Unnichan: For me, this episode of Someone Like You had me quite upset with all the lies and crazy. Especially from that punk Bo Yan. I need a nasty nickname for him because his sleaze is getting beyond my comprehension. Not only did he boldface lie to Yu Xi, he did it, without thought. And by that I mean, nonchalantly and without thinking that she could tell Zhan Cheng all about it. The man is the worst!

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Zombie: I can no longer watch a single scene with that slime-ball in them without physically shuddering. Starting off with all the lies was bad enough but then he has to go and get all nasty and confrontational with Zhan Cheng and then he pulls this stunt with Vanessa at the end and I’m just like… NOPE! This guy is nasty through and through and he needs to go away. Now. Of course if he did that we’d have no bad guy to hate so I guess he has to stay but Yu Xi needs to get as far away from him as she can. She deserves so much better than the likes of Bo Yan.

Drama Debussie: Baby turned up his deviousness to 11 this week and I don’t have time for it. I really thought Baby’s time on this show would be short lived, and I’m not sure why. I thought that Yu Xi would soon see that he wasn’t worth her time, break up with him and that would be the last we would hear from Baby. *sign* Wishful thinking, I guess.

Unnichan: It was definitely that moment with Zhan Cheng that had me steaming. I felt it was the first time we really saw his true colors. He was nasty, rude, smug, pompous. He had no qualms admitting he’s using Yu Xi, almost as though he was proud. I absolutely hated that moment for Zhan Cheng because I believe it’s one of the worst things to find out that someone your friend adores thinks so very little of them. It’s one thing to hear it second hand, to have an inkling and believe it may be true but to see it with your own eyes is something else altogether. And I’m not the only one that believes he also lied to Vanessa, right?

Zombie: Not at all! After everything he did this week, there’s no way I’m going to ever believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Ever! This man has proven himself to be the scum of the earth so it only makes sense to assume the worse when it comes to this whole thing with Vanessa. Sorry but when a woman wakes up in a strange person’s house and can’t figure out what happened to her clothes and can’t remember a thing… Well, it only makes sense to expect the worst, especially with a sleaze bucket like Bo Yan around. I can totally see him taking advantage of Vanessa and twisting this whole thing to fit his will, whatever that will might be. He’s manipulative and nasty, he would have no qualms in pressing his advantage in this situation.

Drama Debussie: He’s an habitual liar, that much he’s proven. He’s all about numero uno and you can’t trust people like that. I was sure he was going to tell Vanessa that something actually happened between them simply because it fit in with his general penchant for manipulating the women in his life. Although since he only told her that he changed her clothes while she was passed out because she had been sick (which doesn’t come off creepy AT ALL) something tells me he has something far worse in store for Vanessa.

Unnichan: Well good, cause I was thinking perhaps it was just me hating the guy but I, like you, just know he has something else going on. Just the idea repulses me. What is his problem? Show when will you tell us?! And I need this to happen STAT! I don’t like the idea of Yu Xi growing feelings for Zhan Cheng and believing she’s cheated on him or something. I need the axe to fall on their relationship (and him) before things move any quicker with our couple.

Zombie: Yes please! Yu Xi is the type of person who will feel an extraordinary amount of guilt for something she feels is wrong, even if it’s nothing anyone else would feel guilty for, which means she’s in for a tough time now that she’s beginning to realize Zhan Cheng is starting to feel something for her and she him. This entire episode proved just how far Yu Xi is willing to go to make things right, even if nothing was her fault. I mean she quit her job because Bo Yan is a jerk. This makes me think she’s going to start feeling all kinds of guilty towards Bo Yan as her feelings for Zhan Cheng grow and that just makes me mad. Bo Yan is a waste of time and she needs to let him go. She can’t keep holding on to him, not after the way he’s been treating her these past few episodes. And one would think she’d start to pick up on Bo Yan’s schemes when he tells her not to quit her job. Just the way he said it, with all the stammering and such, it’s obvious to the entire world that he’s just making up an excuse because he wants the inside scoop on her boss.

Drama Debussie: Yu Xi should’ve known he was up to no good as soon as he offered to make her food and then showed more affection than he’s shown since we’ve met them. Where there’s smoke...

Zombie: If Yu Xi doesn’t start to get a clue soon, I’m going to be very disappointed. I suppose she could hold on to her loser boyfriend until he does something monumentally stupid but that would just suck to watch and the frustration we would have to deal with until that time came… Ugh! I don’t even want to think about it.

Unnichan: I was already disappointed with how easily she swallowed his bull. But after Bo Yan’s conversation (altercation) with Zhan Cheng, it got me thinking how long has he been using Yu Xi? It begs the idea that he’s just kept her around because she brings him food. In most cases he ignores her when she’s around, therefore even if he finds her to be a nuisance, he’s really good at zoning out and sticking to his task. Initially, I believed he cared about her, I even thought his reaction last week at hurting her may be residual reflection of that, but now, I don’t believe any of that. Yu Xi truly has to begin to recognize what is right in her face. Not only does her boyfriend lie, he takes her for granted, disrespects her effort and disregards her feelings.

