DD: Hello! India, AKA Drama Debussie, here and ready to join my fellow Temptationdrama clubbers, Unnichan and Pamela. I would call us the Temptations but I hear that name is already taken.

Unnichan: Keekke. We can come up with something better in the coming weeks I’m sure, something like “The Tempters,” which fits our personalities much more accurately, don’t you think?

Pamela: Maybe you unnis should pay me one thousand million won to spend three days to come up with our nicknames...Or we can just pay everyone the money to watch the drama with us for twenty episodes.


DD: While I’m excited about this Stairway to Heaven reunion, this show makes it very clear that its main leads are the only thing it has in common with the classic 2003 drama. Fine by me. Car accidents/amnesia/inexplicable blindness is so early 2000s.

Unnichan: The 21st Century is more rife with illicit affairs, indecent proposals and international swindling vacations. Don’t you just love how Seok Hoon and Hong Joo were lured to Hong Kong to collect dead hyung’s “belongings” on the pretense of acquiring millions?

Pamela: Attempted suicide, long-lost children, mounds of sudden debt? While not as makjang as I expect Stairway to Heaven likely was, I think we’ve got enough drama to push us into more drama in the coming weeks.

Screenshot 2014-07-16 18.47.49 pk.jpg

DD: Eighteen (hopefully) glorious episodes of drama should definitely be headed our way and plenty of it was thrown at us in the first two episodes.. We should have known Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo would run into some trouble soon. It was too early in the show for them to be so happy.

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Unnichan: I do wonder what type of couple they were before all the money issues. We meet them smack dab in the middle of a crisis, (which is how this drama is trying to play it, for all its characters it seems) so I doubt we’re getting a solid feel for who they are whilst happy and in love.

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Pamela: That’s true; we see Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo having some sort of pretend fun as they try to ignore the crisis, but that’s when they start to grow apart. How long were they happy, if they ever were?

DD: This show does have a knack for making us feel like we’re walking into the nonexistent second season of its run. I vaguely remember having a moment where I exclaimed, “What did I miss? Where are we? WHO AM I?!”

Unnichan: It definitely took that first full episode for me to accept what Show had decided to give us.

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Pamela: What the show has given us is a few semi-complicated leads, which I’m able to accept instead of a backstory for now. The show threw us right into the action, which gives it eighteen more episodes of room to explain how the leads got to where they are, and what the money struggles will lead to.

DD: So, correct me if I’m wrong, Yoo Se Young paid Cha Seok Hoon a huge sum of money to have him all to herself for three days just so she can make him do paperwork? Is it just me or did this feel like a largely wasted opportunity?

MWSnap347 2014-07-16, 19_12_48.jpg

Unnichan: ABSOLUTELY! I know I’m not the only one that was floored by her “ownership” deal, but geez, if it was just going to be that kind of business she could’ve given some heads up… So my hopes wouldn’t be.

MWSnap339 2014-07-16, 18_26_49.jpg

Pamela: We were thinking similar things as Na Hong Joo...I think when Kang Min Woo gets his hormones checked, we should get ours checked too. If Yoo Se Young had seen Cha Seok Hoon’s muscles, though, who knows how the three days would’ve actually gone?

DD: Paperwork would have been the last thing on her mind that’s for sure. Am I the only person that slightly likes Yoo Se Young? Sure, she’s uncomfortably honest, she bought a guy in a (successful) attempt to break up his marriage, and warm and fuzzy she will never be.

Unnichan: Ok so I’m not the only one that registered Se Young’s irritation for Seok Hoon and Hong Joo’s closeness?

DD: I may have seen some slight eye twitching from her…

Pamela: Well, they won’t be close for much longer, as long as she and her cool smirk stick around.

MWSnap310 2014-07-15, 21_12_06.jpg

Unnichan: Heh. She confused me several times during this episode, for I can’t seem to pinpoint her emotional awareness, whether of herself or others. We get tiny beats but nothing concrete. I don’t dislike it, but she does come across hollow at times.

Pamela: Maybe so, but there’s enough of a heart there in the first episode for me. She can be tough on people, but any character who can go from tough, cold business woman to the kind of woman who doesn’t hesitate to pull a suicidal girl from the ocean gets respect from me.

DD: Maybe that’s why I’m already developing a soft spot for her and I can respect her as a business woman who doesn’t have time for any bs. There's a palpable loneliness that may be more substantial than the loneliness that seems to plague the rest of the characters which makes me want her to find the main thing that seems to be missing in her sadly hollow life--love. Preferably a love for self but I’m willing to settle for a torrid affair with our very lost hero.


Unnichan: She is missing something. And love may be the key, but I agree, she needs to treasure and value herself. For some reason she views herself and others as specimens and perhaps, spending these three days with a very “real” and “human” man will not only help her achieve the answers to her hypotheses but also give her something tangible to make her feel something worthwhile too.

DD: Speaking of things missing, Kang Min Woo is in serious need of some common sense! Not sure who I feel more sorry for: his wife, his daughters or the illegitimate son who’s future therapy bills will total a small fortune. Imagine what it will be like when that little boy meets his grandmother!

MWSnap302 2014-07-15, 20_56_32.jpg

Pamela: “Halmeoni, I’m sorry this ahjus--my dad can’t handle being with only one woman.” I can see the storyline of Kang Min Woo’s third romantic interest on the horizons, but you’d think that after he finds out about his kid, he wouldn’t be giving Na Hong Joo the sparkly eyes.

Unnichan: Look, Min Woo is beyond my comprehension at the moment. At first, I wanted to believe he’s a loving but mother hen-pecked husband but once he boards the plane for Hong Kong, all that drifted with the clouds above. Granted he knew nothing about little Roy but his inability to have real sensible conversations with the people that matter is just maddening.

DD: Yeah, but he’s just so darn charming!

Unnichan: Perhaps. He’s a master at misleading and misdirection, and if you don’t know it’s happening, I suppose it can result in charm. I’m very concerned about he and Hong Joo. I mean, what dear drama gods possessed her to give him her number?! Little Roy is cute but not that cute.

Screenshot 2014-07-16 20.25.49 pk.jpg

Pamela: *pouts* He’s cute enough that Na Hong Joo gave him her number with the kid’s father staring right at her.

DD: Wifey is easily swayed, this much we know.

Unnichan: *sigh* Easy. And it’s a shame. And just an aside… That fact that Park Ha Sun is in yet another show that hinges on the events of “three days” hasn’t escaped me.


So, Tempters, do you think Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo were ever truly happy together? Is there more behind Yoo Se Young’s cool smirk?

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