Snow stories and pebble analogies keep our couple encouraging one another this week on Someone Like You. And while only one more person is let in on Zhan Cheng's blindness, the press gets wind and an unlikely person squashes the buzz. However, it is the weight of a workout that has Drama Debussie, Zombie Mamma, and me hoping Yu Xi never forgets the chill her Baobei has given her.

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Unnnichan: With the way things were left last week, I wasn't sure what we were headed for in Zhan Cheng's bathroom; a screech of surprise, a faint or an incognito tip toe, but drama found a way to make the moment something hilariously unexpected and cheeky, and I must admit though it was sooo wrong, it felt so right.

Drama Debussie: No one can really blame Yu Xi or us for enjoying that shower scene just a bit too much. Sometimes when something so wrong is steamy and soapy like that, you just can’t help it! I will say that I did have the thought that she was simply taking advantage of the moment. Guilt comes easy when you know that the guy you’re spying on is blind.

Zombie: I suppose it would be inappropriate to say this was all a bit of good “clean” fun… Sorry, lame joke. At least the mystery of the phantom call button was solved. Darn those watches! They’re always causing trouble!

Unnichan: That’s why I refuse to wear the things! I was surprised her encounter didn’t come back to haunt her later, though. But I did like how the moment was used to reflect on her relationship with that cad Li Bo Yan.

Zombie: I rather enjoyed that myself. It was an entertaining way to let us in on the fact that Bo Yan works out regularly and, as we all know, his gym schedule played a major part in this week’s episode.

Drama Debussie: Oh Baby. I swear, he’s what every angry Taylor Swift song is about. When you have to wonder if you’re more important than the gym, there’s something wrong. I’m so glad Yu Xi was given the opportunity to see how horrible he can be, especially when it comes to her and their relationship. Granted, the signs were always there, but she she was so preoccupied with keeping the relationship going that she hadn’t stopped to really see that he hasn’t been invested for a while, if ever. It’s sad because you can see that she truly cares about him and that whatever they had was such a huge part of her life. Of course that may be the exact reason she needed to finally see the truth.

Unnichan: Look the best part about the gym vs. self question was Zhan Cheng’s face. Which was the same one I had when Bo Yan acted as though an entire weekend only consists of two to four hours. This man clearly works 15 to 18 hour days and I understand the weekend is a time to relax and focus on yourself, but please tell me how you can’t squeeze a meeting in after or before a workout or a movie date?

Zombie: It’s obvious to pretty much the entire world that Bo Yan doesn’t care for Yu Xi in the slightest and this whole thing was simply the giant smack in the head she needed to realize the truth. Of course he could have rescheduled his training session at the gym, or scheduled this work meeting for any other time of the day on both Saturday or Sunday, but that would imply that he cared and Yu Xi would never get a clue. She’s so blinded by her feelings for Bo Yan she’s not going to pick up on the subtle hints he’s been dropping for who knows how long. She needs his lack of affection spelled out for her and this incredible display of jack-donkey-ness has done the trick. Now that she gets it she can see Bo Yan’s true colors in other areas as well and suddenly he’s not the knight in shining armor she thought he was.

Drama Debussie: What I find most shocking about him is that he is willing to go farther for his boss that he’s only been working for for what seems like a short amount of time than he would ever go for Yu Xi. So far that he almost revealed Zhan Cheng blindness to the world for what would have ultimately been a pat on the back for him and likely the end of Zhan Cheng’s career. Lucky we have Vanessa. Woah, never thought I would ever have to type those words. She has me more conflicted than anyone else on this show! It’s almost as if she want to be the scorned, revenge seeking, antagonist but she’s just not that good at since her resolve seems to melt every time she’s within 3 feet of Zhan Cheng.

Unnichan: I keep saying there is something niggling at me about Bo Yan and Vanessa, and I don’t like it. There was an instant spark from him when he met her and I don’t doubt we'll see even more rise from him where she is concerned. However, he did react when Yu Xi called him out about the date, which surprised me. I am easily annoyed with him because he isn’t direct with Yu Xi and treats her like wallpaper, but I don’t think he realizes what a trash boyfriend he really is. And it’s not surprising that Vanessa stepped in, but I was shocked that she truly seems to want to win legitimately. Not that I thought she would cut corners but more that she appears less spiteful and more determined. But, I will say, Bo Yan standing sheepishly beside her, gave me a twinge of sympathy for him. Vanessa put him in his place in such a way that emphasizes his vulnerability as her subordinate. Being embarrassed like that can be brutal.

