Drama Debussie: Hello! Another week of Someone Like You means another week of cookies, curable blindness, and horrible boyfriends. You know, there comes a time when a child has to ask their mother the important questions. Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? Do I have a twin sister that you never told me about that was at one point engaged to my boss?

Watch episode 4:

Unnichan: Exactly! And at times like those mothers should do their best to be truthful by explaining that babies don't grow on trees, the sky is whatever you want it to be and yep, you're so not my kid.

Zombie: Moms these days… They have so much explaining to do! I was a little confused by Yu Xi’s mom’s answer though. Is she really Yu Xi’s mom or isn’t she? She lost me somewhere in all of her denial but whatever. With so many other people running around reminding Zhan Cheng of Luo Han, does it really make a difference?

Drama Debussie: There’s definitely something fishy going on as far as what relationship Yu Xi has with her mom. There was a moment where Yu Xi’s mom mentioned she was her sister and I’m slightly suspicious that’s closer to the truth. Who knows with this show, right?

Unnichan: That was my biggest issue with everything concerning this cover up. Mom is clearly lying and refuses to tell the truth, but does her best to confuse and self-deprecate so that Yu Xi forgets what she really wants to know. And that isn't cool at all. I want to make this solely about lying and be ruffled because there is no shame in adoption or the like but since we don't know all the particulars, I'll hold back on that. For now.

Zombie: I just want to know why she’s even bothering to lie about all of this in the first place. Is it really going to matter seeing as how Luo Han has already passed away? What’s the point in keeping this secret? It makes me think there’s more to all of this than we may be suspecting but since we have no particulars, it’s hard to know anything for sure.

Drama Debussie: I watched Yu Xi jump in the water to save Zhan Cheng, then Zhan Cheng jumped in the water to save her, and then they both ended up yelling for help while in the water! Not this show’s shining moment, and a perfect example of how nonsensical things can get.

Zombie: That was one of the most ridiculous scenes I’ve ever watched in my life. Talk about a total mood wrecker! They went from sweet and sentimental to complete nonsense in 0.001 seconds. I just laughed as I facepalmed. What a way to ruin a moment. Still, it led to the obligatory “nurse her back to health” scene and I’m always a fan of those so I won’t complain… Too much.

Drama Debussie: Ugh, gotta love a great caretaker scene. Not sure if I’m a huge fan of the face tracing. It was a little too John Travolta/ Face-Off for me. Nevertheless, this episode had quite a few great Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi scenes. I absolutely love that she’s reaching this point that she is unknowingly drawn to Zhan Cheng when she's happy and even when she’s starting to see how shady her “baby” is. I say again, Yu Xi, DO BETTER.

Unnichan: Look, the face tracing borders the gravest criminal offense in dramas--- stolen kisses. I tried to be understanding but there is a line. I absolutely love that she pretty much said "I had nowhere to go but then, I thought of you." Show!!! That really worked for me. I felt that throughout this episode I learned some important attributes about Zhan Cheng and I appreciated that as well. Also it seems, he was actually feeling bad about not being reliable. And that is a big step.

Zombie: That’s a monumental step, actually. I don’t think Zhan Cheng has ever once considered what his disability is doing to those around him. Suddenly Yu Xi shows up and he’s being forced to consider someone other than himself and that’s going to have to have some impact on him and from what I can see, it’s for the better. I’m half expecting Zhan Cheng to come to the decision to have the surgery to restore his eyesight, get it done and then make his grand re-entrance into the world at some crucial moment, probably on the brink of some major crisis at work. It just seems like that’s the most appropriate moment for such a major, life-altering event.

Drama Debussie: I’m really getting annoyed by the fact that his blindness is curable. Most people don’t even have that option and here is Zhan Cheng with this option that he’s not taking.

Zombie: I’m glad I’m not the only one irritated by that! It’s so frustrating to me! Probably because I can’t understand why someone who voluntarily go through life blind. It just doesn’t make sense!

