Drama Debussie: Who knew a cookie would be the catalyst for so many things? Who knew there was so much symbolism in one frosted cookie? I don’t know about you guys, but cookies were the name of the game this week on Someone Like You, and I think I gained a few pounds because of it.

Watch episode 5:

Unnichan: Hehe. I’d say so. I want to know how our newest female has so much time on her hands to go about having us all gain virtual kilos. All I know is, that cookie has brought so much more meaning to everything, for everyone it seems.

Zombie: I just wanna know how she manages to make perfectly shaped cookies every single time! Mine never turn out the same, no matter how hard I try! Maybe it’s because they’re such a meaningful cookie. Mine are always baked just to be eaten, not change the lives of everyone who happens to come across them.

Drama Debussie: Right? What kind of power do these cookies have and how can I get some? I guess it’s possible if these cookies were made by someone who’s as perfect as Ya Ti seems. There’s something a little off about her if I’m being honest. She seems to have the same qualities that Luo Han had which only leads me to believe that there’s a potential romance in there somewhere with Zhan Cheng but we all know it won’t lead anywhere substantial. Also, I’m starting to find it odd that while Zhan Cheng is continuously tortured by the memories of Luo Han, he ends up surrounding himself with women that somehow resemble her in some way. Doesn’t seem like a healthy system.

Zombie: I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who found her a bit… Off? Off-putting? Odd? All of the above?

Unnichan: It wasn’t so much that she was odd, for me, because we knew that she would feel a connection to Zhan Cheng but more that she seemed so lethargic as a person. She’s pleasant but in a fog and it didn’t seem to be only because this handsome stranger appeared. I’m sure we can infer that she’s been sick in the past, and that would explain her pensiveness but everything else just didn’t balance. And then, with Auntie telling her not to “like anyone too much?” Almost like there was more to that than just basic foreshadowing.

Zombie: There’s definitely something about Ya Ti that just doesn’t sit well with me. There’s always the possibility that it’s because she’s just too darn sweet for my taste. She has that air of goody-goody-ness that always drives me bonkers. I really can’t stand women like her. They’re always too sweet. Too good. Too blah. There’s nothing interesting there and I don’t like it. I’m also cringing at the very cliched “organ recipient inherits organ donor’s traits” thing we’ve got going on here. I’m sorry but just because Ya Ti may have one of Luo Han’s organs doesn’t mean she automatically knows everything Luo Han knew and can do everything Luo Han could do. It’s an organ people, not a person’s consciousness!

Drama Debussie: What? Organs don’t come equipped with the donor’s consciousness? This is news to me! Call it what it is, goody-goody-ness is boring… and suspicious. I don’t know, I don’t trust her. I did find comfort in the fact that even while she was shooting dreamy eyes at Zhang Cheng all day, the burgeoning romance between Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi was still very much there, even if they don’t realize it yet. I mean, piggyback rides are always serious business in these parts. Granted, it required instructions, but I’ll take it any way I can get it and it was still very sweet. I loved our little Ikea Piggyback Ride. Required some assembly, but a solid addition to our drama space.

Unnichan: Piggyback rides are the bees knees of romance; no upstanding couple can survive without one. I like how with every new development, we see a deeper gentleness to Zhan Cheng and his willingness to do anything for those he cares about. He’s always quick to act, with little concern for himself and though that is dangerous, it’s extremely endearing.

Drama Debussie: *cough*Blind Mr. Darcy*cough*

Unnichan: I also see that the appearance of Ya Ti had a slight affect on Yu Xi, and even if it didn’t make her reevaluate her growing feelings, it definitely gave her a little nudge. My only concern is now that Zhan Cheng knows that Yu Xi and Luo Han are (were) sisters, he doesn’t try to find a way to box her in as a little sister of his own.

Zombie: I think I’d be more concerned with him trying to push Yu Xi away because he feels pursuing Luo Han’s sister is somehow wrong. I suppose in most cases it wouldn’t really be the best thing to do but in this case I can’t see how it would really be a problem. It’s not like Luo Han ever knew she had a sister and Yu Xi is completely clueless so there’s nothing really there for Zhan Cheng to have to worry about. However, the possibility of him pushing Yu Xi aside to pursue someone who has Luo Han’s heart is very real (especially since they both experiences those little twinge-y moments) as is the possibility you mentioned. Little sister-izing Yu Xi would be such a shame but it’s a possibility we can’t rule out. At least in all of this madness there’s one person we can count on to never fall into the category of love-interest… Vanessa. I don’t know why but having a woman who’s in no way in danger of stealing Zhan Cheng’s heart is almost refreshing. Almost.

Drama Debussie: The upside is that even if Zhan Cheng tried to sister-ize Yu Xi it wouldn’t last long. Their cheeks touched while he was giving her a piggyback ride and you would have thought it was the biggest thing ever. Their CHEEKS touched, not their lips. CHEEKS! Also, don’t even me started with Vanessa. The thirst is real, folks.

