Here we are again drama clubbers! The episode of The Greatest Marriage has divorce, marriage, nervous breakdowns, and a kidnapping ploy! Join Taleena, Amy, and Jazmine as we discuss this week’s episode!

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Jazmine: Alright ladies, so much happened this episode! We can’t cover everything but there are definitely a few major points (a few side notes) to hit on. I decided to start with this scene because it’s like the epitome of the patriarchal society that Ki Young is fighting. Tae Yeon’s father blames his wife for she raised their kids….the kids they made together, the kids that he can so blatantly disregard. I actually felt kinda bad for Tae Yeon’s mother. She suffers and yet she’s so blind. How can she not blame Tae Yeon for any of this drama? It’s sad.

Taleena: No one in that family takes any personal responsibility for their actions. It’s all because “someone else” screwed up or the universe conspiring against them or what ever. We see where Tae Yeon’s saw temper tantrums modeled, sheesh! I have teens more able to regulate their emotions than the whole Park family combined.

Amy: I have young children who express their emotions and understand cause and effect better than the Park family. They are so frustrating!

Taleena: Poor little girl. As for the adults, not one of them didn’t contribute to this whole mess. This whole show drives me to climb up and ride my high horse. Adultery is wrong. Flat wrong, but Yun Hee couldn’t throw her husband a bone (all puns intended)? Separate bedrooms for five years?! She didn’t see this possibility barrelling down the tracks at her?

Amy: I mean, what did she expect? If you’re going to be sleeping in separate bedrooms for that long and pretty much ignoring each other your marriage isn’t going to be healthy. Why do most of the characters in this drama not know how to express themselves well?

Jazmine: I don’t know how Yun Hee was able to sit their so silently while the Nurse was saying so many things to her. Her marriage is completely over and yet her husband has no remorse, and she could lose custody of her child. Also, it completely broke my heart when Ara was playing with her dolls and she was describing the cheating situation to Il Joong. Kids are so receptive. Ara couldn’t grasp the situation but you it was obvious she noticed. And for Dr. Choi to kiss the nurse in front of Ara! He really had no respect for Yun Hee or Ara.

Amy: Well, Myung Yi got some good news. Everything is seemingly going her way as the fortune teller informed her that Ki Young and Tae Yeon are definitely over and that she and Tae Yeon are compatible. That look though. She is just all kinds of crazy.

Jazmine: The look on her face just screams crazy. As soon as the fortune teller told her that Ki Young and Tae Yeon would never be together then it was like her crazy level went through the roof! I still can’t believe she would try to take Ki Young’s child. I mean, who actually listens to fortune tellers about things like this. Myung Yi has really raised the bar for despicable second female leads.

Taleena: Fortune teller made some easy money off her.

Jazmine: Okay, I thought Ki Young was adorable here. Even though she can’t stand Eun Cha and even though he’d probably figure out some way to turn this against her she asked. I think it was a bit naive, but she trying to protect 815 so I can see why she would.

Taleena: I really don’t see the point of this. I know that she is trying to protect 815, but I just want some straight talking. All relationships immediately improve with straightforwardness rather than manipulation. I wanted Ki Young to say, “if you do X for me, I will help your ratings to improve by doing Y.”

Amy: I was actually expecting some straight talk from Ki Young in this scene. I think Eun Cha will go along with her but he’ll try to weasel his way out once he finds a way to do it.

Taleena: Pedro. Pedro. Pedro. Casting truth pearls before swine. That whole family needs a twelve step program to move away from their addiction to spite. I am glad Pedro has stopped being her “husband”. I hope that Sun Nyeo actually hears what he is saying, but I doubt it.

Amy: Pedro is just awesome. I liked that he called Sun Nyeo out and he is absolutely right. I need more of Pedro please. Also, Sun Nyeo needs to take his advice to heart and use it.

Jazmine: Look at Pedro, spitting some truth to Sun Nyeo. He’s adorable and has a good head on the shoulders. Can we have him starring in a drama soon please? I’m really glad he said that to Sun Nyeo. I understand that Eun Cha hurt her, but being this way wasn’t going to help her move. Eun Cha’s not the best guy to be clinging on to.

Amy: Oh Eun Cha. I just don’t don’t know what to think of him. He’s adorable one moment and annoying the next. His over dramatic ways were funny and kind of cute when he was in the hospital though. I hope his character grows up a little as the drama progresses.

Jazmine: In this episode, Eun Cha was like a cute little hurt puppy. I was laughing at how dramatic he was with every single thing. I think he’ll come around to helping Ki Young out, especially after she took such good care of him in the hospital. I hope he won’t stab Ki Young in the back, but who knows? He’s so wishy-washy

Taleena: Eun Cha I wish he could just shut up for once, but Ki Young seems to be learning to just let his boorishness roll off her back. The way to handle him seems to just find the angle that appeals to his ambition and ego, because he really is just that shallow.

Jazmine: Basically what I was thinking about Tae Yeon this entire episode. How dare he expect Ki Young to be alone (and now he wants her to be his mistress). How dare he have such a HUGE double standard! He gets to be married, raise a child, and still gets to do whatever he wants but expects Ki Young to wallow in self-pity or something. This entire scene pissed me off. Tae Yeon’s so immature, I kinda hoping they don’t get back together now.

Taleena: From Tae Yeon’s point of view this is just one step in a long road to get Ki Young to marry him. Mi Kyung has now glued herself to him for five years per their prenup. He is adding that addendum in to Ki Young’s contract so she will not get married while he is married to Mi Kyung. Jazmine, I don’t want ANY of them to get together. Ki Young is crawling towards sanity. Pedro IS sane and should hurry away as fast as he can. Eun Cha is a pig but he has shown glimmers of personhood, maybe he would be OK if he finds someone who will keep him on a tight leash. Tae Yeon should go live in the woods finding mushrooms.

Amy: Tae Yeon just needs to grow up. If he thinks that manipulation is a good way to get what you want he is sorely mistaken and needs to learn a lesson. Just. Ugh. I agree with you right now Taleena. None of these people should be in a relationship until they are more stable and know how to communicate. Sigh.

Taleena: Ki Young I know you want that contract signed but why, why, WHY are you feeding crazy? They are ALL crazy. Just stop.

Amy: I was so confused with this time jump. At first I couldn’t figure out if it was actually happening or if someone was having a bad dream. Seriously Taleena. I don’t get why Ki Young is getting involved in all this crazy. Is it next Monday yet?

Jazmine: I was so happy to see Ki Young with a baby bump! I was waiting for her to finally show, the time skip in this show is crazy though. I’m not sure how much time has a passed since the first episode. A least 8 months right? Anyway, what impeccable time to show up at Tae Yeon and Myung Yi’s wedding. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

What do you think? Will Eun Cha help protect Ki Young? Is there any redemption for Tae Yeon and Ki Young’s relationship? Will Myung Yi really try and take Ki Young’s baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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