Unnichan: Well, hello there fellow Tempters! Me and my partners in persuasion are back for our weekly tête-à-tête… And as always our number one question is, what was your Temptation?

DD: I was mainly tempted to write the producer an email in protest of no shower scenes in these two episodes. You tease us and then nothing? How rude!

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Pamela: For me, it was Se Young’s, um...I guess you could say it was her nearly-anti-heroine qualities, to keep this PG. My other temptation, of course, is the Drama Club, but everyone else knows that.

Unnichan: Personally my biggest temptation with this week was to become a super sleuth. Everyone was sneaking and spying on one another, I felt I needed to throw my hat in the ring too. Maybe, I’ll start by investigating Roy’s mom. Or better yet, Halmoni’s high school records. Cause if she blames Ji Sun one more time for not giving birth to a son…. Did this woman fail Biology class? Doesn’t she know Ji Sun has nothing to do with the sex of any child she and Hyun Woo conceive?!

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DD: I was sure there would be a B-plot where it would be spy vs. spy vs. spy. Because that would have been awesome.

Unnichan: This drama is rife for all the things not to do if you want your marriage to survive and though everyone is pretty guilty of these pitfalls, when Hong Joo suggested she and Seok Hoon take “time apart,” I think I facepalmed. I don’t blame her and I know I’d want to do the same but separation is never a good idea.

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Pamela: Especially when the anxiety over whether Kang Min Woo will seduce Na Hong Joo or not literally caused me to accidentally punch myself.

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Unnichan: PAM! I need you to live! We’ve got to survive this together. But, I think there is no one watching that isn’t on pins and needles every conversation those two have. Although, I was quite impressed she called him out on his irresponsibility. Yet in turn, I got scared her boldness might make her more attractive.

DD: Looks like it did, but he didn’t need much of a push for him to be attracted to her. One glance of her interaction with his son and he was a goner.

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Pamela: Really, the man needs to get his sex drive buffered. He’s been with two women, he’s tried to seduce at least one more (Yoo Se Young and whomever else). The man’s just...pfft. By the time he seduces Na Hong Joo, I will be bruised.

DD: In other words, the dog needs to get fixed. You’re absolutely right.

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Unnichan: The introduction of Se Jin was entertaining. With all these solemn and shifty characters, I kind of like her rich girl oblivion. She’s someone I’d never expect to exist in Se Young’s world and she gives off enough warmth to shine a positive light on her entire family. The Yoo family dynamic is odd and painfully awkward but adorable in its own way when she’s around.

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Pamela: The family members don’t quite know what to do with each other, which works, since Se Jin doesn’t know what to do with herself...You know, besides taking pictures of attractive men who get her into small car accidents.

DD: I’m just going to put this out there, I’m totally ok with Se Jin and Hong Gyu being my OTP. At this point they would be the only couple who haven’t exchanged vows with someone else or doesn’t have an unknown child one of them is currently hiding.


Unnichan: True, but the murkiness of everyone else they know and love not fitting that criterion and yet still finding themselves entwined, has me muttering “doomed” each time they’re together.

Pamela: Maybe they’ll be the Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na of this drama. The couple that’s together purely and is spontaneously cute.

DD: We need cute. I knew we were officially in a melo when the first single teardrop streamed down Se Young’s face.


Unnichan: Oh certainly. And especially since, I wasn’t sure exactly, whom or what the tear was for. I think Se Young and I are in the same boat on that one though.

Pamela: Well, as long as she doesn’t pass out next week, I’m sure we’ll find out at some point! What does everyone else think brought Yoo Se Young to tears? How long will Cha Seok Hoon and Na Hong Joo be able to keep their marriage functioning? I’m not sure yet, so Temptress Pamela out.

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Unnichan: All those are great (poignant) questions, but I just have one… When is Sang Woo’s next shower scene?

DD: Damn it, that was my question! Great minds…

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