor, say “aye”...

Drama Debussie and Unnichan: AYE!

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