Drama Debussie: While a certain rage takes over me whenever we have to watch Yu Xi’s one-sided relationship with Bo Yan, there’s also this overwhelming sadness that accompanies that rage. As frustrating as it is to watch, Yu Xi’s desperate attempts to make her relationship work with Bo Yan is an indication of not only how much she wants to be loved by Bo Yan, but more an indication of how much she wants to be loved in general. Yu Xi has so much love to give and she deserves to have it return. That’s why I love the relationship that is building between her and Zhan Cheng. They both have love that deserves to be shared and they also want to be needed. These are two aspects that both of them of capable of giving and receiving. It’s beautiful slowly watching then grow into people that have the potential to have a relationship where all the things they desire from a significant other can be reciprocated.

Unnichan: Growth is a big thing on this show, and I think realizing what love really is and to act and reflect that is key. The relationship between Bo Yan and Yu Xi, makes you wonder how she views herself and love. Because by golly it isn’t about ignoring things and only seeing what you want to see. And I suppose that goes for she and Fei Fei at this point.

Drama Debussie: Oh, Cray Cray Fei Fei...

Zombie: At least Fei Fei is starting to get a clue. I loved the way Yu Xi’s brother helped Fei Fei see that her feelings for Zhan Cheng aren’t actually romantic but are really more the love between a brother and sister. Now whether Fei Fei chooses to remember this lessons or not, is an entirely different story but we’ll see. It’s possible she may come to realize that romantic feelings and sibling love are not the same thing. I’m hoping that’s the case anyway. She doesn’t seem like a bad person, just spoiled and a bit selfish. I think if she keeps hanging around Yu Xi’s brother, she might turn out alright after all.

Drama Debussie: The fact that she needed Yu An to point out that she was confusing sibling love for romantic love worries me. Sure, she’s young and foolish, but I sometimes wonder how she’s operating on a regular basis when the world’s a generally confusing place. Seriously, how has she gotten this far in life?

Unnichan: The first thing I think concerning her is that she might have a chronic problem with falling for unattainable guys. But I she has growing room. I couldn’t help but get annoyed though when she refused to see that Zhan Cheng wasn’t taking up for Yu Xi but scolding her for being prejudiced. It’s true that Zhan Cheng cares for Yu Xi and her feelings but don’t make it into something that it isn’t. It’s also true that he was also privy to much more information than both ladies, however, either way, she deserved the rebuff. Yet, with all that said, I’m glad show has revealed her to just be the confused little girl we knew she was and we can focus our attention on the other women in Zhan Cheng’s life. And thankfully, with this last snafu, it looks as though he may take a giant step toward correcting his sight. I know this whole “road rage” moment was just another way to get Zhan Cheng to let down another wall, but let me tell you, I was yelling all sorts of “What just happened here?” at my screen when that idiot pulled out a bat.

Drama Debussie: That was the worst case of road rage I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell that this show likes to create dramatic scenes for their characters and then turn it up a notch by asking, “Now, how can we make this crazier?”

Zombie: Yeah, that whole scene was nothing short of ridiculous but it did bring about some very emotional moments for our OTP so I won’t complain. Instead I’ll rejoice in the fact Zhan Cheng is starting to feel again. He’s letting his guard down, he’s opening up, he’s allowing himself to live and feel and care and that is a wonderful thing. That whole scene in the hospital was probably my favorite of the week. Not that I enjoy watching a broken man cry but there was healing in those tears and they helped convey a very important message to Yu Xi. As clueless as that girl can be when it comes to Bo Yan, she seems to be able to pick up on Zhan Cheng’s subtleties rather well. It took her half a second to interpret his tears and though she was kinda freaking out a bit, she handled the whole thing rather well. Now if only she could come to accept the fact that the guy having a total breakdown because he couldn’t protect her is so much better than the idiot who didn’t even bother to visit her in the hospital, things would be so much better.

Unnichan: Urrrgh that BO YAN! I have to admit I loved that moment too, because for weeks I’ve been harping on Zhan Cheng doing what he needs to do to be able to accomplish what means most to him; protect and guard those he loves, but in reality, there is always something that will render us helpless. And Zhan Cheng is a character that has experienced this on a level that most of us never do. Sure, he can correct his sight, but how does that change his limitations as a human being? And not being able to see gave him that out that he’s needed for awhile, but now, it’s become his outlet to move forward. To realize he can and should take steps toward healing. It was a great moment. Now I’m looking ahead to smexy glances and tension, that have them touching cheeks, on purpose.

Zombie: That will be a great moment indeed!

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