Unnichan: Don’t get me started on the cheeks. I couldn’t help but giggle. However, I findsolace in the fact she didn’t fall off his back and into the river from the startle. And Vanessa. Oh Vanessa. I am often boggled by the crazy eyed females that announce they love someone but exemplify none of the character traits capable of such an act. We can tell that she feels a type of pity for Zhan Cheng and she believes she has a crush on him, but how is it impossible for her to see that her continued pursuit reveals her to be nothing but a spoiled dilettante.

Zombie: I think the answer to your question lies in the fact that she is a spoiled dilettante. To be able to see herself as she truly is would be asking far more from her than she’s able. She’s obviously never really cared for anyone other than herself which is probably one of the many reasons why Zhan Cheng has never had any feelings for her. How can you love someone who only truly loves one’s self?

Drama Debussie: I need more information on Vanessa. I think she’s capable of being more than just the bitter, selfish female protagonist and I’m really hoping this show will ensure that she is. If anything she needs to get Baby out her life seeing that he’s the main one who wants to destroy Zhan Cheng more than anyone else. Yes, I’m refusing to call him anything other than Baby for the simple fact that I refuse to dedicate his real name to memory.

Unnichan: And I refuse to refer to him as anything other than Bo Yan because he doesn’t deserve endearments. I can see that he wants to take Zhan Cheng down and in his mind it’s all about business but when will all that change? ‘Cause we know it will and when it does, I have the niggling feeling it will still have more to do with Vanessa than his girlfriend. At that point, we may not really care, being we can’t stand the man, but it’s the principle. I also agree that there could be more to Vanessa, that we tapped into on our first encounter, with that elevator scene, but she continues to throw cold water on that vulnerability for me.

Zombie: I’d really like to know why Bo Yan is so dead-set against Zhan Cheng. It doesn’t really make sense to me, seeing as how they’re not on equal in the business world. Does this all stem from Bo Yan’s desire to be in Zhan Cheng’s position or is there more to this? Maybe he was offered a better position if he’s the one to bring down the competition? I mean he was Vanessa’s mom’s assistant first, maybe she promised him something wonderful if he could take out Zhan Cheng…

Drama Debussie: I’m guessing all of that will be revealed somewhere down the line which will be a maddening wait. I guess this is another situation where we must let the answer come to us. I’m just gearing up for the moment Yu Xi gets wise and dumps him. Not only because he deserves it, but also so that she no longer has an excuse for why she can’t consider Zhan Cheng romantically. Can I just say that I loved the way Zhan Cheng’s mom and uncle are already pushing for something to happen between them? I’ll sleep peacefully tonight knowing that they’re Team Zhan Cheng/Yu Xi.

Unnichan: I didn’t know there were teams already…’Cause there’s only one team in my mind.

Drama Debussie: Where there’s this many women interested in one man, teams are a given, UC. I’m just putting in my bid.

Unnichan: The parents weirded me out a bit, though. I’m concerned about why they think Yu XI’s an option. Is it because every woman with Luo Han’s face must fall for Zhan Cheng or because she seems to genuinely care for him? I can say that regardless, they are an adorably happy couple. Which brings me over to Mom who wasn’t nearly as happy this episode. All I will say is that I was disappointed that Mom felt her own insecurities were more important than being honest with her daughter. I can understand never wanting her children to leave her or find out (on their own) they were adopted but given how everything unfolded and Yu Xi’s reaction to the possibility earlier, telling her story then ideal time and opportunity. Yet she squandered it with lies and would rather continue her lie than give daughter a chance to know she had sister.

Zombie: I could understand Mom’s desire to keep this a secret when her children were younger but there comes a point when you know your kids are old enough to handle the truth. With both Yu Xi and her brother grown adults now, it’s way past the time to spill the beans. I mean at this point, there shouldn’t be any fear about having your children taken away because they’re all old enough to be living on their own and after spending their entire life with you, they’re not going to up and turn their backs on you just because a birth mom shows up. I suppose they could but Yu Xi isn’t the type of person who would do that. She’s already made it abundantly clear that she loves her mother more than anyone else in the world. Mom has nothing to fear.

Drama Debussie: I have to agree. When kids are younger there are some things they shouldn’t have to consider, but when you wait until they’re more than old enough to know an important truth about themselves, you’ve then transitioned to protecting yourself more than your child. I feel for mom but I can’t support the secrecy. If fate hadn’t taken over (as it usually does in this world) Yu Xi would still be in the dark. Not cool.

Unnichan: Ok so, now that Yu Xi has graduated from being the laziest nurse to the most eagerly attentive, I’m happy. She’s staying up all night waiting for his knock and buying buzzers. But what do you think set this beeper off? I can’t say I’m complaining but no one wants to walk in on someone else showering--- uninvited.

Zombie: I suppose that’s the mystery that’s going to bring us back next week… Uh… yeah... The mystery is the draw…

Drama Debussie: *plays D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does it Feel) in the background*

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