Zombie: So out of curiosity, I wasn’t the only one squeeing over cheeky movie tricks and screeching over slimy boyfriends this week on Someone Like You, was I?

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Unnichan: That sounds about right, if what you mean by screeching is silently planning hit jobs.

Drama Debussie: No man takes a woman to a horror film without expecting her to use him as a human shield during the scary parts. That’s drama strategery at its finest. Or as I like to call it, drategery. Nevertheless, no one is more strategic and conniving than Baby. Ugh, the horrible things I wanted to do him this week.

Unnichan: Bo Yan is either the worst boyfriend in the history of scum, slime-ball boyfriends or he’s the most underdeveloped complicated character I’ve seen in all my drama watching days.

Zombie: I’m gonna go with the first one, and by screeching, I meant I want to throw bricks at his head.

Unnichan: Bricks, grenades… I see little difference. But the one thing I was thankful for this entire episode was Yu Xi FINALLY getting a clue. I was concerned when she was ecstatic to have surpassed the trainer on Bo Yan’s “to-do” list, but show recovered it all with her piecing together his lies and manipulation. I was so glad about it however, I didn’t really have time to feel bad for her… So sorry, Yu Xi.

Drama Debussie: Yu Xi is finally, FINALLY seeing the light and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Actually, it could have but she was determined to live in denial in the most frustrating of ways.

Zombie: I just hope she takes this new-found knowledge and puts it to good use. If she refuses to drop Bo Yan after all that she’s learned, I’m going to have to write her off as the most pathetic of people. I know she likes to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is why she’s allowed Bo Yan to treat her so poorly up to this point, but there comes a point when too much is just too much and she’s so far beyond that, it’s not even funny.

Drama Debussie: I have to say, I felt for her a little when just as she thought she defeated the personal trainer for Baby’s attention, she immediately loses it to Vanessa. This war for the exclusive attention and affection you deserve from him cannot be won, Yu Xi! Just surrender! He’s not worth it!

Unnichan: Look, Bo Yan has always been into Vanessa, but this episode felt different. For just when I thought we were going to find out what happened the other night, we have a new night to contend with. Yu Xi is very hurt right now, so there is no way to know how she will act once that pain passes. I want to believe she’ll hold onto this disillusionment long enough to break things off with Bo Yan, but I don’t think we can really trust Yu Xi to do what we think.

Zombie: As hurt as Yu Xi is now, I think she’s going to have to suffer a bit more before she finally breaks things off with Bo Yan. She’s going to have to somehow find out what’s happened between them and that will probably be the thing that finally pushes her over the edge. In the meantime, I’m going to be sitting here throwing bricks at Vanessa’s head too. Sorry but when a slime-ball like Bo Yan forces himself on you and then you turn around and kiss him back… Well, you just need help. Lots and lots of help. And bricks. Thrown at your head.

Drama Debussie: Preach. That kiss could be added to the seemingly endless list of questionable drama kisses, that’s for sure. I think what offended me the most in that moment is that he was doing what he does best. Vanessa was completely broken and vulnerable. She finally had to accept that the feelings she has toward Zhan Cheng weren’t going to be reciprocated any time soon, so of course Bo Yan had to step in to take advantage of her. Irregardless of what true feelings he may have for her (if he even has feelings), right now his greed trumps them. It’s enough to make you sick.

Unnichan: Bo Yan makes my skin crawl and causes words to form in my brain that I don’t use in my daily vernacular. The thing is, what offended me long before that rancid kiss, was Vanessa’s thought process to why Zhan Cheng hasn’t accepted her advances. I get that men are supposed to be attracted to what is shiny and pretty but truly is that all there is? Is that the only possible reason he has turned her down? What about him and his feelings? His love for another woman? And then to top it off, the insinuation from Bo Yan that because Vanessa supposedly loves Zhan Cheng, it’s Zhan Cheng’s duty to love her back or at least accept her feelings. It’s one the most backwards things in drama logic and I will never understand it.

