Blood clots and tofu soup are what has Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng seeking fresh air, relaxation, and cotton candy dates. But while our couple is finding refuge, Ya Ti's ticker is making it harder for her to keep her feelings to herself. Join Drama Debussie, Zombie Mamma, and me as we discuss our need for less tap dancing and more and more and more tangos!

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Drama Debussie: Yello, SLY drama clubbers! Yet another week of cookies and untrustworthy boyfriends! Was I the only one that found it slightly funny that Yu Xi was more offended that Bo Yan’s ulterior motives ruined the tofu soup delivery that day he filmed proof that Zhan Cheng was blind? He’s sullied the tofu soup memory! Seriously, I think he’s ruined tofu soup for her forever. I understand she’s hurt, but it should bother her that she invested so much in the tofu soup gesture. It’s just tofu soup, not the sign from the drama gods that your relationship can be restored.

Unnichan: She did spend quite awhile on that soup. But I think it’s about what the tofu soup represents to her. The fact that he used a normally caring, thoughtful gesture to emotionally manipulate her. The soup is important because to her it’s the small things that she values. And he knowing that, played her. I doubt the fate of her relationship rested on takeaway tofu soup, for her, because if so, then the fact it was cold should have been a big red flag.

Drama Debussie: Of course and it looks like she’s still holding on to that sliver of hope that Bo Yan will pull himself together. Can’t believe she asked for time to think. Sure she doesn’t know the full scope of Bo Yan’s deviousness, but she knows enough to run, don’t walk, out of that relationship. Come on, Yu Xi!

Zombie: I’m so glad I’m not the only one wailing over the fact Yu Xi still can’t let Bo Yan go. I mean he did ruin her perfectly good bowl of tofu soup! That’s enough right there to end any decent relationship, let alone a relationship with a sleaze-bag like Bo Yan. Of course if that soup ruining wasn’t enough, there’s the whole messing with her boss thing too… If this girl can’t figure out she needs to throw Bo Yan off that bridge (literally, if at all possible) then she needs serious help.

Drama Debussie: I think we’ve all quickly learned that nothing good ever happens near a body of water in dramas, so this relationship was doomed from the start. Bo Yan continues to leave me conflicted every week. He’s probably the worst boyfriend EVER (which is saying a lot as far as bad boyfriends in dramas are concerned), but his interaction with Vanessa sometimes makes me think that he may be capable of caring for someone. Then I wonder if maybe I’m just in denial, desperately not wanting to believe that he could be as much of the weasel he continues to prove he is. Ugh, help!

Unnichan: I throw my hands up when it comes to Bo Yan because he confused me terribly on the bridge. Why won’t he just let Yu Xi go? Wouldn’t that be the easiest thing to do? At least then, you can get your way out, without having to do anything yourself. Last week, I was wondering how long he’s been using Yu Xi and that moment confirmed to me that it’s been quite some time (years?). Clearly he’s all alone in the world and he’s just keeping her around as comfort food. He doesn’t love her, if he loves anyone and I don’t think there’s anything or anyone he wouldn’t use to get what he wants. I kept going back and forth with what his endgame may be, because though I’ve always known something was up between he and Vanessa, I think she too is just a pawn or rather a step in his climb up the corporate ladder.

Zombie: When it comes to Bo Yan I’ve adopted a very simple philosophy. Believe none of the words that come out of his mouth and don’t trust him any farther than you can throw him. I don’t care what he says or does, I don’t believe he has an honest bone in his body and I’m thoroughly convinced he’s never up to anything but trouble. He’s a pretty good actor though, I’ll give him that. He can make anyone believe anything but one of these days all this trickery and two-faced-ness is going to catch up with him and I’m gonna throw a party when it does.

Drama Debussie: I RSVP right now for that party. I always thought Bo Yan would’ve let Yu Xi break up with him and then go on his merry way. Although, when the begging started I almost spit all over my screen. I hate how good at being bad he is. Good thing we have Zhan Cheng to make sure we don’t lose all hope in mankind on this show. I’m not sure how I feel about this whole one-sided flirtation going on with him and Ya Ti, though. I do find comfort in knowing that he quite obviously doesn’t see her, and not just because he’s blind.

Unnichan: Ya Ti and I were over last week, so this week I was in --- “What is she doing on my screen?” mode. The gasping and grasping at her chest is just too much. Go ahead and figure out the heart thing already people so we can move on. And you should have seen my face when she said Yu Xi is like a little sister to her. *instant side-eye* Not in the mood. All I can say is, I was glad Zhan Cheng is not only fairly oblivious but sincerely not into her. He only thinks of her in terms of making Ya Ti happy and that makes me happy too.

