Hello, Tempters! We gather again this week for another two episodes of Temptation and another lesson in opposites attracting.

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You know, as far back as I can remember, we’ve been given romantic pairings that are classic cases of opposites attracting that we’ve gladly accepted, squeed over, and crowned our OTPs. Although this show seems to take that idea and make the concept feel oh so wrong.

All of these characters are attracted to the people that are the complete opposite of who they are with. Which is either a sign of a bigger problem in their relationships (READ: yup) OR just a sign of their utter boredom. Nevertheless, I find it riveting.

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We all knew that Cha Seok Hoon and Yoo Se Young would find themselves back in each other’s lives since the sexual tension was definitely there. Who knew it would only take three days, paperwork, bottle opening, and a bike ride for logical Se Young to so illogically fall so quickly?

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Although just because her heart is tickled doesn’t mean Seok Hoon is letting his marriage fall by the wayside.

Can the same be said for Na Hong Joo?

I feel like I’ve said this before, but I always end up saying it again. A BABY IS NOT A LIFEBOAT FOR MARRIAGE! I’ll say this much for Na Hong Joo, she seems like she’s trying to save her marriage, but is she doing it out of love or duty?

She’s obviously intrigued by rich playboy/cheater/cutthroat businessman Kang Min Woo and he seems to be equally intrigued by her simplistic, non-materialistic, nurturing nature. They offer qualities that they don’t find at home which makes their attraction understandable but more dangerous than anything. The makeshift family they’ve made in the big house in a far off place that everyone seems to be able to find sets the stage for a neverending, dare I say, temptation for the two by creating a sanctuary where they can escape their realities.

I just hope Hong Joo is very careful. Not just because her marriage is hanging in the balance, but also because Min Woo’s wife has claws.

Claws that only a couple of these characters seem to want to show. Temptation is this show’s name and passive aggressiveness is its game. I’m almost tempted (hard not to use that word when talking about this show) to request that the title be changed to The Young and the Passive Aggressive.

As much as these couples would love to blame their marital issues or wondering eyes on their fertility or money issues, I think we all know that those are simply symptoms of a bigger problem.

Min Woo loves to chase things and win, whether it be in relationships or business. Hong Joo is not just an escape from his familial responsibilities, but he knows that she’ll give him a run for his money. As irresponsible as she may find him, I think Hong Joo is wanting to be chased by someone and Min Woo would be the perfect candidate.

Then you have Se Young who is chasing something she’s never obtained--happiness. We can only hope that one day she’ll find that happiness is something she’ll have to earn, but being the woman that she is, she assumes that it’s something she can simply buy or just take. Hence the three day deal with Seok Hoon and why she now associates her heart tickle with him. Unfortunately, she’s destroying a marriage in the process.

*sigh* What a mess and we’re only four episodes in!

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