Zombie: Nothing makes sense when it comes to Vanessa’s obsession with Zhan Cheng. He made it perfectly clear, however many years ago, that he wasn’t interested and he hasn’t changed his mind sense. He’s been upfront with her about his feelings from the very beginning and she still refuses to accept his rejection. This is what doesn’t make sense to me. If he said no then and he says no now, that’s a pretty good indication that he’s never going to say yes. Just get over him and move on! Also, if you’re gonna drown your sorrows in copious amounts of alcohol, do it at home! Last week’s run-in with Bo Yan should have been enough to teach Vanessa that rather important lesson but apparently she didn’t pay much attention.

Drama Debussie: Paying attention seems to be difficult for many of the characters in this show. I’m glad Yu Xi is finally catching up with the rest of us on how horrible her Baby is, but now she has another potential issue on her hands. Look, I know Ya Ti is overwhelmingly sweet and Yu Xi really likes her (how could she not?). Of course she could be an issue when Yu Xi finally realizes she cares for Zhan Cheng in more than a professional manner. I mean, Ya Ti has the heart (which seems to come complete with that cell memory that dramas love to use) of Zhan Cheng’s first love and resembles her quite a bit, personality-wise. There’s just something so Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember about her.

Unnichan: And I think she knows that (being most of us know how that story ended). That’s why she’s keeping love at bay. But eventhough Ya Ti may be sweet, she’s also a low-talker. She basically whispers. I actually had to turn up my volume to hear her, which makes me wonder if you can even breathe around her without the fear of missing what she has to say… And that’s annoying. That girl can keep her cookie recipes and distant creepy deja vu moments. I didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly but Ya Ti, sweetie, I can’t.

Zombie: There’s never been a moment involving Ya Ti that I could. Sorry but that whole cell memory thing kills me. I will never understand how a person who inherits someone else’s organ automatically inherits all of the memories of that person as well. I mean it’s a heart people! A FLIPPING HEART! It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t carry around the memories of the one who used it before. It’s just a heart. It pumps blood, it beats, the end. All of this “Oh, I think I remember this” crap is just a bunch of nonsense and I cannot stand it! And that whole heart leading her to Zhan Cheng’s hospital room… Dude! If my heart ever started dragging me anywhere, I’d be begging the doctors to get it out of me. Hearts just don’t do that!

Drama Debussie: Almost makes you wonder if Zhan Cheng’s new eyes are going to come complete with some cell memory as well seeing that we’re already going down this rabbit hole. NOT THAT THEY SHOULD! There seems to be enough that will be coming with Zhan Cheng’s new sight, including the big question. Now that he can see, what place does Yu Xi have in his life? He’s already said that he needs her, but that will have to be expanded for her to have a great reason to stay. I’m already salivating over how they’ll finally get smart and figure out he’s more than a boss to her and she’s more than a caretaker to him. The past has already confirmed that he will come that conclusion before her. Just sayin’.

Unnichan: Oh he’s so going to fake the eye sight recovery. And since he’s always the one figuring things out, he also knows that he wants more time with her. For, I’m sure he thinks he’s doing it for her, but we all know there’s more to that. I’m also not too sure he doesn’t know already that his feelings aren’t as cut and dry as they should be. Or maybe he doesn’t think they should be? He sees her as a friend and he needs to establish and solidify that relationship before she can use the excuse of her nurse position being no longer valid.

Zombie: I’m pretty sure Zhan Cheng is already very much aware of his feelings for Yu Xi. He wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of renting her that cable car, or renting out an entire theater just so she could cling to him in terror, or, you know, decking her boyfriend, if he didn’t like her. The question is, how long is he going to play the part of the cool and indifferent boss/friend. (And what kind of a strange role is that, anyway?) Is he going to keep himself at a distance while he lets Yu Xi figure things out on her own, or is he going to start being a little more proactive, now that he’s got his sight back? I think I’d be okay either way, as long as Yu Xi doesn’t try to remove herself from the picture entirely. She has a thing about hanging onto guilt and using that as an excuse to run away. If she feels bad about Bo Yan (again) is she going to try to run away (again)? I’m afraid to have that question answered, mostly because I think I already know the answer.

Drama Debussie: Oh, we all know the answer, but maybe it won’t come true if we don’t actually say it. Because that always works. 

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