Zombie: I’ve decided I need to start watching this drama with a bag of marshmallow in hand, that way when I’m super annoyed with both Bo Yan and Ya Ti, I can safely throw them at my computer and not risk breaking anything. That’s the point I’ve gotten to with them both. I’m so beyond annoyed with all of Ya Ti’s heart nonsense. I just can’t deal with it! It’s so ridiculously ridiculous that I just want to… To… Okay, I’m so frustrated I can’t even think straight at the moment! This is how annoyed I am. All I can say (again) is that IT’S! A! HEART! It doesn’t have a brain, it doesn’t have feelings or memories and IT DOES NOT REMEMBER THAT STUPID WEDDING DRESS! Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

Drama Debussie: Ridiculous seems to sum it up pretty well and ranting is a pretty appropriate way to respond. As we mentioned last week, the dramaverse’s use of the cellular memory syndrome is questionable, and this show uses it like no other. I get that there has to be some way that Zhan Cheng proves that he is ready to move on from Luo Han so that he can move on to...another romance. Ya Ti having Luo Han’s heart certainly establishes that conflict. Although, wouldn’t that same conflict be set up if, I don’t know, he was in close proximity with someone who looks exactly like Luo Han? Oh, wait.

Unnichan: Heh. Conflict can be created in ordinary things but dramas think that it’s better to create twelve outside forces, instead of dealing with one substantial internal problem. The only promising that has come out of Ya Ti’s one-sided heart tug, is getting the “okay” to pursue love. I know she’s sick but just be honest about that fact and live your life. If you like someone, "Good," if they like you back, "Great!" No need to put road blocks up all over the place. It makes no sense and is probably why poor girl and her cookies are so dry and bland.

Drama Debussie: Don’t even get me started on those cookies. They don’t even look edible! I’m interested to see if anything changes one Zhan Cheng starts using his restored eyesight. Will Yu Xi’s Luo Han resemblance send him back into the spiral of depression he practically lived in before Yu Xi came?

Zombie: Oh I hope not! We’ve had enough depressed Zhan Cheng to last us a lifetime! It’s time for him to move on and enjoy life with his Luo Han twin. It’s so weird that I can’t even be sarcastic about that because Yu Xi is actually Luo Han’s twin! I can, however, be catty about the fact Yu Xi has to be seen for the first time wearing Luo Han’s exact wedding dress. Because that’s so flipping wonderful, you horrible dramaverse gods!

Unnichan: I really don’t know what that was all about. I mean who wrote this, demons?! Everything is the same [hair, accessories, dress] and I think I get where show is going with it, but I don’t think I care. It was uncalled for because … wait for it… Her face, is enough. With that said, I don’t think it’s going to be more than a 15-minute issue. The biggest problem is them parting ways because he can see. And they may use this moment as a way to piggyback that issue.

Drama Debussie: The next few weeks are going to be interesting. If anything I’m more excited about the moment they’ll have when they realize that they’ve been able to fall head over heels for who they are internally. As cheesy as it sounds, they’ve unknowingly set the foundation for a romance that based on their true selves. It’s beyond who Yu Zi resembles and what organ is pumping in Ya Ti. If anything I look forward to that satisfying moment when they both have that realization and we can cut through all the bull.

Zombie: I’m impatiently awaiting that moment myself. I, for one, am hoping it happens soon. I’m tired of the clinging loser boyfriend and the emotional zombie. I need a real relationship here people! I’m tired of this “just friends” nonsense. I need more!

Unnichan: We are cropping up on the halfway mark so I'm thinking we will have something to cheer about soon. *fingers crossed*

Zombie: Well we need something more than a blind man sneaking a peek at a naked lady. ‘Cause that whole scene totally made sense…

Drama Debussie: Ha! They do seem to enjoy using that a lot in this show. They used it in the beginning, but it served as a humorous scene seeing that he IS blind. Of course now they’re just reaching. You’re only allowed one blind man sneak peek per show, people. You’ve officially reached your quota.

Unnichan: I was waiting for them to tell us he could see but when that never happened, the situation isn’t nearly as comical. I’m sure we’re supposed to take away that the tension between them is getting less and less bearable. I mean, they didn’t touch cheeks this episode but the hands! THE HANDS! He blindly, almost saw her naked and he grazed her hand. Hurry quick, toss me a fan ladies!

Zombie: So yeah… That whole “I need more thing”? I rest my case.

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