Zombie: I can’t say that I feel any twinges of sympathy for Bo Yan. He stepped way out of line with this one and he should be reprimanded for it. Vanessa has every right to be upset with him. Not only did he act expressly against her will, he put the company as whole in a difficult situation, painting them as the bad guys in this “war” between companies. While I’d like to think Vanessa is trying to play fair in this game, I’m not fully convinced yet. I think her feelings for Zhan Cheng are what’s guiding her at the moment, which is fine since they led her to make the right choice, but how long is this going to last?

Drama Debussie: We have 14 episodes remaining so I’m going to say not for long.

Zombie: You’re probably right on that one. What really bothers me with this whole thing is the simple fact that I can’t figure out why Bo Yan is doing this in the first place. He said he thought it would benefit the company but none of his actions seems to be for the greater good. The way I see it, he’s acting like a spiteful, vindictive brat and I can’t figure out why. What does he have against Zhan Cheng and why? He’s acting like he’s got some sort of personal grudge against Zhan Cheng and I can’t, for the life of me, understand why.

Drama Debussie: It’s one of the many mysteries that I’m hoping will get solved before it’s all said and done. He goes just a little too hard for my taste and I’m thinking there’s more too it than just him wanting to do a spectacular job. Meanwhile, another mystery I’m having a hard time figuring out is Zhan Cheng’s stepsister and the fact that she thinks fauxcest is going to happen in this lifetime. We’ve said it before but I’ll say it again to bring the message home. FAUXCEST IS NOT OKAY!

Unnichan: Clearly, Fei Fei doesn’t know that. I mean, she’s busy identifying his mother as her Mom and referring to Zhan Cheng as her brother, yet still doesn’t compute that dating the guy just doesn’t fly. I can only shrug. Maybe this a “young and dumb” thing that I will never understand. I was also floored at how betrayed she tried to feel when she found out who’d she’d been talking to. I’m not saying surprise isn’t supposed to occur or a little saltiness at best but the huffy, ‘I feel exposed’ diva moment was too much. Aren’t confessionals supposed to be confidential to a degree? Anonymous? Who can blame the kid for keeping mum?

Drama Debussie: It seems she has a problem understanding things like confessionals. For some they’re just not as straight forward I guess.

Zombie: The only way I could possibly understand her reaction would be if she, at some point during their last encounter, had a “moment” when she maybe felt a little something for the man who “rescued” her. I’m not saying that she did, but that’s the only explanation I could come up with that might make sense. More than likely she’s just a spoiled brat and she’s not afraid to show it but I suppose you never know...

Unnichan: I guess that’s also my point, she was attracted to Yu An which means she knows there are other options out there, why cling to Zhan Cheng, who shouldn’t even register as a viable romantic player?

Zombie: Again, I’m going with the whole spoiled brat theory. She’s so used to getting her way, hearing “no” from anyone just isn’t going to register. Even when that “no” comes from the man himself. We all know she’s never going to get anywhere with her brother. EVER. She just needs to get a clue and move on. There are other fish in the sea girlie. Let him go!

Drama Debussie: Moving on seems to be something that all of these characters need to do.

Unnichan: Exactly. But it's easier said, than done, given how Yu Xi used her little romantic snow tragedy to challenge Zhan Cheng to take living his life more seriously. There’s nothing wrong with missing love, desiring to reunite with that love or waiting for love for a lifetime; it’s all the things in between that matter and there’s no justification for isolating yourself and others. I’m grateful Yu Xi is getting our Darcy to confront, and not just rationalize.

Zombie: She’s trying anyway and I’d like to think it’s working but he’s kept himself cut off from the rest of the world for so long, it’s going to take some time for him to start letting people in again. He’s slowly beginning to open up to other though and I applaud him for that. It’s obviously not easy for him but he’s trying. As long as Yu Xi keeps pushing him to try, he’s going to make progress and that’s what he needs more than anything. He needs to start living again. Thank goodness he’s got Yu Xi around to make sure he does! After all, if it weren’t for dearest, loveliest Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy would be stuck in his ways forever.

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