Yes, Tempters, we’re back for another session of “Name Your Temptation"... Have you jotted yours down? Well, grab your snacks and soju kids 'cause the partners and I have some things to say.

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DD: Welcome back, Tempters! I’m not sure where to start this week so let’s just ask the question that is burning deep inside me. When do you know it’s time to pull the plug on a marriage? According to this show, quite a few things could happen and a marriage would still keep chugging along. Even if it’s fueled by distrust, resentment, and an overwhelming desire for anyone else but your significant other.

Pamela: Only one of the couples is still trying (at least in their minds, they are), but that's also the couple that is allowing the marriage to get out of hand sooner than the other…

Unnichan: That's certainly something I've been thinking. When you look at both our married couples, we definitely know whatever they're doing isn't working. It's evident both need to "work" on their marriages but one pulls the plug too soon and the other gasps along on life support.

DD: I wanted to give Seok Hoon major props by doing his best John Cusack impression by standing out in the rain desperately begging his wife to return to him. Then he went back to Se Young! WTH?! You can’t give us Cusack and then return to your wavering desires. You can’t do that!

Pamela: *is so detached from a quarter of own culture that has no idea who John Cusack is* Even so, he is trying. Well, he also isn't, because most of his actions now are speaking louder than some of his words.

Unnichan: Heh. Hold it, did you just say don't you know Cusack?! Look, Cusack is a master, so he would've just made a Top 5 List, played some Sam Cooke and waited (outside her door). But I suppose Seok Hoon did the only thing he knew to both --- respect Hong Joo's wishes and confront his own. In either case, I believe it's safe to say, these two are one of the dumbest couples in the history of marriage.

DD: I don’t know, Min Woo and his wife seem to give them a run for their money.

Unnichan: But they're not dumb DD. They know what's up between them. Maybe not in the area of "feelings"--- but in circumstance and intention, I think they have one another pegged. Doesn't make for a happy marriage, though.

DD: There is something to be said for being realistic about your circumstances and they are certainly that. It may be easy for some to find it shocking that Ji Sun was willing to raise Min Woo’s son as long she was promised that she and her daughters were financially protected. Although, I can’t blame her at all. Min Woo’s mother finally got what she wanted (a male heir) and she didn’t give it to her. That’s a scary position to find yourself in.

Unnichan: I wasn't surprised she wanted to bring the kid home, I was moreso interested in her motives. I contend "only time will tell," but I liked that we see her trying not to take her irritation and disillusionment out on Roy. She knows it's not the kid's fault. And though I don’t trust the guy, maybe this will make Min Woo unwittingly a better father all around.

DD: Woof, I admire your optimism. Min Woo seems pretty set in his ways.

Unnichan: Too soon?

DD: Just a hair.

Pamela: One thing I'm looking forward to, in addition to seeing how Ji Sun and Min Woo adapt, is mostly seeing how their oldest daughter will become less bitter about the whole ordeal. I can see why the kid's privileged feathers are ruffled, but we have 14 more episodes to see some little sibling bonding...or not.

Unnichan: Yoon Ah needs time and Min Woo's a piece of work. That "give and take" speech over tea, jolted me. However, Hong Joo got a well-deserved earful this week. And I'm glad!

Pamela: It seems everyone gets an earful when Se Young is around...To an extent, I rarely mind.

DD: That was rather refreshing. Seemed to wipe that, “This bitch…” look off her face every time she runs into Se Young. Especially when Hong Joo has a tendency to come off slightly smug.

Unnichan: Slightly? Please. That woman will be the source of my biggest temptation this entire series. I know hearing the truth from Se Young was the worst thing that could ever happen, but GEEZ GIRL! Don't you get that you were about to kill yourself?!

DD: Well, if Se Young didn’t do it, who the hell would? I do find it interesting that we’re just kind of glossing over the fact that she tried to commit suicide. I mean, girl tried to commit suicide!

Unnichan: EXACTLY! That mess is permanent! Not three days. And if that isn't a breach of trust, well... I don't know what on earth is. No one condones what Seok Hoon did but she put this ball in motion by making them that desperate.

DD: Just like Se Young said, Hong Joo couldn’t do anything for her husband. How can she be upset when someone steps in to provide the help that she couldn’t give him?

Pamela: Well, Kdramas do tend to have a thing about pride...She's upset that, even after what happened in Hong Kong prior to the deal, that ball was set in motion, and she's unable to stop it.

Unnichan: Speaking of metaphors, this show seems to have an obsession with "reflections" but from what I've noticed, it only applies to the main characters, not their siblings. Wonder if that plays into the inferiority Hong Gyu and Se Jin feel?

DD: Maybe. This show also seems to have an obsession with the number three and placing our resident CEO and working man in shady areas then making them relatively romantic.

Unnichan: Uh yea. What's up with that?!

DD: Right? I’d say that was a nine on the corny scale.

Pamela: One has money and an obsession, and the other has abs. The shadiness can only keep a girl away for so long.

Unnichan: Shade attracts even the best of us.... Oh and who is Jung Ahjumma, exactly? Is she just the maid? 'Cause that woman's everywhere but still remains inconsequential. That moment with Se Jin definitively made me scratch my chin.

DD: We don’t know much, but there seems to be some hostility there. I’d like to say I’m entirely invested in learning more but all I really want is more Se Jin and Hong Gyu. They’re my current temptation.

Unnichan: I find they're similar outlooks interesting. It's romantic foundation, I just foresee nothing but heartache and tears. Or rather, extremely uncomfortable Thanksgivings and birthdays.

DD: I’m familiar with those.

Pamela: There will be a lot of awkwardness, but Se Jin and Hong Gyu's early relationship reminds me a bit of the standard early stages of a Kdrama relationship. Annoyance, forced time spent together, continued time spent together, and so on.

DD: I guess I’m hoping that because they practically have a front row seat to their older siblings’ dysfunctional relationships they’ll recognize what not to do in any romance. Granted, right now they don’t know everything that’s going on. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be privy to some if not all of the ups and downs (mainly downs) of our main couples before it’s all said and done.

Unnichan: There's no doubt there. And since, Se Jin is determined to do some sleuthing, Seok Hoon won't be too hard to find. My only solace is the hope that when she does, he'll be soaking wet.

DD: So freaking wet…

Pamela: As wet as Hong Joo's skirt?

DD and Unnichan: WETTER!

Pamela: I can live with that.

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