Unnichan: I was irritated from the moment we found out his blindness could be corrected but now I’m over it. I don’t like it, but I can appreciate that he isn’t seeking sympathy over it. Instead, he uses his condition as a way to stay closer to his love and wallow in guilt. And if that’s his choice, fine (because I know it won’t last). I look at it like, sometimes we get the choice to have better lives or live better but we don’t. A person has to get to the point that they want change or feel they deserve it, and thankfully, Zhan Cheng is inching closer to that each week. However at times it does feel like a one step-two step thing.

Drama Debussie: I hope those steps happen quickly because his secret is getting out, slowly but surely. When I saw Yu Xi’s boyfriend recording an unsuspecting Zhan Cheng and then giving the recording to thirsty Vanessa… Let’s just say nobody puts Baby in a corner, but I’ll be more than happy to put Baby in a deep, dark hole somewhere.

Zombie: I wasn’t the only one wanting to punch Bo Yan in the face this week, was I?

Drama Debussie: NOT AT ALL!

Unnichan: I try not to be violent…but dramas are rarely conducive for this practice. Plus, I like the dichotomy of this drama; hug one guy, kick the other. ‘Cause Bo Yan is a complete sleaze! What got me was that at this point I trust nothing he does, especially when he approaches Yu Xi. This little facetime moment had me on edge because I just knew he’d called her to find out what Zhan Cheng’s next move was and hit the jackpot. However, I have to admit I was surprised that he gave Vanessa the recording right away and didn’t use it as leverage in some other capacity or revealed it during a press conference. For some reason that move made me think that he may be scum but not quite that sticky gooey scum that reluctantly holds the world in place. I just wonder what his endgame is. Is he all business or is my gut right and he’s on the fast track, not only in business but in the bedroom?

Zombie: I don’t know… If he’s not the sticky gooey scum, he’s definitely the slimy kind of scum that sticks around, even when you don’t want it to. That man is nothing but trouble and Yu Xi needs to get as far away from him as possible!

Drama Debussie: Far, far away. I definitely think he’s all business, but being all business doesn’t have to mean he has be a jerk. It all goes back to the fantastic conversation Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi had on the boat where he explained choices and that those that truly care about you will make you a priority no matter what. That’s a message everyone should store in their life bank.

Unnichan: Though we can’t know the mind of another, I think it is important to assess the way someone makes you think and feel about yourself. Most often than not, if something isn’t right or “off,” you know but dismiss it, instead of talking about it. Yu Xi asks Zhan Cheng a handful of questions we realized were an issue in her relationship, less than one minute of seeing she and Bo Yan together. And yet, she’s still with him because she doesn’t want to accept what the answers really mean. Zhan Cheng seems like the perfect man, given that conversation but in reality, he was speaking from the point of view of a man who loved a woman and finds that fact a simplifying characteristic. Another great thing I find out about Zhan Chang this week.

Zombie: Zhan Chang is slowly becoming the man of many women’s dreams. The more we learn about him, the more his true character is revealed, the more perfect he becomes. Yes, he still has his downfalls, as we all do, but he’s not the horrible jerk he came off as when he and Yu Xi first met. He’s simply a wounded soul who needs help in healing. Now that he’s getting the help he needs, we see he’s really quite an amazing person which is what’s to be expected from a man who’s soon to be the object of four different women’s desire. I know the cookie baking girl hasn’t made her appearance yet but she’s coming and I have to wonder... Do we really need four different women vying for this man’s attention? Isn’t this drama complicated enough?

Drama Debussie: It seems like a lot to take in but I think we’re up for the challenge. It’ll be fun seeing how our Blind Mr. Darcy (because that’s what I call him) deals with it all.

Unnichan: I find the idea that the two women that actually matter, leave him with some interesting issues. One has your dead lover’s face (and is most likely her sister) and the other, we can assume, has her organs and transferred attributes. If that’s not madness, I really don’t know what else is.

Zombie: Oh the joys of the transplant trope! I can’t wait to see how this new girl carries all the shining qualities of the lost love… That’s just so… Oh never mind. My brain is hurting too much from this madness already... All I can say is, bring on the crazy! 

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