Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Temptation Drama Club! Your membership in this club comes complete with a long-lost child, infertility, infidelity, and a new servant with no money. Well, about the servant...Sorry, but I'll have to do - I'll only work for 20 episodes, but I work for free. I even brought two of my unnis to help! You'll meet them tomorrow, though.

Anyway, I'm Pamela, and this is Kwon Sang Woo as Cha Seok Hoon.

Although I'm sure you already knew that [he has muscles].

In our first week of Temptation, we've already come across more than a modicum of makjang-i-ness. Was I expecting another drama about another affair to be sugar and rainbows? Not necessarily...

However, the drama's start did end up being better than I anticipated. Unlike Secret Love Affair, another drama about infidelity that had much more of a low-key sort of feel to it (people who disliked it may call it, "boring"), Temptation premiered with twists and surprises right from the start. In the first ten minutes, we and the characters learned that two women would become infertile. In the second ten minutes, we were treated with death, secret children, and debt.

The way that debt plays a part in the early episodes is important. The debt is what begins to pry Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo apart. It is what begins to pull Cha Seok Hoon and Yoo Se Young together. Well, it also leads to Na Hong Joo getting entwined in the secret-child struggles of Kang Min Woo, the man who'll probably become the man of multiple affairs. That's quite the (dis)honor, ahjussi...

While I like the fact that he's taking responsibility for his newfound fourth child, it may not be the best idea for him to start ogling at the broken second female lead.. One scene suggested that Na Hong Joo may be infertile, too, so if she and Kang Min Woo have an affair and he gets her pregnant as well, Miss Ex-Imperial Maid (his wife; for those of you who didn't watch Empress Ki, she was a high-ranking servant to the empress(es)) will get her own miniature revenge plot, and my computer screen will have a dent. Revenge on, wife, revenge on...as long as you let the PS4 games live in peace.

In other news, I like Yoo Se Young's smirk.

Yoo Se Young, our leader of business-turned-future mistress, has a certain energy about her that I enjoy. She's nowhere near the nicest female lead in Kdrama, but she's a meanie with morals. She can understand the plights of Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo, whatever her motivations may be. While she is intimidating in her business deals and out, Yoo Se Young is strong without being catty. I award this female lead Electronic Applause.

The first two episodes introduced the central anxieties of each main lead. Yoo Se Young is realizing the fact that she is alone and will not be able to have children. Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo are set into a position of economic and (soon-to-be) romantic chaos. And Kang Min Woo needs to get his hormones checked. Seriously, he potentially has three different love interests.

As the anxieties are set up and characters continue to meet, the characters become increasingly complex. The Cha-Na couple who seemed in love in the first hour are steadily growing apart in the next. After the business problems start to tense up this relationship, and after Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo begin to enter the lives of Yoo Se Young and Kang Min Woo, how will the lovebirds drift apart even further? How will this little deal Yoo Se Young struck with Cha Seok Hoon, although intended to be temporary, cause consequences that last for the next 18 episodes?

*shrugs* All we can do is speculate. And by "speculate," I mean memorize Kwon Sang Woo's "pecs."

I'm looking forward to the rest of this drama, and I hope you'll come along for the ride with me and my unnis!

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