Ah Tempters, Tempters… our characters are getting deeper and deeper, but I’m not sure if it's allure or alarm that has me coming back to Temptation for more. And, leave it to your resident Unnichan to come up with some quick but memorable idioms to encapsulate this week’s events.

Throw in the towel before testing the waters

Hong Joo was the star this week, and by star, I mean, thorn. I wanted to do a lot more than “shake” some sense into her during that rainy night at the summer house; however, that doesn't mean she was entirely wrong for questioning her husband. What continues to confound me, is her inability to accept something that becomes more and more evident with each passing episode--- Na Hong Joo would rather run and hide, rather than face her problems. And I'm fairly certain, it's this similar trait that attracts her (even if currently ingenuous) to Min Woo, even though her motherly concern for his son is real.

She also has an uncanny way of finding fault with her husband and his choices, yet regards her similar actions as kind and self-sacrificing. I don't believe she wholly intends to render herself blameless, but instead of owning her hand in her marriage’s disintegration, she resorts to pity party planning, jumping ships and pointing all the wrong fingers.

There's no doubt that Seok Hoon choosing to work with Se Young again is a bad idea and I'm sure he'll pay dearly. For, it doesn't matter why he made the choice, or how he plans to succeed. His intentions are good and he's certainly a man that wants his marriage to survive, but no decision he or Hong Joo has made since Hong Kong, is moving in that direction. Instead, there’s a pattern of Hong Joo rebounding to cowardice and Seok Hoon responding with caprice.

Shoot from the hip, while playing with fire

Every week, I grow to like Se Young more, for she's straight-forward and rarely rash. There's nothing false about her; however, she does have a hard time being forthcoming about her feelings. Her conversations with Hong Joo are always revel worthy because even with all her candor, she's cheeky and facetious. Her dryness makes her seem crass and unfeeling, even dubious and malicious, but I'm coming to believe her air of superiority (though real) also uncovers a self-effacing compliance to being misunderstood.

I found it interesting that Jung Ahjumma brought up the possibility of (early) menopause, for it makes me wonder if she too has experienced a similar fate. And while Se Young’s physical health has been nothing in the way of stellar, it’s her emotional health that’s had the bigger impact on her recent change in behavior. Menopause is a shift in a woman’s life that has been seen as more limiting than liberating, but for Se Young, this daunting experience may shape up to be her most daring. meno(n)pause on Make A GifSe Young's someone that plays everything close to the vest and Seok Hoon rattles that trait. She finds herself wanting to peek over the wall she's built for herself and while I find that brave and endearing, I also know once that wall comes down, she will be very dangerous.

For better or for worse, let the cat out of the bag

Family is a wonderful thing, whether it's built on genetics or generosity and Min Woo got a taste of both this week. When Ji Sun showed up at the (now infamous) summer house, I had no doubt she'd be slightly relieved she had a living breathing excuse, never to birth another child. But that didn't mean, I wasn't concerned about what she'd do with little Roy. However, there was no one happier to welcome the tiny expat into the fold, than Min Woo's mother--- just too bad she couldn't expedite her daughter-in-law and her kin out.

Though I'm terribly worried for Roy and his adjustment, we can't forget that Min Woo has three beautiful daughters. Two of which are old enough to have witnessed the previous "heir" discord and recognize what Roy represents. I don't blame Yoon Ah for being angry or giving her father the cold shoulder --- he deserves much more. For, not only did he cheat on her mother, he brought the product home to replace and hog, attention and affection from both her grandmother and father.

It'd be nice for her to forgive Min Woo quickly (for her own sake), but moreso, I hope she doesn't hold Min Woo's philandering against Roy for too much longer.

Comparing apples and oranges can cause heaps of heartache

According to melo-code, there must be one pure but tethered connection and Hong Gyu and Se Jin, fit that bill perfectly. It's nice to know they have a commonality, which proves station has little to do with perspective, however, they are still the classic example of "opposites attracts." For, while they both struggle to stand apart from their siblings, their personalities dictate, they venture to achieve their goals in staunchly different ways. But even with that, there's a clear attraction between the two and you piggy-back ride zone, all signs lead to love.

I have zero faith Hong Gyu and Se Jin can sustain a healthy relationship amidst all the emotional infidelity of their siblings, but they're so darn cute together, in the end, I'll just be satisfied they have one another to dry each other's tears... Well, as long as they both stay sober. 'Cause no matter how hard K-drama tries, I'll never concede that drunk girls are cute.

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